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The Auric formula is an additive for water that provides micronutrients to the body and has a natural alkaline pH. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals, which although only required by the body in small amounts, are vital to development, disease prevention, and well-being. These substances are the “magic wands� that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development.

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Water Enhancing Drops The Paradigm In Health BRING NEW LIFE AND NUTRITION TO YOUR BODY THROUGH OUR AURIC FORMULA. One 10ml bottle will make 10 gallons of nutrient-packed water for drinking. Alternative, two drops of the Auric Formula will make a full bottle of drinking water. Our Ingredients provide up to 160 times more nutrients than raw vegetables.


By drinking water infused with micronutrients: • Your body will feel hydrated • Cells will begin to rebuild • Skin will look more youthful over time • Body becomes nutritionally fed

586.531.9280 | NOVACEUTICALS.COM

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Be The Creator Of

Your Own Destiny

Start Your Own Magazine And Inspire Your Community

No Publishing Experience Required eydisauthenticliving.com /be-successful

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• Create your own financial abundance • Become the leader in your community • Train with a dynamic group of people • Have a positive influence on educating, empowering and inspiring others • Be apart of a growing group of publishers

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Maria Savoy


The founder of Eydis, has been in the marketing and media arena for over 20 years, owning five businesses and selling two of those. She creates local magazines as well as publishing a global magazine creating an awareness around articles that are empowering and inspirational. As an Author and Prosperity Coach, Maria helps others to live the life they desire.

Jennifer Knutson

Andrew Savoy

Art Director


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from the publisher Knowing You Are Here For a Greater Purpose There might be many of you that have had a pivotal moment or a realization in your life that changes how you look at the world. You know….. The ones that make you stop in your tracks, almost in disbelieve? Well, one of mine was in Dec of 2006. I had re-married earlier that year, moved to Michigan with 2 of my children (my other two were in college), bought a new house and started a new job. From the outside looking in, my life looked perfect. Seemingly, that is how many life-changing events happen, everything looks perfect on the outside while turmoil brews on the inside. You see, before marrying, we dated 3 ½ years living in different states. Now in the same state and in the same house, life was not as grand as I had hoped and I found myself experiencing verbal abuse that was running rapid through my home. I remember it was a warmer weekend and only a week before Christmas when a string of Christmas lights had gone out, on my house. Now…. I was already in the doghouse because I had hung the Christmas lights, but was told not to. He didn’t want lights to be hung that year or any year! But, I didn’t listen, I always put Christmas lights up, and now he had to fix what was wrong with the lights. Needless to say, he was not happy. Discovering that it was a fuse that had blown, he demanded that I bring one up to him as he impatiently waited on the roof. So I grabbed the fuse and proceeded to climb. At the top, I stood with one foot on the ladder, and one foot on the roof, and as I listen to him talk to me in a less than desirable tone, the ladder slipped from underneath me. In that moment, I found myself flying through the air, free-falling 18 ft to the ground, landing flat on my back on the driveway. Never losing consciousness, I was rushed to the hospital where after examination they found…. no broken bones, no sprains, no head trauma, and although badly bruised, the Doctors came to the conclusion that year, that I was their Christmas Miracle. Now, I would just like to point out that the natural force of gravity would suggest that when you fall on your back, your head follows, but I didn’t hit my head. I should have, but I didn’t.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Steve Martin

There is no logical reason for me being here today. I had literally walked away and escaped death. I believe in miracles, and I believe that angels were there that night protecting me; there is no other explanation. To say that I am grateful would be an understatement. I am here for a reason; a higher purpose and I believe that. I also believe that my purpose is to help others to live their purpose. So it is my mission in life to teach, encourage, inspire and empower others to live their beautiful life, the life they were meant to live. I have spent many years putting together a program, an opportunity to help others to do just that. This program is about giving to your community in a way that makes a real difference. So for those of you who are looking to make an incredible contribution to the world or know of someone who is, this turnkey business opportunity could be for you. This is one that allows you to express your creative abilities to help change the world through getting your message out, by owning your own publication targeting women in your local area. I also provide coaching through my coaching business, trueShift Success, helping existing and budding entrepreneurs to thrive with successfully proven techniques. The world is changing, and it is your God given right to be successful doing what you love. So if any of this resonates with you and you’d like to know more, just contact me through one of the e-mails below You must be willing to change what you are doing if it is not working and know that asking for help is not conceding, it is succeeding.

Maria Savoy – Publisher

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page 18 BIG VISION, BIGGER MISSION, HUGE CONTRIBUTION, CHANGING THE WORLD Cover photography by Ken Rochon, The Umbrella Syndicate www.theumbrellasyndicate.com www.facebook.com/theumbrellasyndicate

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“Living is more than surviving. It’s about thriving, finding joy, exploring the majesty of ‘living’ life and exploring what our beautiful earth has to offer in a respect filled way. We are at a very powerful point in time where women will help the tide to rise, raising all ships. Making available a fair, sustainable, scalable resource that helps humanity rise, be well, and brings people together is my contribution to the world. We must come together for all to thrive and live an optimal life. We are all divinely entitled to unfolding into our magnificent purpose in joy and centered in love. This is why we are here. My goal is to contribute to the achievement of global peace in a world where all are happy, healthy and have access to education, opportunity and each other.” Anna Pereira, Founder

“You are enough. You are everything you should be and then some. There is no one else like you and that is what makes you a beautiful and divine soul. When we finally realize that the only thing we have to do each day is show up exactly as who we are, flaws and all, we begin to truly live a life of freedom. When we can live freely, we then are able to not only embrace every aspect of ourselves, but we are able to do the same for others. It’s a beautiful thing when we can recognize the magnificence, beauty and light in every single soul on this planet.”


Shari Alyse, Co-Founder

evolutionize the wellness industry! Elevate health and well-being! Gather, support and empower an evolutionary wellness community! Ultimately, inspire global peace! That

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passion, message, and expertise, they will be positively and profoundly be affected. This in return will increase reach, impact and ability to educate and inspire true and lasting whole health in people all over the world.”


was the vision of Anna Pereira when she reached out to Shari Alyse with her mission to make a difference. It is clear that The Wellness Universe does not lack in the size of its contribution to the world. Founder Anna Pereira and CoFounder Shari Alyse achieve this by providing a leading-edge, fully interactive, online platform for wellness professionals to showcase their talent and expertise. Anna and Shari collaborate with industry leaders and increase their impact through their members’ collective social reach of over 20 million. They bring others together who are positively impacting the world in one of 7 areas of wellness; environmental, emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual. 18 | Eydis Magazine

As they authentically and systematically nurture well-being in mind, body, and spirit, a ripple emerges carrying them closer to the world peace they all seek.


World Peace, a state of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and people. An ideal world of non-violence, where the universe is seen as one. “We believe this is achieved by supporting, empowering and celebrating wellness professionals and worldchange leaders around the globe.” Anna shares. “If we systematically and practically support leaders, provide them with a community and platform through which to share their

Anna, founder of thewellnessuniverse. com divides her time between her homes in Portugal and New Jersey. She is married to the love of her life, Hugo. Anna’s spiritual journey began years ago with a spiritually based clothing line then into an online jewelry company. She looked to Facebook for the bulk of her marketing efforts and to grow her network and business. What once seemed to be working became increasing challenging as the Facebook model changed over time leaving her and others to feel increasing frustrated with the lack of their exposure. Out of the debts of despair comes great change. It was because of these changes that Anna decided to start her own community with a similar platform to help those trying to get their message out to the world in an effective way. Now, enter stage right.


Shari, living in LA with the man of her dreams, John, is also a huge Facebook activist. She turned to Facebook in an effort to get her positive message of strength and courage out to the world. As a survivor of abuse, Shari took her adversities and shared her stories in an effort to help others by empowerment and inspiration. Over time she too became increasing aware at the lack of connection to others because of the ever-changing rules employed by Facebook with limiting algorithms and reach. Online connections make the world a more connected universe. It wasn’t long before these two women, of two different worlds, found themselves connected and collaborating on how to make the world a happier place.

“We talk about this as a platform or space, Anna Shares, but it’s really about the people, our members.” “TheWellnessUniverse.com is a community of very genuine people that apply to be a member. These are like-minded individuals that aspire to make the world a better place.” Social media is a wonderful thing when it works. Anna and Sheri wanted to take the benefits of social media and incorporate it into a community they felt could act not only as trusted advisers but trusted friends as well. Being genuine and authentic is what it is all about for these two dynamos. There is no room for anything fear-based; only

inspiration and empowerment live on their platform. Co-creation and collaboration at it’s best. “For us to best serve others, we need to be our authentic self, and we attract those kinds of members to our site, “ Anna shares. TheWellnessUniverse.com currently has over 1400 members whose expertise, passion and content attract over 400k visits each month, and these numbers are growing daily. “We have brought our members together so that there can be one space online where people who are seeking resources can find them,” Shari shares. “Because the truth of the matter is that the world is hurting and in need of change and more love.”


With Anna’s mission in mind, she connected to Shari and shared her ideas and the possibilities of starting The Wellness Universe. “At that point, I decided to lead with my heart,” explained Shari. “ I knew and trusted that things would show up the way they were supposed to.” Helping to heal the world is what these two remarkable women do. Creating this community of likeminded souls has been the answer they both were looking for. eydisauthenticliving.com 19

What the two of them have created is a one-stop shop for healing all parts of your being. Their members cover all 7 areas of health and well-being and are able to put their gifts to work through TheWellnessUniverse. com. This is a platform where the general public can access what they need or desire at any time from authentic professionals on a mission to help the world.

We all have a calling; we are here to do good things in the world. Thewellnessuniverse. com is a platform that allows it’s members to be highlighted giving them awareness and access to thousands and thousands of heart-centered people. They like to think of it as, giving their members a home for those who are called to do the work that they are here to do.

“Wellness is categorized as anything and everything that impacts your life,” Anna explains, “relationships, finances, all health related issues, everything.”

The variation and authenticity of their members are what Anna and Shari are most proud of. “The truth is, there is so much saturation on the Internet that you don’t know whose there out of the

genuine desire to help,” explains Shari. That is why they vet and approve each and every member. Being heart centered and feeling as though everyone is connected in a friendship way, is what has happened. Love, support, and change are what you get when you join this authentic community. You may be asking how you can become a member of such an elite community. Anna and Shari do have a few criteria’s. Having a footprint somewhere online is one of them and a must; it helps for them to see that you are genuine and authentic in your day-to-day dealings. “We do our best to get to know you on a personal level, short of literally going to your house, going through your sock draw, and having a cup of coffee with you, we rely on your online presence to tells us,” Anna shares with a laugh. “It’s about being who you say you are, we can’t monitor every single aspect of somebody,” Shari states, “but we can look to see if this person is who they say they are.” Making sure that members are in alignment with their brand and message is crucial for being a part of The Wellness Universe. An example of this is something

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county; they let their members know where they are going. This is so they can personal meet up for lunches, dinners or drinks to meet members in those areas. They really are creating a collaborative community.


called, Netiquette. What is that you ask? It is the respectful use of intellectual property, giving credit to those you are borrowing from when posting, whether it is a photo or a quote.

what they love, they project it into the world to create more love and abundance for all. Providing a platform to help the success of each and every member is what they do.

“We have authentic people with high integrity on our platform,” shares Anna. “So we look for that, giving credit where credit is due.”

When joining TheWellnessUniverse.com you are provided with many things including your own profile page with your bio, access to all members, and instructions on how to use their site. Besides the online platform, they also provide opportunities to connect in-person with their newest yearly event, Diva Day. This spa-like beauty and wellness event is an opportunity to celebrate women and all the amazing things women do in the world. This year it was held in Chester county Pennsylvania with all proceeds going to a local charity to help women and girls in need the community. One of the greatest things about this event is that all of the services provided are by The Wellness Universe members.

Another benefit that Anna and Shari offer is that they have created a platform where their members can share information through blogging. The greatest gift that they can give to their members is to get their message out to others. They also offer a learning platform for webinars where their members can hold classes and courses. Recordings are then held in a library that is easily accessible to all who miss the original. The Wellness Universe provides business tips encouraging entrepreneurs to take what they are passionate about and apply it to their career. Anna and Shari feel that if people are doing

And yes, there’s more. Another cool benefit is when Anna and/ or Shari visit areas around the

“Shari and I have been everywhere and we always have members come out to meet us, it’s one of our favorite things to do,” shares Anna. “It’s about family, getting to know people.”


