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Urban EYE Magazine the Urban Street Photography group magazine

April 2016

Urban EYE Magazine

Congratulations to all selected photographer!

the Urban Street Photography group magazine Gilles Vanackere ©

Dear Friends and Members! We are proudly presenting our April issue, packed with fantastic and amazing street photographs taken by our ambitious members from all over the world. Thank you very much for all your submissions and congratulations to all selected

Alfredo Oliva Delgado ©

photographers! Keep up the fantastic work! The team of Urban Street Photography Patrick Auzeby ©

Simona Sacco, Manju Ray, Emmanuelle Benjamin, Philip Cleminson, Alexander Merc, Le Tanguerrant, Chris Candid,

Ilan Ben Yehuda ©

Marco Delucia, Ege Bicen, Stefan Cimer

Sadik Ücok ©

Paola Galvani ©

Christophe Mousset ©

Angel Ruiz Migens ©

Aleksey Tudakov ©

Skander Khlif ©

Roman Mordashev ©

Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui Ismaili ©

Alfredo Oliva Delgado ©

Mirko Fambrini ©

Sadik Ücok ©

Philip Cleminson ©

José António Araújo ©

Julio Vasilev ©

Uğur Özdemir ©

France Leclerc ©

Salvuccio Cappello ©

Philip Cleminson ©

Alvaro Vegazo ©

Jesus Giraldo ©

Christian Barroso ©

Gabi Ben Avraham ©

Lucian Parvulescu ©

All published photos in Urban EYE Magazine are the sole property of the featured photographers and subject to copyright. Orna Naor ©

None of the here published photos can be repruduced, edited, copied or distributed without the written permission of its legal owner.

Selected Cover Photo by Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui IsmailiŠ

Giles Vanackere Š

Alfredo Oliva Delgado Š

Patrick Auzeby ©

Ilan Ben Yehuda Š

Sadik Ücok ©

Paola Galvani Š

Christophe Mousset Š

Angel Ruiz Migens Š

Roman Mordashev Š

Sadik Ücok ©

Philip Cleminson Š

Aleksey Tudakov Š

Skander Khlif Š

Alfredo Oliva Delgado Š

Mirko Fambrini Š

José António Araújo ©

Julio Vasilev Š

Ugur Özdemir ©

France Leclerc Š

Alvaro Vegazo Š

Jesus Giraldo Š

Lucian Parvulescu Š

Orna Naor Š

Salvuccio Cappello Š

Philip Cleminson Š

Christian Barroso Š

Gabi Ben Avraham Š

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Editorial: Urban EYE Magazine is the group magazine of Urban Street Photography, a Facebook group. A d m i n s : Simona Sacco Manju Ray Emmanuelle Benjamin Philip Cleminsion Ege Bicen Chris Candid Marco Delucia Alexander Merc Le Tanguerrant Stefan Cimer

Urban eye magazine, april 2016  

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