Fear based solutions have no room in my life. I have learned that to be genuine and real, and have found the power to release all judgment and expectations of myself and others, and in doing so, I have found pure joy, peace, and love. –Anna Pereira

I have found that living your best life is really about being okay with who you are in all area’s of your life. The belief that we are all here to be uniquely who we are, that we all have something to contribute and that when we stop looking outside ourselves for approval and direction, we realize that who we are, is enough. The light that lives in us is beautiful and magnificent and holds no limitations. –Shari Alyse eydisauthenticliving.com 21

Authentic Living




by Shari Alyse

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have a secret. A secret that I’m willing to share if you’re willing to hear it. One that I’m willing to help you with if you’re willing to try. This tidbit of information could really set you free. It can finally let you off the hook of this lifelong search of yours. I’d dare to say that it’s the SECRET TO LIFE! Gasp! I know, I know. That’s a large claim here, but I’m pretty confident in my findings. However, before I share this with you, let me start this relationship off with you on honesty and not a white lie. I’m not the only one who knows this secret. Actually, you probably know it too, but are either too afraid or would rather just not have to do the work. But that’s where the biggest misconception lies. There is no work involved. There is nothing to be afraid of. You see, you carry this around with you every single day of your life and it doesn’t require much of anything, but maybe a dash of self-acceptance, a splash of self-worth, and a dollop or two of courage. This secret lies deep within you and every single one of us have it. Every single one of us is given this at birth. Unfortunately, we often allow the world to distract us. We allow circumstances and people to get in the way of this truth and as the years go by, we forget about it completely. We learn to drown it out. We learn to turn the switch down just a little so nobody can notice it. We learn to stay quiet when we want to speak up. We learn to put it aside because we’re afraid we can’t do whatever it is that it’s asking us. We learn to stand in the shadows hoping nobody notices it because then we’d have to show up for life. Okay, so what is this “thing” I speak of? It’s YOU. It’s YOUR own unique way of BEing. It’s YOUR gift that you have been given that nobody else has or will ever have. It’s YOUR light that nobody will ever shine like you or come close to shining like you. Here’s the kicker! You ready? You don’t have to compete with anyone for it. You don’t have to stand on the sidelines because you’re afraid you won’t match up or be good enough or will fail. You see, you can’t fail at being YOU. All you have to do is show up. All you have to do is look deeply at yourself, see you, accept

eydisauthenticliving.com 25

you, and then choose to wake up each day and BE YOU. It’s the greatest gift you have ever been given and it’s the greatest thing you will ever do! You don’t have to go and end world hunger or cure cancer (unless that is your gift) to have value, worth, and light! You already shine. You already have worth. You already are valuable simply because you’re here. Your makeup is only you. It’s YOUR DNA. Without YOU, this planet would be slightly different. Everything you’ve ever done and everyone you’ve ever met would slightly be altered because you’ve already altered it with YOUR presence. You’ve already said something or done something that has shifted a situation, a moment, a person’s thoughts. You already have made an impact in this Universe. You already ARE a game changer! Alright, so now that I’ve imparted this “secret” with you, what will you do with it? Will you embrace this uniqueness that is all yours and use it to do even better? Will you stop judging and comparing yourself to others because the truth is, you never will measure up to who they are. You’re not supposed to! They are them and 26 | Eydis Magazine

you are YOU. And as Dr. Seuss said, “There is no one alive that is Youer than You.” How awesome is that?! So, GO! Be YOU! Be YOU in all of your magnificence! Don’t waste another single, solitary moment of your life searching for something or someone that will make you feel valuable or worthy. You see, you have been. From the very moment, you were born. Shari Alyse is the CoFounder of The Wellness Universe and the CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) of Soul Ventures, Inc., a company focused on being a catalyst for positive change on the planet. Shari is also a motivational speaker and author who has dedicated her life to uplifting and helping to reignite the light we each have shining within us. Along with partner and Founder of www. TheWellnessUniverse.com, Anna Pereira (CEO/Soul Ventures, Inc.), they have built a thriving community of world changers and thought leaders whose soul mission and purpose is to use their lives to better the world. Shari believes we all have unique gifts to offer the world and once we learn to embrace, celebrate, and share these gifts, we truly can light up the world.

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Regular” JOBS by Mella Barnes


s an entrepreneur, I am actively involved in many groups and social circles pertaining to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners. Perhaps it’s just because I’m in these circles that I see this often, but I feel like there is an onslaught of criticisms against people who work “regular” jobs. People who work for other people are often told that they “could be doing so much more.” Any complaint about a job is met with a suggestion to “just quit - stop wasting your life working for someone else.”

28 | Eydis Magazine

Personally, I don’t think this is fair. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, and there are many great reasons to love your day job. Let’s consider a few:

REGULAR, GUARANTEED WORK My business is literally feast or famine. I either have more clients than I can handle or none at all. When I don’t work, I don’t make money. Having a “regular” job means that even if you have a slow day, even if you are less productive than normal, you are still getting a paycheck. This should be celebrated! You know where your money is coming from and when you will get it. You have a sense of security and that is important.

REGULAR OFF TIME This is something that I think most entrepreneurs don’t really know how to schedule. Any time I’m not spending on my business feels luxurious and a little bad. If I’m not working, I’m not earning, so how can I take a full day off to do nothing productive? Having a regular job allows you to know when you should be working and when it’s okay to watch TV.

Even if you work more than 40 hours a week, your schedule is most likely defined and planned out. Sure, entrepreneurs can set a schedule, but it often doesn’t line up the way we want. You may also get paid off time or vacations as well, which is definitely a reason to be happy!

(RELATIVE) JOB SECURITY I know, I know. In today’s job market there is no such thing as total job security. However, it’s reasonable to expect that next week, you will work a certain amount of hours in exchange for a certain amount of money. Provided that you do your work and follow the rules, you can legitimately expect this cycle to continue for the foreseeable future. Entrepreneurs don’t typically have this. Any time there is a lull in business, there is a terrifying possibility that it could be permanent.

SOCIALIZATION I am the most introverted of introverts. I can go months without seeing a single person and be just fine with it. Still, when I worked a “regular” job, I did enjoy talking with my coworkers and hearing about their weekends. Sure there were people I didn’t like, and there are likely people at your job you don’t like, but

eydisauthenticliving.com 29

reason to love your regular job. Bonuses are another great part of a corporation. The chance to move up, or the stability and comfortability of deciding to stay where you are. These are all great aspects of regular jobs, and it’s time they had their due.

you have a circle of people who know you and who go through the same things every day that you do. That’s hard to find in freelance and entrepreneur circles. Even fellow entrepreneurs don’t often have similar career paths or daily schedules. It’s nice to have comrades at times!

EASIER TAXES Ugh, I miss those days when I just filed one or two forms and that was it. Now I have an endless stack of papers, and guess what? Taxes are a year-long process. I pay quarterly, which means every three months I go through what most people go through once a year. It is a nightmare. Also, I don’t get a refund anymore. You might not get one in a regular job either, but your chances of getting a refund as an entrepreneur are slim to none. 30 | Eydis Magazine

RETIREMENT PLANS Sure, entrepreneurs can have savings, IRAs (I am still not entirely sure what those are) and self-made retirement plans, but as a regular employee, you likely have an easy option available to you. If not, you have a way to make regular contributions through your paychecks into your savings. This is so important and so easy! Since I don’t know when or where my pay is coming from, it’s much harder to allocate a set savings (and to be honest, I haven’t). I’m sure other entrepreneurs have this all figured out, but a great many of us have no idea what we are doing.

OTHER GREAT REASONS TO LOVE YOUR JOB Insurance! The sheer stress and headache of picking your own insurance is enough of a

The grass truly always seems greener on the other side, I get that. When I worked a regular job, I couldn’t wait to start my business full time. Now, I’m missing some of these great benefits. Regardless of where you are on your life path, I’m sure you can find some of these to relate to. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, I’m sure you rolled your eyes at a few things on this list and thought “she’s so wrong” and that’s okay! It’s great that you love the perks of what you do. When your alarm clocks blares into your ear at an ungodly hour the next morning, I want you to at least have a few things you can smile about on your way to your regular job. What you do is important, no matter what form!

Mella is a session singer, songwriter and producer living in Nashville, Tennessee. Also an animal lover, she has three dogs, a rabbit, and any number of foster animals in various shapes and sizes. She is the author of Way Less Cowbell, a book on communicating with session musicians. If you would like more information or to hire her onto your project, please visit www.mellamusic.com

Live in the moment

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C.H.A.N.G.E. Creating Hope and Awareness and Nurturing Growth through Empowerment The St. Clair Butterfly Foundation was founded to inspire a movement of C.H.A.N.G.E. by providing all children and youths with the tools to overcome any adversity and help them to realize their full potential to soar! Based in Oakland County Michigan, this nonprofit organization offers: Community Outreach Programs Creative Art Programs Scholarship Programs Legislative Initiatives Your donation goes directly to helping kids find their voice The St. Clair Butterfly Foundation has successfully helped to change laws in several states to better protect children.

Each year 1-in-4 girls and 1-in-6 boys are victims of abuse. Let’s help these children find their voice. Founded in 2007 by Chip and Lisa St. Clair, and based on his bestselling memoir, The Butterfly Garden, the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation utilizes the power of creative arts, literature, and overall well-being to impact the lives of children facing adversity. Listen to Chip and Lisa’s radio show: The Divine Frequency: Turning Your Passion Into Purpose Tuesday at 9:30 am Eastern Time on Empower Radio

Your donation gives the greatest gift to a child! 33 It shows that they are loved and that they deserveeydisauthenticliving.com to be heard.


by Ann Leach

34 | Eydis Magazine


’m not a perfume kind of gal, but if it came in Eau du Gingerbread, I might be tempted to spray a fine spray over me as I head out each day. You see, gingerbread reminds me of Virginia and the bakery at Williamsburg. I grew up in Norfolk and had the pleasure of many a school field trip to some of the best places of our history. Before heading home, we’d get to stop at the bakery and pick out a sweet treat to go. I always chose the biggest gingerbread cookie I could find on the tray. That cookie was the real deal. The town of Williamsburg, so rich in history, reminded me of my own: days spent growing up in Norfolk, summers at Virginia Beach and other trips to Williamsburg and Yorktown and Monticello easily within a day’s drive. All of those experiences and the memories of my father, his parents, and siblings who’s roots were Southern through and through can be summed up in one sensory experience for me: the gingerbread cookies from the Williamsburg bakery. I recently had one of those cookies. Taking that first bite took me instantly back to the love and support of my Virginia family and all they contributed to my character today. I saw each face in my mind and said a silent blessing of thanks to them for the life lessons we shared through the years, though they are all deceased now. There is another cookie that produces the same warm feelings of those on my mother’s side of the family: my grandmother’s sugar cookies that I helped her bake for over thirty years. Each year I pull out her cookie cutters and recreate the memories of our times together in her kitchen and I give thanks again for each of the powerful women who have influenced my life through the years. I was so pleased to have salvaged my

grandmother’s cookie cutters after the 2011 tornado that took my home here in Missouri. While I lost the handwritten recipe card for the sugar cookies, holding the cutters still takes me back to Grandma’s kitchen in Illinois. It’s funny how the smells of baking transport us to other times, isn’t it? When we’re grieving a big loss or change, these smells can bring comfort and offer us a few moments of reflection. And while that reflection time can cause a twinge of sadness, go ahead and feel it. For its the feeling of the emotions that we can best move forward in our grief journey. And what better way to honor a memory than to wrap it in an authentic expression of our true feelings? What food memories do you have from loved ones you have lost? I’d love to hear and, if you have the recipes, try them out myself! Please share your thoughts on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AnnLeach or email me at ann@lifepreserversgriefsupport.com I’d also like you to know that this season I am offering a FREE Holiday Help Line from now until December 30, 2016. If you find yourself having a little bit of a tough time these next couple of weeks, please call me at 417-4386808 from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. CST and I’ll offer up a little grief relief to help you through it. Wishing you peace, gratitude, and positive reflections this day. Ann is the founder of Life Preservers Grief Support where she coaches women moving through loss and change after a life-altering event. She resides in Joplin, MO where she also runs the Creative Cottage, a historic home and healing retreat space for people seeking respite from life’s storms. To learn more about Ann, visit lifepreserversgriefsupport.com

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hen broken down and examined, these two words, “social” and “security,” have greater meaning than a monthly check in the mail. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines “social,” as “of or relating to people or society in general,” and “security,” as “the state of being protected or safe from harm,” and “things done to make people or places safe.” On October 1, 2016, I met an extraordinary woman by the name of Theresa L. Flores, a woman for whom the words “social,” and “security,” fell woefully short. Theresa is strong, intelligent, compassionate, courageous, beautiful and willing to share her own personal hell as she shared her experience of being a victim of human trafficking. This did not happen to Theresa in a foreign land, in a distant time, or by unknown people. This happened to her in Birmingham, Michigan in a time when she should have been making friends and happy memories. Instead, between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, her life stood still as she was the victim of endless mental, emotional and physical torture, right under the noses of people who could have easily intervened on her behalf. Therese L. Flores is the author of “The Slave Across the Street – The True Story of How an American Teen Survived the World of Human Trafficking,” and “Slavery in the Land of the Free – A Student’s Guide to Modern Day Slavery.”

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wins in this. When human beings are taught to hate, this goes against every human instinct and they too are stripped of their innate human nature to care for others.

Human Trafficking is a $36 billion criminal enterprise, where weak minded, greedy individuals prey upon the vulnerability of others for financial gain. Theresa herself was offered as a “reward,” to criminals who had accomplished some task. When Theresa spoke to individuals who were in positions of authority she was told that she was not the only one that they knew about. Yet, they did nothing. As a woman, and as a writer for Eydis, there is a clarion call for “Warrior Women,” and I am asking all people to take a stand to end crimes against humanity – all of humanity, every woman, man and child who is used against their will for the financial gain of another. Until such time as the travesty of human trafficking ends, we will never truly have “Social Security.” Human trafficking happens right under our noses, 38 | Eydis Magazine

across the street from where we live and work and the number of victims is staggering. In 2014, under the strong leadership of State Senators Judy Emmons and Mark C. Jansen, legislation was passed entitled, “The Theresa Flores Act” Senate Bill 584, which eliminated the statute of limitations for any human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation of children. “Human trafficking is the secondleading crime in Michigan, and I know this because I was trafficked here over 30 years ago,” said Flores at the time of the announcement. Now that we know, we cannot unknow. It is my intention to seek out places, groups, and organizations in which to speak out about this subject. It is a time for true Social Security. And, I dare say, no one

If you suspect that someone is the victim of human trafficking, please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-373-7888 or call your local law enforcement. If we are Warrior Women, then we are also Warrior Humans. Let’s protect those who cannot protect themselves. Perhaps then we can begin to understand the concept of Social Security. Resources: www.TraffickFree.com and S.O.A.P Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution, an awareness, and outreach program that places contact information on bars of soap in hotels and convention centers during large events such as games, conventions etc., in which human trafficking escalates.

Elaine Grohman is a speaker, author, energy healer and angel reader. She has a private practice in Farmington, MI. For appointments please contact Lainie Rubio at 248.320.6532 or visit her website at www.elainegrohman.com

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by Wini Curley, Ph.D.


he job interview process was over. Samantha knew and understood why she didn’t make it to the next round. Although the company was probably a good fit for her, the position being offered wasn’t an improvement over her current job. She hadn’t really been looking for a job in the first place. The unsolicited opportunity came

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frustration, anxiety, distraction, and dissatisfaction with her dayto-day work tasks. Even though she knew in her heart this was the best outcome, she was downright grumpy about it. Some might say it was Samantha’s ego feeling bruised. Others might say she just needed to get over it and let it go. Stuff happens and everyone experiences disappointment now and then. Samantha is a client and I know her well. While both of those ideas may have a little bit of truth in them, typically she would have been over it in a day or maybe two. However, Samantha just couldn’t get complete with the experience, even though she accepted the outcome. When she called me after struggling with it for 4 or 5 days, we knew it was time for a Harvest Exercise.

Looking back can provide insights for moving forward out of the blue from a friend. It turned out that the skills Samantha wanted to expand and the direction she wanted her career to take wasn’t what

that company needed right now. She got it. Yet, she kept running through the experience mentally and emotionally and couldn’t let it go. It was causing her

A Harvest Exercise is a review process you can use to gather meaningful takeaway messages from any experience. It can provide insights and tools to help you move forward regardless of the outcome from that specific situation. Through this process of completion, you will release the doubt and questions causing your mental and emotional churning. Instead, you will harvest the blessings and benefits. The Harvest Exercise is based on the belief that everything is in Divine order. It is valuable to use this process whether an event or experience went eydisauthenticliving.com 41

exactly as you would have liked - or it was far from it. Spend the time and effort to consciously capture the benefits and blessings from an experience, and explore how they nourish your path forward. If you have ever picked strawberries in the summertime, it is like getting down close to the ground to find the big sweet juicy ones hiding under the leaves. It’s worth the effort.

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Below are five questions I recommend you ask yourself as a Harvest Exercise to come to completion on events or experiences when you have trouble letting go or moving on. For the harvest to be complete, remember at the end of each of the questions, also ask yourself “How does this serve or nourish my path forward?” You may be surprised at the insights you discover once you

can see the various aspects of your experience in a useful and positive light. Examples are included, in some cases using Samantha’s scenario from above. WHAT NEEDED YOUR ATTENTION? There are no accidents. The universe has perfect timing. What needed your attention may be obvious to you if it addressed something you were already thinking about

or wishing for. However, those things that ‘come out of the blue‘ are still perfectly timed and have a purpose for your attention. List the benefits and blessings of having to deal with this situation at this time. In Samantha’s case, even though she wasn’t looking for a new job opportunity, this experience directed her to focus on what she really

wants for her next career move and her future career path for the next five years. As for Samantha’s path forward, now she can go back into her current situation and proactively pursue her career path with greater clarity. If she runs up against roadblocks, then she may look more seriously at pursuing other opportunities. In either case, she no longer feels stuck in her current position. HOW WOULD YOU IMPROVE? If you could have a do-over, what would you want to say, do, or think differently? Don’t sweat the small stuff on this one. This is also not a time for shame or blame. Everyone makes mistakes, and life is full of growth opportunities. Pick one or two aspects of your performance or approach that you would like to work on. Many people tend to focus on how they would change their actions , what they did or said - their ‘doingness ‘. There are often some valid improvements to be identified in those areas. However, don’t shortchange yourself by overlooking how you might also improve your attitudes or beliefs – your ‘beingness’. Take a deeper look. Notice if some form of judgment or expectation got in your way of being a good listener or a good communicator of your point of view. Perhaps you had an underlying sabotage thought (e.g. – they will never pick me, I

am over or under qualified, they won’t listen to me, my salary request is too high) that needs to be released. In any case, don’t spend time fretting about it. Instead, identify specific ways you can achieve the improvements you desire. List the benefits and blessings for you to develop these improvements. Identify how you can use these improvements on your path forward independent of the outcome of this specific scenario. Consider some of these options to assist you in improving: do some research on what may work better; take a class to learn a concept or skill (from Excel to meditation); find a mentor or coach who can guide you and provide honest objective feedback; or plan time to practice a useful skill (from public speaking to data entry). WHAT DID YOU DO WELL AND CHOOSE TO REPEAT? This is not the time to be shy. As you once again review what you said, did, and thought, give yourself full permission for generous self-praise. List specifically what you feel was on the mark and you would choose to repeat – actions and thoughts you are proud of. Many review processes tend to focus time and attention on what did not go well. It is equally, if not more important, to notice and affirm what did go well. This is the time for you to acknowledge yourself, your skills, and your performance that you feel good eydisauthenticliving.com 43

about. Notice when there is a confirmation of something you already recognized as a strength. Notice abilities that might’ve been a surprise, but worked out well. Spend time to acknowledge and celebrate both, either publicly or privately as appropriate. It will build your confidence. You want to be sure to consciously capture these blessings and benefits to carry on your path forward. As an example, the last time Samantha had a job interview, she felt awkward talking about her accomplishments and promoting herself. However, this time, she found herself surprisingly at ease and 44 | Eydis Magazine

articulate sharing her skills and achievements. It was important for her to notice and acknowledge that new level of confidence. Becoming consciously aware of her improved confidence allows her to draw upon that ability on her path forward as she begins to negotiate career direction with her current employer.

Take a step back from the experience you are reviewing with the Harvest Exercise. Check to see if there appears to be a link between the blessings and benefits you’ve identified in the three previous questions and a personal core issue you are aware of. Or, perhaps the Harvest Exercise is clarifying a core issue for you.

IS THERE A THEME? Those of us on a personal growth path typically have at least one or two core beliefs that we are working on healing. Examples are: I’m not enough; I don’t deserve….. (fill in the blank with love, money, success, respect); I’m not worthy; etc. You get the idea.

A core issue Samantha is healing has to do with feeling like she isn’t valued or doesn’t fit in. After being rejected in a job interview process, she certainly could have used that as evidence to confirm her negative belief that she doesn’t belong. However, as she looked

back over this experience, she began to recognize that much of the messaging she harvested was that she was valued, her skills and accomplishments do belong in the type of business she desires to work for, and because she is better able to articulate and express her value it is easier for her to communicate how she fits in. Consciously capturing these insights has helped Samantha to clarify her path forward and have the courage to ask for what she wants and needs. WHAT DO YOU VALUE ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE? Now it is time to be grateful. A sure way to

release the mental and emotional churning for a situation is to name its blessings and benefits you are grateful for. Connect with how the insights, opportunities for improvement, and affirmation of abilities you have consciously captured through experiencing this situation or event will serve you on your path forward. Allow yourself to be filled with gratitude for that experience. When gratitude is present, there is no room for frustration, anger, or fear. To take it to a deeper level, connect to the gratitude you have for the other parties involved in this experience with you. Even if the experience

was fairly unpleasant, you have harvested the blessings and benefits. This frees you to release judgment and to have an appreciation and gratitude for those who brought you that value. If you have done a good job of exploring the first four questions, this will be easier than you think. Releasing any residual animosity toward the other parties will free you to have a lighter path forward. Do your best to have a sense of humor and keep a light heart as you go through the Harvest Exercise. If you find that there is a repeating behavior pattern cropping up, or an old belief nemesis, don’t get frustrated or beat yourself up. Trust that this experience is simply the next step for you to learn to handle that challenge even more effectively. Wini Curley, Ph.D. is a Resilience Expert, Speaker, Consultant, and Executive Coach. She shows leaders and their organizations how to find their next win whether they are on a roll or in a hole. Over 10 years ago, she shifted from a 25-year scientific career determining cleanup needs to make environmental hazardous waste sites safe. Now she helps clients clean up toxic thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and practices that contaminate their path to success. Wini has coached successful leaders and entrepreneurs across 3 continents. She teaches business professionals to connect their hearts, minds, and spirits so they can awaken innovation and experience deeper satisfaction with work and life. Clean up the toxicities big or small at the leadership level, and watch the business heal and flourish. Learn more about Wini and her programs at www.WiniCurley.com and www. GiftsFromWini.com

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More Love

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” –Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

by Lisa Marie Platske

Throughout the past decade, I’ve learned that the world needs me to be fully me.

Over time, your vibrations or energy come back to you.

And, the world needs you -- and your brilliance.

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about how my heart was literally hurting from all of the violence on the television.

The world also needs more love now more than ever. You are one of a kind. Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth. Your unique combination of cells – your DNA — has never been constructed before, and will never be seen again on this planet. You have been put in the world at this moment in time for a purpose. And, it is your mission to make the world a better place to live in. You are probably familiar with the universal law of cause and effect – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Nothing happens by chance or outside universal laws. We reap what we sow and what affects one person affects all people. Every action has a reaction or consequence. Every thought, every word spoken, and every action creates a wave of energy throughout the universe. Those thoughts, words, or actions either make the world a better place to live in or not. Your thoughts, words, and actions send vibrations from the cellular structure of your body out into the world, causing a chain of events.

I wrote about the importance of stepping up, standing out and being a leader worth following. The world needs you and your brilliance. And, our Wondrous World Needs More Love. What seems like it may be an arduous task to take on making the world a better place; it can really be a simple act of kindness that starts with the power of one – one person, one action, one life changed. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was outlined in “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review in 1943. If the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter are not met, you cannot expect a human being to evolve beyond wanting to satisfy those needs. After all physiological needs are met (food, water, warmth, rest), a person can then move to the basic safety needs – and then psychological needs of belonging and love (relationships/friendships). You may be shaking your head in agreement as you read this, however, you may also be expecting “other people” to step up and take action. After all, what can you do to solve problems of the world?!? It’s rather simple. Start with the basics. eydisauthenticliving.com 47

Whatever your mission, it’s bigger than more clients, more money, and more stuff. You have a heart that is called to make a positive difference in the world and that means stepping up into a leader worth following – one that is able to yield impact and influence. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To know one life has breathed easier because I have lived, this is to have succeeded.” FOOD: Collect canned goods at your office or community organization. Or, buy an extra bag of groceries. Donate to your local food bank. Rinse and repeat. If you’re feeling like you want to do something more personal, buy a box of large baggies and put snacks like granola bars and healthy treats, tissues, and wet wipes in each baggie. Keep one or two in your glove box. When you see someone in need, give them one of your homemade bags of love. It’s really that simple. CLOTHING: Clean out your closet. Donate your clothing to organizations that will ensure they will be given to people who need them. Volunteer at a non-profit that dresses men or women for job interviews. Start a clothing drive at your office. SHELTER: Give of your time at a homeless shelter or freely open your home to people who may need a place to stay. Practice the gift of hospitality and you will be amazed at how much bigger your heart will grow. It’s only then that others can receive love. It’s only then that belonging can begin to form. It’s only then that change can begin to happen. The need in the world is great – and you can make a difference. 48 | Eydis Magazine

Choose one action that you’ve been putting off that has the ability to change one life. It may even be your own. By saying “YES!” to grow your commitment to be a leader worth following, you make the world a better place to live in. The world needs more love. The world needs you and your brilliance. And, now more than ever….. Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. Live Upside. Lisa Marie Platske left her action-packed life as a Federal law enforcement officer to become the CEO of international leadership company, Upside Thinking, Inc. An award-winning leadership expert and #1 best-selling international author of 4 books, she takes her law enforcement journey which began on the piers of New York and ended post 9/11 and shares what exceptional leaders do differently and how to be positioned as an expert in order to seize big opportunities. As a certified master coach, Lisa Marie coaches women in business around the globe. With experience working with clients in over 20 different industries, her proven 7-step formula has resulted in her clients being seen, heard, and recognized for their work without having to change who they are. The founder of Design Your Destiny LIVE (www.DesignYourDestinyLive), she lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her loving and supportive husband Jim and their two pet foxes.

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Gratitude &


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by Gary Stuart


s the Holiday season fast approaches it suddenly becomes the time of year for family and food plus that travel takes over our schedules. Many gather with family or chosen loved ones to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition. We often forget the painful roots of colonization and indigenous that led to thriving in the New World. It’s time to honor those unsung Native American heroes who lost their entire culture by helping us succeed. Through their generosity, we palefaces celebrate while they lost their homeland and culture as a result. We as a collective US population would do well to support and give back generously to any and all First Peoples. It’s time for the U.S. to show our gratitude back with donations’ of food and clothing. Historically many and all tribes supported our immigration while allowing us to learn and share bounty so that we could thrive in the new world. There’s no guilt or blame here. There just needs to be a balancing and honoring of karma which will do good for the current “American populace” who gained by eydisauthenticliving.com 51

APPRECIATION Take time to appreciate. Don’t stop or hesitate. You never know when it will be too late, And you could end up in an unpleasant state, Much worse off than you could dare estimate, If you don’t take the time to appreciate. Be thankful for all those little things That wouldn’t mean much to those not in touch With the delicate balance that intimacy brings. Appreciate sharing those moments of caring, For those are the times that will often most shine When the ones you love have gone to meet the Divine. Those moments have meaning and value and worth. They’ll surprise and supply you with good will and mirth, As you think back, with appreciation, to their time on Earth. Appreciate the joy they left behind, And to their memory always be kind, Even if sometimes they seemed to be blind. They will appreciate you back, in kind, For no one else might have taken the time To appreciate them, which so often reminds us that love’s precious value appreciates with time. So don’t hesitate to appreciate. It’s a wonderful way to clean the slate. And someday it will be too late. Why just wait and trust to fate? Take time now to appreciate! Excerpt from Gary Stuart’s book of poems, Gems of Inspiration

52 | Eydis Magazine

tremendous indigenous losses. You’ll feel better in doing so and your ancestors as well will be pleased. We all know the holiday drill and every in and out that seems to show up for the annual ritual of T-Day dinners. Many brace themselves for the unresolved family issues of grudges and patterns to rear their ugly heads while fearing to step on someone’s toes especially in a highly charged Election year. Most American families’ fail to realize the past is done and gone while others cling to the neurotic hope that “things will be different” this time around. Most often they seldom are and those old wounds, jealousies, and sore spots remain long after whatever offense has transpired. I’ve found what can be most refreshing is ACCEPTANCE for things that can’t be changed and as it’s been said the “Wisdom to Know the Difference.” It helps greatly to manifest this “acceptance” for those who are alive and in good health to enjoy their company as they may not be with you in the coming year to do so. Have gratitude to what is happening in the present moment and treasure that experience NOW. Think of how the surviving First Nations feel on this day of our celebration? To them, it’s probably more like D-Day in WWII than fun with turkey and stuffing with all the fixings. See yourself in the moccasins of First Peoples witnessing the occupation of palefaces stealing and betraying

treaties to survive and proliferate on the lands given to them by the creator of all living things. Ironically, they were so connected and spiritual they felt the Great Spirit had a plan for them though unseen in all their genocidal suffering. They had compassion in their hearts hoping for a better day. It’s not much different that modern day China and Tibet struggling for independent autonomy. There really is no forgiveness needed on the part of our Ancestors who may or have may not have added to the plight of first Nations or First Peoples of America. I find acceptance of fate and destiny on both sides is sufficient and reaching out in gratitude is better than blaming or shaming anyone for their existence. Everyone did their best past and present to survive and we all are here on this great land as a result. Honoring and paying heartfelt respects to those who suffered or lending a helping hand is sufficient. Go outside and bless the land, water, and sky that brought your Ancestors sustenance. 3 tips to enjoy the dinner with Family: •

Love what is and let go of what isn’t or will never be.

Be present to who is with you and may not be in a years’ time.

approaching. Stay present, be grateful and share your blessings of bounty.

Show up with gratitude and speak with honor and appreciation.

Gary Stuart, Author, Constellation Facilitator, Teacher, Lecturer, has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades. As a young student of Primal Therapy and Shamanism, his insightful writings provide a unique perspective on the correlation between the micro and macro-cosmos, between our inner and outer worlds. His first book on constellations, Many Hearts, ONE SOUL, set the stage for his latest book, Master YOUR Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life on Kindle or paperback at Amazon.com. He leads workshops and trainings nationally and internationally and resides in Los Angeles.

Everyone has opinions. Sometimes it’s best to let others have their own without proving any point as being Right or Wrong. Create a Win, Win by not engaging in a battle you’ll never win. In spite of the forthcoming Election keep religion and Politics out of the dinner conversation. This may keep the peace until 2020 and remember hindsight is 2020 as well. Otherwise enjoy and celebrate with love and compassion as it’s a good rehearsal for the Christmas Season fast

Visit www.HealingInActionNow.com or www.ConstellationHealingInstitute.com eydisauthenticliving.com 53


Connecting You With You


56 | Eydis Magazine

by Amanda Butler


hat does it mean, “do your relationships work for you?” Well, are you happy with them? Do you feel fulfilled, passionate, energized, aligned and engaged with them? Are they Loving? Caring? Compassionate? Accepting? Supportive? Honoring? Respectful? Fun? Would you consider them amazing relationships? Or do you find your Self more often than not … frustrated, drained, deflated, disappointed, angry within them? Are they constantly full of drama, struggle, arguments, upset and/ or pain? Do you feel misunderstood, or perhaps not able to FULLY express your Self? Do you find your Self-chasing after someone or something to feel better, loved, accepted, approved of or validated? If the answer is yes to some or all of the later, then I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know or feel … your relationships really don’t work for you. Maybe it’s something that you don’t want to admit to your Self or another, but here’s the reality … ignoring the facts will not change what’s happening within you or your relationships. At some level, you’re probably are settling for a morsel of something or someone, rather than realizing you are worthy of ‘BE’-ing and receiving the whole loaf of bread! You try to justify, make excuses or skew what’s really True for you because you might not see a way to change what’s going on, or a way out if it’s a relationship that doesn’t work for you or that you don’t want. Relationships are not only with others but most importantly with your Self, with the Universe (God, Higher Power, Great Spirit, however, you define it for your Self) and with all aspects of your life … health, money, career or business, purpose, passion, joy. If you allow your Self to ask, “Is this working for me? Is this what I want or need? Do I like it?”, then you can start uncovering the areas in your relationships that are Truly in alignment with you and your desires. eydisauthenticliving.com 57

feeling and doing?” Or “What’s really going on underneath and what’s ‘running’ me?” For most, these involve various patterns and degrees of codependency where we altar who we are so we can fit in, be liked, be loved, be accepted, find approval or validation. If you’re unclear if this is True for you, then see if any of the following rings true: •

Your relationships lack clear communication plus you don’t know how to communicate your needs and wants or what you’re thinking and feeling

You walk on eggshells in your relationships so you don’t rock the boat in order to feel love, safe and/or secure

You ‘stuff’ your feelings so you can shut down your emotions and not feel what’s really True for you

You ignore your ‘inner guidance’ and argue with your Self as to what’s going on within you and with your relationships, work, and/or life

You’ve lost a sense of creativity, passion, and joy in who you are, in what you do, and in your relationships and life

You tend to point fingers, blame others and don’t want to acknowledge, or ‘own’ your part in what you create within and around you

Compassion ©2015 Keenawah & Associates, LLC

Compassion from The Diamond Co-Creative System™

The Universal Energy Form of Compassion from The Diamond Co-Creative System™ provides the energetic vibrations to help you activate your Soul Codes of Destiny and Success. This sacred geometry technology assists you to create MORE acceptance, compassion and love within your Self and others as you align with your Soul’s Essence and the Universe’s Highest Potential which it holds for you.

I was given the book, Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard. As I was reading it, I was so excited about the way it laid out to show how are past can infect to affect our present experiences and our future creations. The book is a wonderful illustration about how our past experiences, conditioning, and programming create veils and we subconsciously operate from the energetic patterns they create. If we are 58 | Eydis Magazine

not aware of them or do not understand them, then we make assumptions about ourselves and others. We take it personally and think it means something about us, instead of realizing it’s just ‘energetic debris’ which is usually tied to the past in some way. Instead of finding out what’s Truly going on, many operate on automatic pilot, ignore the reality and do not ask … “what am I or the other really thinking,

You feel life or others ‘do’ something to you, rather than realize and acknowledge you gave your power away to them, ‘circumstances’ or a situation (including things like money, work, health and your well-being) You say yes when you want to say no, then get mad and resent others for ‘making’ you do it

You live in the world of ‘shoulds’, have to, and believe you and others should ‘show up’ a certain way

You feel disconnected from your Self and lack clarity

about what your needs, desires, and dreams are and lack focus to create them •

You turn to food, shopping, sex, drugs, alcohol, work and busyness, chaos and drama (chroma) to numb out the pain and to feel better

You feel unworthy and undeserving of the love and abundance that’s available for you

If any of this sounds or feels familiar, or you answered yes to any of these, then understand you don’t have the ingredients to create amazing relationships. And if it goes on within one

type of relationship i.e. with a significant other, then it occurs on some level within all of your relationships … the relationship with your Self, the relationships with friends and family, the relationships at work and even the relationships with other aspects of your life such as your health, your body, your money, your spirituality.

ANY RELATIONSHIP IS EVERY RELATIONSHIP. And know that none of this is your ‘fault’. Nor is it the ‘fault’ of others including your parents, family and others around you, or even religion, governments or society. There is no ‘fault’. It’s just is, what it is.

eydisauthenticliving.com 59

What it is … is the patterning of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which affect your decisions, behaviors, habits and results. The patterns are created through the conditioning, programming and imprints of what you’ve observed, learned and experienced in the past … this lifetime and others plus what you’ve been taught by others or via society and mass consciousness. Even if a pattern is sourced from something that you took on from others like your parents, religion or teachers, you are still 60 | Eydis Magazine

responsible and accountable to create what you desire. It’s not about blaming others or your ‘circumstances’. And the good news is you can change your patterns and your results! To do so, you require a clearer understanding of what’s ‘running’ you. Awareness is key to taking the first step in shifting anything within your life, your experiences and your outcomes. I highly suggest you take our FREE Co-Dependent survey (http://cocreateyoursuccess. com/success-tools/ assessments/) which will reveal

clues as to what you do usually without even realizing you’re doing so. By knowing what you may be doing and how it affects you, will empower you to make a Conscious Choice and a different decision. In time, you will learn to trust these decisions which you probably second guess now. You even have the opportunity to choose what an amazing relationship looks and feels like for you. Make a list of the qualities and feelings you would like to have in your relationships. If you have a difficult time with

this, then make two columns on a piece of paper and list the negative feelings, thinking, beliefs, behaviors and results you’re experiencing on the left which is named Contrast. Then list the opposite on the right which is named Desire. The difference between the two will show you the work you have to do in order to create the qualities and types of relationships you really want. And here’s the secret … whatever is on the Desire list is what you personally have to energetically ‘Be’come and aligned to within your Self so you can manifest it with others. For example, if you want to experience more love, acceptance, respect, caring, generosity then you have to energetically ‘BE’come it within your Self, then it will manifest with others and within other areas of your life. If you are not the vibration you want to ‘BE’, you will need to find the energetic patterns which block or limit you in manifesting what you want so you can heal and realign the energetics. Here are some suggested steps to take: •

Take the FREE CoDependent survey to receive an in-depth report to help you sort out what’s ‘running’ you and become aware of your patterns http:// cocreateyoursuccess.com/ success-tools/assessments/


15-minute Consultation with Amanda to assist you in clarity, focus and your next steps to take in creating amazing relationships http:// cocreateyoursuccess.com/ book-an-appointment/ •

Connect You with You through the Reconnect With Your Soul’s Essence: A 28-Day Diamond CoCreative System™ Journey and manifest the life, vocation, health, money, and relationships including with your Self and the Universe that you Truly desire! http:// cocreateyoursuccess. com/28dayjourney/

You have the power to create relationships that really work for you! Let go of what you don’t like and what doesn’t work, so you can bring in what and who you like and does work for you. It is always your Conscious Choice!

Amanda Butler is the Architect of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ and since 2001 has assisted thousands to heal their present and past life energetics, while activating their Soul Codes of Destiny and Success, so they create an integration and vibrational alignment between their Soul’s Essence and personality/egoic Self. The results … they feel connected with their authentic Self, True purpose, passion, joy and love with the ability to fulfill their Highest Potential and live their MORE! For more about Amanda and The Diamond Co-Creative System ™, go to: http://cocreateyoursuccess. com/28dayjourney/ www.CoCreateYourSuccess.com https://www.facebook.com/ createyourdiamondlife

Dear Liberty DEALING WITH OFFICE POLITICS by Liberty Forrest

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Dear Liberty, I’m fairly new to joining the office where I’m working. My colleagues seem to be talking about me, whispering and giggling about me, and it feels like they’re looking down on me and poking fun at me. I don’t drink so they tease me at functions where alcohol is being served. I think they see me as inexperienced and a prude. Some of the people are very negative too and this bothers me. Every time they say something it’s negative. I don’t know how to handle it. It’s really uncomfortable for me to be at work now. I was so excited about this job but now I dread going to the office every day. Can you help, please? Signed, Intimidated at Work

Dear Intimidated, The best thing you can do about petty behavior such as you are witnessing is to ignore it. This is about YOU, not them. I mean, it’s about you learning something about yourself and overcoming personal barriers and issues that hold you back or keep you from stepping into your power with these kinds of people. You are the one who gets to choose how you react. The quicker you stop letting other people’s actions bother you, the

better off you’ll be. And the more they’ll see that they’re having no effect whatsoever and are likely to stop trying. It doesn’t matter AT ALL what anyone else says or does. It only matters how you respond to it. I deal with negative people by avoiding them where possible, by staying neutral and surrounding myself with a blue protective light, by sending them positive energy and seeing past their wounded

Ego behavior and remembering that there’s a spirit hiding behind it somewhere. Also, it helps to remember that the negativity in other people is about those people’s journeys and has nothing to do with you. The more you stop letting other people affect how you feel, and just see their stuff as THEIR STUFF, the happier you will be. Hope that helps.


Liberty Forrest is an award-winning inspirational author and Huffington Post contributor. For five years, she did frequent phone-ins on the BBC as a psychic/medium. With a background in social work and counselling, Liberty’s unique program uses a highly creative multifaceted approach to get people unstuck so that they can move forward in their personal and spiritual evolution. eydisauthenticliving.com 63


ou’re a mom, wife, sister, friend, executive, manager, employee, housecleaner, cook, driver, appointment scheduler, cheerleader, mediator, therapist to those around you, and then that moment happens and you ask yourself…...Who Am I? We always say we wear multiple hats, but we actually walk through life carrying multiple bags, each one representing a responsibility in our life. 64 | Eydis Magazine

Our briefcases are representative of our careers, diaper bags are representative of our kids, lunch bags our nutrition, backpacks – school, age, children or possibly a gym bag, and so on. If you carry a regular handbag with you every day it is the catch-all of all the responsibilities. From band aids to fruit snacks to lipstick. What you are carrying represents where you are in your life.

Are you lost in the many bags that seem to be weighing you down? Do you feel guilty when you think about how you are truly not able to carry them all at once? Do you feel guilty for taking time for you? Feeling guilty for carrying one bag around more than the others like wanting to be Mom of the Year, but your career is taking up a lot of your time?

FROM DIAPER BAG TO BRIEFCASE Sometimes you don’t feel the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release –Unknown by Jodi Grinwald

Think about what was in your handbag at 20. Now compare your handbag from when you were 20 years old to the one you’re holding now. What has changed? What have you thrown out or put in? Well, it’s time to find your balance. Reset your clocks to a time when you felt guilt–free and able to spend the time you wanted carrying the bag

that matched not just your clothing, but your life’s passion and purpose. You are more than capable of feeling this way again. Life is too short to waste it not doing and being who you want to be while you take care of all the responsibilities that you have chosen to take on. Sometimes we forget that we are the ones who have made

Sometimes you don’t feel the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.


Our life choices and, yes circumstance sometimes puts us in the place that we are in, but ultimately it is our decision to stay there. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all we want to accomplish nowadays. From trying to be a super parent to a high achiever in our careers, to being a great spouse, friend, family member and so on it never feels like we have enough time to be who we want to be to everyone. never mind figuring out who we are as individuals. There are two types of time: clock time and real time. In clock time, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and eydisauthenticliving.com 65

365 days in a year. Real-time, though, is measured on a different scale. Say you are standing in line at the grocery store and the line is long, 15 minutes can feel like 2 hours. On the flipside, you may not understand how your 18-yearold is already graduating from high school because you feel like you literally just dropped him/her off at kindergarten. In essence, finding time to juggle all that you are carrying in real time doesn’t work. As we all know, time flies when you’re having fun, but slows down when you are doing things you don’t want to do. It’s all about perspective. If you consider yourself a victim of time and feel like time is continually working against you, you will be in the victim role. However, if you come from a place of cooperation you can

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decide that time is a natural part of life, and although it’s limited, you can find balance. Some tools for finding balance:


Wake up a few minutes early to get your mindset in the right place. If you wake up and already feel overwhelmed the minute you think about your day you have already committed selfsabotage and the rest of your day will be a race against the clock. If you wake up early just by an extra few minutes you can start your day with a relaxation exercise or open your calendar and work on looking at it in a way that will allow for a reward at the end of the day. A reward could mean scheduling 10 minutes to read a book. If you are unable to find just that small amount of time that day have a backup plan where you put on your calendar on Friday you

are going to take a walk during lunch. Find the time! You find it for the extra meeting that your boss puts on your calendar or the extracurricular activity your child wants to do. So many times we put ourselves last. When you do that you may wind up becoming resentful down the road and how can you be your best to everyone around you if you are not feeling like you matter at all. Remember no one is going to just openly give you, me time. You have to take it. It is yours. You are worth it!


Set boundaries. You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or at least it feels that way. How heavy will you allow the weight to get before you say I’m going to fall over? Before that happens you must determine how much you are willing to take on. You count too. Make sure to remember that. Work is important, family is important, friends are important but more important is taking care of you so that you can enjoy all of those things. If you already made plans to do something for you don’t readily be so willing to give that up to take on more. Give yourself permission to say no and know that it doesn’t make you a bad person. People respect those that say no, especially if you share that if you take that on you

will not be able to give 100%. Another example of this is if you are on vacation and work calls what will you do? Set boundaries early on that you are going away with your family and you have delegated the responsibility to someone else on your team. This is your down time, so that you can come back refreshed and ready to exceed expectations like you always do. Everyone needs time to recharge the batteries.


De-clutter. If your workspace or home is filled with physical clutter it could be you holding you back from being productive. However, it’s not just things that hold you back, it could be limiting beliefs about a person or situation or even about yourself that holds you back. From the time it may take you to find something in a drawer or closet because it’s not neat, to the thought process of being worried about what someone may think of what you produce as an end result, all of those things are clutter. They clutter your mind and your space and when they do you get stuck. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to find the time to do what you need to do. How come we can find time to get the house in order the minute we hear someone is coming over, but up until that moment the house is a mess. So, think about the clutter that surrounds you and how you can find the time to clear it out. Releasing the clutter in our mind can be done through meditation, yoga, exercise, writing or any one

thing you allow yourself to focus on so that your mind is not whirling in so many directions.


Delegate. It’s ok to let go of something that is on your plate. So many times we are afraid that by needing help it means we are failing. It’s not that you are failing. You may want to hang onto things that you should be delegating because you are the type of person who thinks I can do this best if I do it myself. First, that doesn’t allow others to learn from you and second, if you are overwhelmed and don’t let others help you, you are going to be under a great amount of stress. Lastly, will it be done the way you really want it to if the clock is ticking so fast and you have so much on your plate? The chances of things turning out the way you want when you feel like you are buried go down exponentially. Why not mentor others to help you? It turns out to be a win/win. You get more done and they get the opportunity to learn from the best. There is something to be said for mentoring others. Then, of course, there are those things that you cannot hand over. Just make sure you put those higher on the priority list and don’t procrastinate to make them happen or the cycle will just continue.


Prioritize. Multiple bags you are carrying means multiple fires at times. You can’t do everything at once. Be realistic about how you prioritize and ask for more time if you need it. So many

times we put unnecessary weight on ourselves. We set ourselves up to be overwhelmed because we want to be super human. Seriously think about your answer before you agree to unrealistic deadlines or requests. No one wins if you are late or if you overbook yourself. So the next time you are getting tired from all that you may be carrying, what will you do differently to help lighten the load or shift the weight. Remember to give yourself permission to take care of you. You are your own boss and if the boss says it’s time for a meeting make sure to schedule one...with yourself.

Jodi Grinwald, CPC, ELI-MP is CEO & Founder of Today is the Day Coaching, Consulting, and Leadership Development. Jodi is a Connection Coach and empowers individuals to connect to their highest level of success, fulfillment, and happiness. She has just launched a workshop called “From Diaper Bag to Briefcase” in an effort to work with those who are struggling to juggle career, family, and all the heavy bags they carry in their lives that represent their multitude of responsibilities. She is helping people find effective ways to live their true passion. Jodi is also a business and executive coach working with employees to better understand their role within an organization, ultimately connecting to their organizations mission and performance standards.

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Talk to Tamara Tamara, the relationship whisperer, is like a walking instruction manual for all of your love, dating. and relationship questions. Ask her your burning questions and she’ll guide you in the direction that is right for you. To ask your questions go to eydismedia.com’s home page and click on Tamara’s picture, under our “Let’s Talk” section.

by Tamara Green

“Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” Pema Chodron

Dear Tamara Why do I keep experiencing the same thing over and over with men? They either come on strong and then disappear or won’t commit in the end. Seriously, for the first time, I’m starting to think that men are not the issue. In fact, I think I’m the problem. Is something wrong with me? Signed: Repeating Patterns And Still Single

Dear Repeating Patterns, No, nothing is wrong with you, but it is time to look at the beliefs that you must be operating from. To begin to unravel your dating and relationship belief systems and patterns, do the following 5 step exercise.

• There are no great single men; they’re either married or gay. • I attract men that treat me like dirt. • Men can’t commit. • I’m too independent for a relationship. • No man wants to date a single mother.

Step 1: Become aware of your habit of thought Grab a piece of paper and write down three points of view that you have about any one of these topics: being single, men, dating, relationships and love. Don’t write down what you’d like to experience, but rather, what you actually tell yourself, in other words, what you believe. To give some examples, here’s a list of statements that I’ve heard from many women over the years: 68 | Eydis Magazine

• I’m not good dating material because I’m too ___(old, young, fat, thin, poor, rich, etc.)___.

Step 2: Question yourself As you read each statement on your list, ask yourself these questions: • Is this true? • When did I start saying/believing this?

• Who taught me to say/believe this? Even if you don’t know the answers, asking these questions will allow awareness’s and insights to surface.

• I’m too independent for a relationship… • My guy will admire and respect my independence.

Step 3: See your beliefs for what they actually are

• No man wants to date a single mother…

Read the first statement in your list, then say, “Wow, that’ a very interesting point of view!” Continue in this manner with each statement that you listed.

• I’m not dating material because I’m too ___ (old, young, fat, thin, poor, rich, etc.)___...

You see every time you’ve heard information about men, dating, relationships and love in your past, you’ve aligned with it. Now, instead of agreeing with it, you just see it for what it is - an interesting point of view. When you stop aligning with your beliefs, I guarantee that you will experience much more of what you desire.

Step 5: Commit to your new affirmations

Step 4: Turn each of your negative statements into positive ones For example: • There are no great single men; they’re either married or gay… • There are tons of great single men and one that’s just right for me. • I attract men that treat me like dirt… • I attract men that treat me like gold. • Men can’t commit… • It’s easy to attract men that want to commit.

• The men I date love kids!

• My man will love me just the way I am.

The more your say, write or think your new statements, the more likely you are to re-wire your brain and even your nervous system. For the next month, commit to saying them daily, with passion, for 5 FULL minutes. That way, instead of being focused on what you fear, you are focused on what you desire. Good work! You are now allowing yourself to be all of you without conclusions, points of views and any other limiting thoughts or behaviors. By doing so, you are inviting magic into your life. Want free relationship advice right away? Take advantage of Tamara’s free 45-minute guidance session where you will finally get clarity and relief from your dating or relationship struggles. Whether you are single or are experiencing relationship upset, by clicking here, you no longer have to figure this out alone anymore. Yay!

Elle Magazine dubs Tamara Green, LCSW “The Soul-centered Love Expert.” She is an author, speaker and trainer, helping thousands of people to navigate the waters of love, dating and relationships – all while falling madly in love with themselves in the process. Trained as a Love Mentor® by Dr. Diana Kirschner, Individual and Couples Psychotherapist, Meditation Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Tamara’s coaching is highly effective as she combines her many years of professional training with her gifts as an energy healer, intuitive and seer. As a result, Tamara creates an exciting catalyst for deep emotional healing, giving her clients greater success in life and love. She has devoted her life to helping women rise out of pain and fear so they can finally experience the long lasting and loving relationship of their dreams. As well as working 1-on-1, Tamara offers free weekly meditation audios that take you on a journey of love with ease and joy. Join Tamara’s community at tamaragreen.me; Facebook facebook.com TGreenLoveExpert; youtube: youtube.com/channel/UC9MqTnZEJYNEpKnwrjsZ40A eydisauthenticliving.com 69

The Butterfly Moment What is a “Butterfly Moment?” There is an incredible “HAPPENING” that occurs when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The caterpillar is encapsulated by a cocoon of its own making. It is imprisoned in a state of total immobility and darkness. Understandably, it must be a time of pain, panic and despair. However, as a certain life force of “allowing” takes over, this creature instinctively “lets go and lets God” an incredible transformation occurs. It is a transformation and struggle that is totally personal. Scientist tell us that if you help a caterpillar by cutting it out of the cocoon it will die because this struggle pushes life giving energy deep into its growing wings. In other words, “no pain…no gain.” As life energies slowly break loose the caterpillar from the cocoon, an incredible moment occurs. This caterpillar has a realization. It is a moment when it finally understands that all of this pain, panic and despair were for a reason. The caterpillar is not what it thought it was! It is one of the most beautiful insects in the world… that can fly!

Can you think of a more “AHA!” moment that this?



John Schalter and Carrie Hall (married) are professional Life Coaches, who specializes in personal growth, relationship and career coaching. Their solution-focused coaching techniques offer a highly-personalized program tailored specifically to you. With compassion and understanding, they work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving.

Specialized Areas: • Personal Growth

• Confidence & Personal Power

• Professional Development

• Inner Peace

• Relationship Coaching

• Achieving Balance

• Communication Skills

• Health & Weight Issues

To hear more Butterfly Moments from John and Carrie, listen to Empower Radio, Tuesdays at 9:00 Eastern Time. To find out more about Quantum Leap Coaching go to butterflylifecoach.com or call 586.997.4357 10% of all proceeds are donated to the St Clair Butterfly Foundation where John sits as the Board President To find out more about the St Clair Butterfly Foundation visit stclairbutterflyfoundation.org


PATIENCE by Judith E. Lipson, M.A., LPC

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hat do you know about patience? Patience is the virtue that allows you to listen to your higher soul, attend to your inner voice, and bring integrity to your thinking and actions. Have you learned how to listen to your inner voice? Do you see how patience is required to do so accurately and effectively? Patience in action allows things to slow down. When you engage in an activity with patience you direct your mind to be in the moment and to address what is right before you. You have felt the world slow down, and when it does you resonate with that sensation. This is the experience of being in the now. Unfortunately, most people only know this experience (described as “time just stood still�), as the result of a very frightening crisis like a near traffic accident. The good news is that you can access this state of consciousness without a crisis, and therefore without anxiety. eydisauthenticliving.com 73

In our society, most people recognize that they function from a “monkey mind” – jumping from one thought to another – and proud of every opportunity to multitask (whether it’s effective or not). But when you slow your mind to focus on one thought or activity at a time you will note that your inner being becomes calmer and slower, which allows you to slow your outward movements as well. The irony is that the more you slow your mind, the more efficient your actions will be. The good news is that it is not hard to slow your mind and to hear your inner voice, but it does require practice because you are developing a new pattern. First, develop patience. Begin a practice of daily focus in the now. This can be meditation, prayer, movement, time in nature; it can even include chores – if you focus ON the chore and not on the monkey-mind that is excited to have been unleashed. Become increasingly aware of times that you squelch your message and replace it with what you believe you should say or do. My favorite analogy for this comes from the movie The Runaway Bride. Julia Roberts’ character had to finally determine how she likes her eggs (she formerly ate her eggs the same way that boyfriend did). Another example was portrayed more recently in the new FOX TV show Pitch. The lead character finally became empowered when she was reminded to listen to her own voice when determining who she wants to be and what she wants to do. Are you still not sure about hearing your own voice and discerning its truth? Check your inner compass as you listen to the messages of others that are being pushed upon you, or that you think might be your own. What do you think about it? What do you believe about it? 74 | Eydis Magazine

How does it make you feel? Does it help you feel nurtured and safe? How might others be affected? (This is not the only criterion, but in light of certain recent socio-political statements, I think it bears mentioning.) Were you provided information (so that you may make your own determination)? Or instructions (for what to think and what to do)? Another interesting consideration when you are striving to follow your own voice is to determine if you are avoiding shame. Shame in this context has been viewed as an evolutionary tool that encourages you to hide so as not to be kicked out of your community. In earlier times, to be kicked out would place you in danger of not surviving. This is not necessarily true today. Patience is a virtue that affects everyone. Your patience may even be strong when you relate to others, but different when patience is needed for yourself. The more you hear yourself, trust yourself, and follow your true self, the less angst you will experience about waiting for what is to come. If you have not yet begun the process to establish your own voice, think about what can be gained. You will feel more authentic, increase confidence, and may even achieve a change that you sense is coming. And since you are simultaneously working on patience, when you feel that urge to make the change, you won’t feel like you need it NOW. Judy Lipson is a licensed, professional counselor and educational strategist in West Bloomfield, MI. She helps clients of all ages who have learning difficulties, work or school related anxiety, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Contact Judy at 248.568.8665 and judylipson@ spiralwisdom.net, and visit SpiralWisdom.net for more information.

This article is for informational purposes and is not meant to replace medical care.

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rom a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by people, countries, and cultures. I spent many nights dreaming about traveling around the world, and living and working in exotic places. To date, I’ve been blessed to live and work in North America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. 76 | Eydis Magazine

our families, and want to belong. While living and working in Afghanistan a few years ago I was eating lunch with my dear colleague, Dr. Zelaikha, a Muslim physician who I shared an office with at the Ministry of Public Health. We were in the rose garden of the Ministry and suddenly there was a huge kaboom! It was louder than anything I’d ever heard, and soon I was receiving texts from my Head of Security informing me of a suicide bomb attack at the military hospital across the road. As soon as the bomb went off, Zelaikha was calling each member of her family to make sure they were all okay. Imagine being in a war zone for 30 years and worrying that all members of your family were safe! In that moment I realized how important family was to Zelaikha and many of the colleagues I worked with. I also realized that I would have done the same thing. This love of family is SO strong, it unites us regardless of race, religion, culture or ethnicity. Lesson 2: Be Yourself (regardless of who you are interacting with), and respect others who can’t

I’d like to share with you some of the peak adventures and lessons learned from my life journey so far in the hope that you will learn from and relate to them.

LESSONS LEARNED Lesson 1: We are all the same – We all want to be loved, respected, care about

I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in a variety of countries and cultures. I’ve interviewed and worked with sex-trade workers, government officials at all levels, health providers, students, eydisauthenticliving.com 77

Lesson 3: Appreciate the small things. Whenever I return from a developing country, I become aware of many things I often take for granted. I also notice how insignificant many of the things people complain about seem to be. Reflecting on past experiences, here are some things I am grateful for:

academics, leaders in the forprofit and not-for-profit sector ‌ . At one point in my career, I taught nurses and physicians different cultural beliefs and practices so they could more effectively and compassionately provide care to their patients from different countries and cultures. That said, when I let go of any preconceptions or worries regarding different cultural beliefs and practices, relax, and connect with people from the heart, respecting them and listening to their stories, they trust me and listen to what I have to offer regardless of background or culture. While planning a workshop in Pakistan with members of my technical team as well as several women from other organizations,

78 | Eydis Magazine

I recall one Muslim woman, in particular, being outspoken and actively contributing her suggestions and opinions in the all woman planning group. In contrast, during the workshop, the same woman in mixed company (men and women) seemed like a different person. She was demure and only shared her thoughts when directly spoken to. Initially, I found it challenging to accept that she could act so differently in a mixed group compared with the same sex group. Then I realized that was how she felt she needed to act to feel safe and secure. On reflection, I realize for many years I was similar to her, acting like a chameleon, observing the groups and environments I was in and adjusting my behavior to fit in. Do you relate?

Electricity, heat, and light; On a recent consulting mission the electricity was out for two days at the Ministry where I was working. I interviewed a number of people in a cold portable with the doors wide open and got chilled to the bone. Internet connectivity; when the electricity has challenges, the ability to connect with the internet is compromised. I keep in touch via Skype with family and friends and when I have no internet I am affected by the lack of connection. Clean water; In many developing countries, it is not safe to drink from the tap or to brush your teeth with tap water. It’s recommended to use bottled water. Clean and fresh air; Kabul is in a bowl, surrounded by mountains

that are deforested. There is a large amount of dust in the air, which gets into your lungs, plus a number of squatters have built their homes on the edge of the mountains and there are open sewers. You breathe in E. coli and who knows what else! I have had the misfortune of getting pneumonia twice while living and working in Afghanistan. Many people who work there get the “Kabul cough”. Freedom; the freedom to walk in the streets and in nature. In Afghanistan, I travel in a bulletproof vehicle with a personal bodyguard who is armed with a pistol and an AK47. I am unable to walk in the streets. On the rare occasion (e.g. on the outskirts of Kabul on prayer day), I may walk outside with my armed and flak-jacketed bodyguard by my side. What are you grateful for in your life?

Lesson 4: People who have the least (materially), give the most. I’ve noticed in my experiences with people in both the developed and developing world, those who are poor will give you almost anything they have, whereas those with wealth often give little or nothing of what they have to others. I lived in a small village in the mountains of northern Colombia in the late 1980s. At that time I was doing volunteer work for a peasant farmer organization working in two schools, one, a one-room school high up in the mountains. Many of the children walked barefoot for one hour to get to that school each day. The Campesino children would often bring me baskets they or their mothers had woven, or fresh eggs from their hens. I experienced something similar in Nepal. Have you had a similar experience? Has it influenced you and your giving?

PARTING WORDS I invite you to start your day with the belief that Life is an adventure to be lived to the fullest and notice what you notice. … Here’s to YOU and living life to the fullest! Pamela Thompson, BN, MSc. is a certified life & business coach, keynote speaker, facilitator, global health & management consultant, & author of the #1 Best Selling book “Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women”. She has a diverse background and experience as a nurse, university professor, project manager and consultant in 5 continents. Pam is passionate about supporting women to thrive in life and in business, and speaks and writes about balanced and mindful leadership. She is President of Creative Life Coaching - http:// creativelivingcommunity.com/ Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/pamela.thompson.52831 Business Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/CreativeLivingCommunity LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ pamthompson2009 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ WomensCoachPam


Our Sacred Ministry by John Schalter and Carrie Hall Schalter

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

Dear Friends, The blessings from John’s “Dance with Cancer” have been so fast and furious we felt compelled to add a part II to the last month’s article. The most recent lesson seems to be this “take whatever life gives you and make it your Sacred Ministry.” For John, Cancer has become a new platform for teaching and sharing. For example, John put together the below list as a tool of healing for himself and Carrie. However, by sharing it, other have benefited too. Email copies are circulating. Nurses at the hospital have asked permission to tape the list below in cancer patient waiting rooms. It seems that the world is indeed hungry for positive thought and direction! However, the bigger issue for me and you is, “how can I make all of my life a Sacred Ministry?” How can I make my current role as a father or mother, boss or employee, follower or leader… God’s work? Keep in mind, we are always, 100% of the time, teaching something anyway. When I feed my children, tip the waitress, say hello to the stranger in the elevator I am engaged in a Ministry. And when I bless my children’s food, put love in the tip to my waitress and connect with a stranger in the elevator, I am doing God’s work. 80 | Eydis Magazine

And in these instants and casual encounters…100% of the time we are changing the world. As Mother Teresa says, “small things with great love.” How great life is! How precious and incredible every second of our lives are! Ask yourself, “How can I make even the smallest tasks of my life a Sacred Ministry?” 10 Beliefs Guiding My “Dance with Cancer” • I am sincerely grateful for my current Dance with Cancer. It gives me great power, presence, and peace. It is the silent music that guides my each and every step. • I will use this experience to inspire me to love more, eat better food, exercise more and get more healing rest. • I will focus on all the love and blessings in my life and delight in watching them grow, expand and enrich myself and others. I am fully present in every moment. • I will use this experience to make me stronger, more compassionate and joyful. It is the silent music that guides each and every step.

• I will continue to be “the luckiest man on the planet” because it is the absolute truth and who I am. Circumstance change, I don’t.

In the meantime, always remember that “it all good” and “we are all too blessed to be stressed.”

• I will enthusiastically learn from this experience and eagerly ingest and share all that it has to teach me. • I will live life with a peaceful, playful and childlike curiosity, looking at everything with a sense of “wonder and wow” rather than “fear and friction.” • I will use this experience as an appointed, sacred ministry to enrich, teach and inspire everyone I meet. Even when no words are spoken. • I will vow that no one will leave my presence without feeling a new sense of connection, enrichment and empowerment. I am the change I wish to see in the world!

Peace and Prosperity, John and Carrie

• I vow to always be the most grateful, happy and loving person in the room. It will radiate from every cell of my body and beat of my heart. It is the silent music that guides each and every step. I am much too blessed to ever be stressed.

John and Carrie * are Life Coaches and available to help you with almost any life challenge. You can listen to their radio who called “The Butterfly Moment” on the Empower Radio Show to listen to their shows every Tuesday morning for archived on this website (empowerradio.com) If you would like to discuss private sessions call them at 248-568-7021. The first session is always free and their gift to you. You can email questions to jjschalter@gmail.com, or go to Butterflylifecoach.com.

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by Kate Sholonski


he simpler things are, the better I like it. One of my favorite reminders to live simply and joyfully is the acronym for JOY. Just Observe Yourself. Many of us have a habit of looking outside ourselves in search of joy. In fact, we often wait for joy to show up in our lives and accept overwhelm as being natural. We may believe when we meet our soul mate, land the perfect job, win the lottery, lose that extra weight or write the book that we’ve been thinking about for years, it is THEN we will experience JOY. 82 | Eydis Magazine

The truth is, joy is not outside of us at all, it is already resting within our hearts, waiting to be discovered, claimed and felt. When we pause long enough to simply look within and observe ourselves, we will see joy expressed, or we will see how joy is blocked. Either way, experiencing joy is the result of our thoughts and is not elusive at all.

I call this the JOY PRINCIPLE. So, here’s how you practice the JOY PRINCIPLE: At any given moment, check in and observe yourself. How do you feel? Are you resentful, angry, jealous, grateful, loving, excited, inspired,

current thoughts and actions or choose other thoughts that are better aligned with experiencing joy. Joy is a natural way of being. It is not only available to the fortunate ones. Joy is meant for each of us. We don’t have to earn joy or convince the universe that we are deserving of it. When we simply observe ourselves and learn if we are aligned with joy, or not, we then have the choice to make whatever adjustments are necessary so that JOY can not only be present in that moment but can be a way of life. As with any new skill, practice leads to mastery. The payoff of mastery in JUST OBSERVING YOURSELF is greater than any physical gift since we discover our access to JOY may only be a thought away.

or afraid? What are you thinking? Are you complaining in your mind about how someone else is not doing what you’d like them to do? Are you replaying an old story that always gets you upset? Are you looking into the future with fear? Perhaps you are dreaming about the future with excitement and a feeling of empowerment. Are you hooked into sadness, blame or anger due to the actions of others? Are you being forgiving or are you condemning? Are you harboring feelings of guilt? Are you holding yourself small and unimportant, or are you appreciating all the gifts and blessings that make up who you are? When we practice the simple act of just observing ourselves, we can then choose if we want to stick with our

Kate transitioned from a 28 year nursing career to life coaching and as a personal fulfillment workshop leader in 2001. After many years of coaching people from all walks of life, she and her business partner repeatedly heard requests from their clients to combine joy and fulfillment with leadership principles. It was that concept that led them to create their business, Triumph Leadership Group, where they focus on training teams from all sized businesses to build positive and productive cultures. Kate and her business partner, David Larson have co-authored two books, Wide Awake: Three Minutes a Day to an Inspired Life and Heartfelt Leadership: Creating a Culture of Connection. They believe when relationships don’t work, the business doesn’t work and that workers who share heartfelt connections will help business thrive on every level. eydisauthenticliving.com 83

by Dr. Kate Siner


rene Brown caused a big stir when she stood up and started talking about her own vulnerability. As she candidly put it in her TED talk, she did not think that she was supposed to feel vulnerable.Yet, she would discover she was actually missing out on some of the best parts 84 | Eydis Magazine

Learning To Be


It takes a lot of discipline to open up when you feel threatened, and that is just what vulnerability asks us to do. It asks us to let go of our pride –our need to be right—and open to the greater truth of ourselves, the other, and the situation. When we are vulnerable we lose the stranglehold of our lesser selves. Vulnerability requires that we are able to rely on a much deeper and stronger part of our self –one that is not caught up in our ego. My vulnerability and discipline are tested all the time! I often get myself into situations with other people in which I can feel myself armoring up. I feel judged, disrespected, and misunderstood. It does not matter what the specific situation is, really. Just that I can feel it coming on. This intense desire to protect myself -sometimes, at all cost. My heartbeat goes up, my muscles tense, my thoughts start running away, taking my rational self with them. I know that nothing good can come with this approach but, it is so automatic sometimes. Can you relate? It takes everything I’ve got to remember that my reaction is causing the problem, not protecting me from it. I remember I have nothing to lose but my pride and I let go. My breath deepens. My muscles soften. I can feel my heart open up. NOW, I can make something good happen.

of life—namely intimacy—by being unwilling to surrender to being vulnerable. I am so grateful for her efforts to make the world a little more real and a little more humane.

It is important to learn this skill of self-deEscalation. We are unable to develop real relationships that are deeply caring and intimate if we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable. If we need to pretend that we are not vulnerable, then our whole life becomes a charade. We have to work all the time to keep up appearances, which, by many paths, leads to misery. If you want to be happy, learn how to be vulnerable. eydisauthenticliving.com 85

Next time you find yourself in a situation with another person and you feel your auto-defense coming up and the pull of the irrational, black void, walk yourself through these steps. Wind yourself down in order to regain peace and promote progress through your vulnerability. 1. Recognize that you are triggered (i.e. having a reaction). 2. Stay conscious enough to minimize your reaction and not escalate the situation. 3. Remove yourself if necessary. 4. Let off steam if necessary. Vent, but recognize that your frustrations do not necessarily reflect the truth of the situation. 5. Look for the real reason you are upset (hint - it has little to do with the situation). 6. Give yourself love, understanding, and acceptance. 86 | Eydis Magazine

7. Tease out the parts of your experience that are blame, victimhood, and denial. Simply name them for what they are. 8. Give yourself love, understanding, and acceptance (You need to keep doing this). 9. Remember what you really, truly want to see happen with the other person in your interaction. 10. Re-approach from that perspective Dr. Kate Siner is an award-winning Entrepreneurial and Personal Development mentor, speaker, author, and radio show host. Kate has a PhD in Psychology and years of both clinical and coaching experience. Her passion is to help people move past whatever holds them back so that they may embrace all they can be. Kate has developed a series of successful, personal development programs, newest of which is LifeWork Virtual. Learn more at www.katesiner.com or contact admin@katesiner.com.

Have your dream interpreted by Kathryn and Patrick Andries, authors of the recently released Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed, and The Dream Doctor. Please send e-mail to: intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net. Learn more about their books at www.ozarkmt.com.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. –Gustave Haubert

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SIMPLY Spiritual

M A E R S D T E R E TH P EX Dear Dream Experts, I dreamt I was with my husband and we were talking to this lady. She was asking questions, and my husband Ron was answering them. He

Dear Dear Dream Expert, was giving great answers, so I told him “You are blowing me away!” The lady Lost, said she heard some noises around my husband and said “It’s probably those entities around that want to be your babies. I know you just had sex.” My husband agreed.

You desire to move through life in a balanced I dreamt that I was riding my friend’s bicycle. Sincerely, fashion (bicycle), but the method you are using It was hard for me to reach the pedals, and so Embarrassed is not appropriate. You realize that you need I fell off. I was needing to get to a restaurant, to gain some new knowledge (restaurant). You so I started walking. I saw a rowboat with oars Dear Embarrassed, begin to focus on your emotions (water) as you and got in it and started rowing. After a while, move through lifethat experiences (rowing). I realized I was lost. In the water,that I couldn’t find to (husband) You are focusing on a part of yourself you are committed and you your recognize this part of yourself is quite brilliant. There is another part ofknow yourself that you have notIidentified lady). if you canpoints describefor her your in one progress or two words. You(the have noSee reference any guideposts, so I didn’t what direction This (lady) part of yourself has something to do with inner listening (hearing the entities that want to become babies). Babies through your emotional experiences and so you was going. I felt confused. represent new ideas or new ways of being. You have set into motion the potential to create some new ideas (sex). These new ideas become disoriented. You never gain your new are getting your attention. Sincerely, knowledge. Lost

Kathryn and Patrick Andries are the dream experts. They are the authors of the recently released from Ozark Mountain Publishing, Naked Public: DreamofSymbols Revealed, Kathrynbook and Patrick Andries are the dream experts. Theyinare the authors the recently released and The Dream Doctor. If you would like a dream interpreted, please send it in the of an book from Ozark Mountain Publishing, Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed,body and The e-mail to: intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net. Learn more about their books at www.ozarkmt.com. Dream Doctor. If you would like a dream interpreted, please send it in the body of an e-mail to: intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net. Learn more about their books at www.ozarkmt.com. 92 | Eydis Magazine





Dear Dream Expert, My husband came home and told me he was going to have electrolysis done on his chin and lip. I told him I thought it was a crazy idea and that his hairs were so strong it wouldn’t work. He said he was going to do it anyway. We were in a group of people, and one man asked me if I was going to do electrolysis on my face also. I was embarrassed that he knew I was going to have electrolysis on my face, so I told him I was going to have it done on my legs, not my face. My husband said we needed to go to the appointment or we would be late. When we got there we were late, and so the man who was supposed to do it was gone. Sincerely, Hair No More Dear Hair No More, There is a part of you that desires to change how you identify yourself (face); however, you do not think that it will work. You feel that the thoughts (hairs) are so ingrained that it will be impossible to change them. The feminine (receptive) part of yourself feels embarrassment that there are thoughts of a more masculine (aggressive) nature (hair on face). There is some dishonesty within yourself about this. Your hesitation causes you miss an opportunity to make a change in your identity.


rick An and Pat n y r h t a by K

Dear Dream Expert, I dreamed that there was a group of dogs with me. A group of people were with me and we were at a type of gathering. I was playing with the dogs and enjoying them. A little cute dog, the size of a small puppy, jumped into the water. I noticed the dog was sinking and not coming up for air. I knew it was drowning, so I jumped into after it. I had to go down deep into the water and I was afraid I was going to drown, but I was able to grab the dog and come up. I set the dog down and it seemed he wasn’t breathing. I was sad, but then a minute later the dog was breathing. I was so happy I saved the dog. Sincerely, Doggie Lifeguard Dear Doggie Lifeguard, Your dream is about habits since dogs are the focal point of this dream and animals generally represent habits. To get a deeper understanding of the habit this dream is referring to, you need to identify what you think about these dogs. For example, if you associate the small dog with people pleasing, then this is the habitual part of yourself that you are saving. This habit is likely new since it looks like a puppy. It is being overwhelmed emotionally by your life experience (drowning). You are afraid of being overwhelmed as well. You are sad at the thought of losing this habit (dying) but are happy to discover that you have saved it.

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by Janette Stuart


uring this time of the year, especially in the United States and Canada, there is much publicity and focus on gratitude. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday of celebration in both countries. Families gather to enjoy a special meal and express

94 | Eydis Magazine

gratitude. What does gratitude really mean? According to Merriam-Webster gratitude is: “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.� Does gratitude only mean we are thankful for the good things that have occurred in our lives? Is it possible to feel gratitude for the

rough, scary or dire things that have occurred to us or our loved ones? I believe the answer is a resounding YES. Many cancer patients say that cancer was one of the biggest blessings in their life. How can that be? The reason is that cancer gave them a

relationship may be the end result of the difficulty. Having experienced these trials and tribulations and overcome them, we are able to live with a renewed sense of gratitude. I know this is true because all of these things have happened to me and my family. With love and grace, we were able to come out better afterward with an even deeper sense of gratitude. Zig Ziglar, the internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who passed in 2012, describes gratitude as “…the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” I love this description. It’s almost as if gratitude is like emotional dark chocolate; it’s the healthiest for us and our emotions. During my recent reading in “A Course in Miracles – Lesson 195,” the lesson states gratitude goes hand in hand with love. It is neither possible to have gratitude without love, nor to have love without gratitude. It also stated gratitude can only be sincere when it is joined with love.

new perspective on life and made them grateful for the simple pleasures that the healthy may take for granted each day. Bonnie Raitt’s song, “Nick of Time” poignantly states “life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste…”

A broken engagement, health scare, loss of a job, relationship, home or career are very difficult hurdles to overcome. Yet, in time, with a heart full of gratitude, it is possible to see the event as a gift. The gift of new opportunity for an improved situation or a better

In closing, dear one, I invite you to spend some time in quiet contemplation today pondering gratitude. What does gratitude mean for you in your life? A few ways to increase our level of gratitude is to review three things each night for which we are grateful. Start a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar. Put the jar in a spot where you will notice eydisauthenticliving.com 95

TAKEAWAYS ABOUT GRATITUDE: It is possible to express gratitude not only about the good events in our lives but also about the lessons learned in our lives. Some of our scariest events in life can elicit gratitude. Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more for which to feel grateful. Gratitude goes hand in hand with love. Gratitude can only be sincere when it is joined with love. It is not possible to have true gratitude without love. It is not possible to have true love without gratitude. 96 | Eydis Magazine

it every day. When something special occurs, write it on a piece of paper with the date and place it in the jar. At the end of the year, have a gratitude ceremony and review your gratitude items. Collect quotes and inspirational posters that touch your heart about gratitude. The more you focus on something, the more of it, you will find. I am grateful for each and every one of you who have taken the time out of your busy day to read this article. May you heart be blessed with love, joy, and peace. May gratitude flow to you each and every day. Feel free to reach out to janette@ angelangles.com and share your thoughts about gratitude with me. I am so grateful for the recent release of my first book, “On a Path of Joy,” which is now available on Amazon.com. You can learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/AAshoppage. I’m Janette Stuart, Founder of Angel Angles which is my labor of love. I have wanted to express my soul’s work in a more visible way and am

now devoting more time to Angel Angles since my retirement in 2015. Angel Angles exists to spread more love, joy and peace into the world. I have always loved to write, I write every day. I write longhand in several different journals as well as type electronically. I have always loved handwriting, the sending of cards and notes, the keeping of a journal or diary. My first book, “On a Path of Joy” will be available in September. I am thrilled. My hope is that the book will help the reader develop or enhance their relationship with their Creator. I am a grateful member of and core blogger for The Wellness Universe. The Wellness Universe is an evolutionary community of members who are positively impacting the world in one or more of the 7 areas of wellness. As a lifelong empath, I have experienced people’s feelings deeply. I have a deep compassion for my fellow man and love deeply. I choose to live a joy filled life each day and hope to help others do the same. Joy is my focus word for 2016. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband of 33 years, Mark, and our rescue boxer dog, Spike. We have a grown son, Max, who is happily serving in the Coast Guard. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor as well as an angelic practitioner. Besides writing, I am a lifelong learner, who reads daily, I also enjoy walking in nature, sky watching, cooking, RVing along the California Coast and visiting with friends and family. Some of my most requested recipes are Asian Chicken Salad and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Lynn Darmon PSYCHIC MEDIUM REIKI PRACTITIONER Lynn is a Psychic Medium born with clairvoyant, clairaudient and precognitive abilities. She first became aware of this gift at age five. As she grew older her abilities developed, receiving messages from the Other Side, first from family members who’d passed and then messages from loved ones of people around her. Lynn describes this gift of guidance from Spirit as “Second Sight.” During a reading, Lynn will take you on a journey from your past where she will peek into your childhood, to the present and offer you channeled guidance from Spirit as you continue on your Spiritual Path into your future. Serving as a conduit between the Spirit World and this world, Lynn conveys messages from those who have passed with the intention of providing validation, healing and further guidance to their loved ones here. Lynn has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, The Huffington Post, AOL, Yahoo News, The Oakland Press, The Detroit Jewish News, Eydis Magazine, MY Magazine, Body, Mind, Spirit Radio, the Lisa Bousson Show, and has been featured in the recently published book, “Everyday Oracles,” by Ann Bolinger-McQuade.

31224 Mulfordton • Ste. D • Farmington Hills • 248.860.1121 www.heavenswhisper.net • lynn@heavenswhisper.net Facebook: Medium Lynn Darmon SERVICES PROVIDED: In person • By phone • E-mail • Skype

• In home

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98 | Eydis Magazine


Silence by Sharon Carne

eydisauthenticliving.com 99


love driving through the mountains in the winter. Being in a gorgeous winter landscape is like being inside silence itself. The birds are quiet, the mountains are sleeping and the trees stand as sentinels of silence. And the silence, for me, leads to contemplation.

you might say - “What is under the silence?” and “What is waiting to be heard?” What my mind delivered to me were two categories of experience.

Have you ever noticed that when nature gives you a gift of silence, your mind always has a hidden agenda? The busy mind just can’t handle silence!

The first category was a deep appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding natural beauty that surrounded us on this journey through Roger’s Pass in the Canadian Rockies. And gratitude for the quiet, contemplative space this created in me.

So I gave my mind a couple of questions to ponder – a quest,

The other category consisted of all kinds of emotional ‘stuff’

100 | Eydis Magazine

that came to my awareness. Emotions have frequencies. Every emotion has a SOUND! This has been researched and documented by Manfred Clynes. He calls these sounds of emotions, Sentic Forms. Most of have a SYMPHONY of emotions BLARING at us constantly! This symphony is RARELY harmonious! Human beings are emotional beings. We call it being human. On my drive through the mountains, I noticed that as I continued to admire the

incredible landscape around me, that my feelings of awe and appreciation were DROWNING OUT the frequencies of the noisy emotional symphony! And I was left in a calm, harmonious state. Here’s some really good news! You don’t have to drive through a snowy Roger’s Pass to create a harmonious state. Gratitude is the LOUDEST emotional frequency! It DROWNS OUT the ongoing noisy symphony! Every time! You can shift your state to harmony in seconds!! Just think of something you are grateful for – a loved one – a flower – a Christmas cookie – a beautiful sunset – a tree... The list is endless! Then focus on your heart and really FEEL that gratitude. When you really feel the gratitude, then you shift into harmony. So many people are feeling disconnected. Consider the millions of people searching for a connection with others on the proliferation of dating websites. Or the billions of people connecting on social media sites. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. This outer search for connection reflects the need for deep, inner connection with ourselves. Throughout our evolution, sound has been a catalyst for increasing our awareness of this deep inner connection. It has also been a catalyst for connecting our communities.

Here’s some GOOD NEWS for you! You can NEVER lose your deep inner connection! It’s as much a part of you as your nose or your toes. You can FORGET about it, though. And the insidious symptoms of stress feed this forgetfulness. How do you know when you are connected to your soul or spiritual essence? Whenever you feel deep peace, joy, wonder, bliss, calm, compassion, love or happiness (for no particular reason) then you have just touched your soul. When you create moments during your day to create inner connection, you reduce or dissolve symptoms of stress. I encourage you to have a list of your favorite harmony moments, written or in your mind. Use them whenever you feel a sense of overwhelm, so you can return to sharing your passion and gifts with those who need them. And the cool thing? You can create harmony - anytime – anywhere. Sharon Carne is an author, speaker, musician, recording artist, sound healer, Reiki master, and consultant. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, whose programs are at the forefront of education in how sound and music can be easily applied to your everyday life - to reduce stress, help you concentrate, energize you, inspire you, support your health and so much more. www.soundwellness.com

Harmony Moments How can you create inner connection? The gratitude I mentioned earlier is a spectacular way to create inner connection. In addition to gratitude, here are some of my favorite, less than a minute, Harmony Moments: • take a deep, slow breath; take several deep, slow breaths • hum a favorite tune • I tap my favorite Tibetan singing bowl (One of the things the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl does is to reset the body to its natural state of harmony.) • sigh 2 or 3 vocalized sighs to stimulate the relaxation response • sing ahhhhh for a few moments, while focusing my awareness on what I’m grateful for. • smell a flower • stand in the grass with bare feet • listen to the birds singing eydisauthenticliving.com 101



102 | Eydis Magazine

by Pat Duckworth


utumn is well and truly with us now. The days are getting shorter, night is getting longer and it is getting cooler. This can be a time when you enjoy the glorious colors of the leaves on the trees and look forward to the chance to curl up in front of a cozy fire with a mug of hot chocolate. For some people, the approach of winter can bring on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a result of the changes in light levels during the winter months which causes an increase in the production of melatonin (the hormone that makes us sleepy at night) and a reduction of serotonin (the Happiness hormone). These changes disrupt your circadian rhythm which is your internal body clock that regulates important bodily functions such as appetite, digestion, sleep quality and mood. Symptoms of SAD include: •

Lack of energy and feeling sleepy during the day

Poor quality or interrupted sleep.

Loss of sex drive

Loss of pleasure or interest in normal activities


Mood swings, irritability and low mood

Cravings for carbohydrates leading to weight gain.

One way to boost your exposure to natural light and reduce the effect of SAD is to use a full spectrum light box. These lights provide summertime levels of light and have been shown to be effective in up to 85% of diagnosed cases of SAD. Light boxes are available from specialist retailers.

eydisauthenticliving.com 103

If you are experiencing mild symptoms there are other practical things you can do to improve your mood:


Take a 30-minute brisk walk outside around the middle of the day. The exercise will make you feel better and you can get the best of the daylight. Research has shown that a 15-minute walk can significantly reduce daytime snacking. The lead researcher, Prof Adrian Taylor, says: “People often find it difficult to cut down on their daily treats but this study shows that by taking 104 | Eydis Magazine

a short walk, they are able to regulate their intake by half.�


Boost your mood with healthy food. The food you eat can have a negative or positive effect on your mood and can increase or decrease mood swings. Some simple guidelines: For an energy boost include lean proteins in your diet such as cheese, milk, eggs, nuts, seeds, pulses, beans, fermented soy products (miso, tofu, and tempeh), white poultry and seafood.

Avoid eating simple carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, and sugary foods. These foods will cause your blood sugars to spike and fall rapidly causing mood swings. Instead, eat complex carbohydrates including vegetables and fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries can help to support the body to combat the effects of stress by inhibiting the release of cortisol into the blood system. Reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine suppresses the production of serotonin and

stresses your nervous system. Remember that caffeine is not just contained in coffee, it is also in black and green tea, chocolate and energy drinks. If the thought of not eating chocolate makes you feel sad, switch to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains polyphenols which are known to make you feel happier and relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Plus if you choose 70%+ cocoa solids it is much lower in sugar. Consider taking a vitamin supplement. At this time of year, you may need to supplement your diet with vitaminB12 and D. Vitamin D is predominantly made by your body when it is exposed to natural sunlight which is in shorter supply during the winter months. Low levels of Vitamin B12 in the blood have been linked to depression,

though the exact cause is still unknown. You can top up by eating fish, shellfish, fortified cereals, eggs, yogurt, and milk.


Maintain your social contact during the winter months. You may want to hibernate as soon as the colder weather sets in but people with strong social contacts tend to stay happier and healthier and cope better with life’s challenges. Being on social media is not sufficient so contact your friends and arrange a regular get together. If your friends live at a distance, could you enroll for an evening class or get involved in a hobby group?


Commit a random of act of kindness every day. Showing kindness and compassion to others is an excellent way of boosting your

own feelings of wellbeing and strengthening your emotional resilience. You could do something small such as smiling at a shop worker or colleague or giving a compliment. If you have time you could consider getting involved with a local charity or your community or church.


Do something that makes you smile or laugh for five minutes three times a day as this will help to boost your levels of serotonin and immunize you against stress. You could watch a funny video on YouTube or your favorite comedy on the television. But the best method is to have a laugh with a member of your family or a friend or colleague. If you are experiencing prolonged or intense symptoms of SAD it is important to consult your medical practitioner. For more information on SAD see http://www.sad.org.uk/ Pat Duckworth is a midlife coach, author, and international public speaker. After 30 years working in the public and voluntary sector, Pat discovered her entrepreneurial mojo in her mid-50s and retrained as a therapist and coach. Since then she has published three books including the award-winning, ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions’. Her fourth book, Hot Women Rock; How to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo, is published on October 4th. Pat is passionate about inspiring women to get the best from their lives, no matter what their age. Learn more athotwomencoolsolutions.com Twitter: @patduckworth Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ HWRentreprenuers/

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Wealth Consciousness Manifest your destiny


Happy? by Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®


ou may have heard that after people reach about $75,000 of income their happiness levels don’t increase merely by having more money. This research supports many people’s beliefs that what truly makes

108 | Eydis Magazine

us happy can’t be bought (at least after we have food on the table, a roof over our heads, and health care). But there’s a more complex answer to the age-old question of whether money can buy you happiness. Other research

suggests that, indeed, having more money can make you happier—but it depends on how you use it. It turns out spending on others gives you a bigger happiness boost than spending on yourself. This seems to hold true for people

This is about shifting from counting your money to counting with your money. Donations to charities, causes, and people who are important to you act as physical manifestations of your gratitude. You don’t have to be Bill and Melinda Gates or Oprah Winfrey to make a difference. Merriam-Webster defines philanthropy as “the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people.” We can all do that. The origins of the word “philanthropy” come from Greek philanthrōpos “loving people.” What a beautiful way to build your own prosperity and happiness—through sharing your resources with the vibe of love.

get that freebie. Why not shift your focus from getting gifts with purchases to giving them? I started this with our kids when they were young: with each new toy they brought into the house, they needed to donate an existing one. I do this now myself with clothes. I often joke that I need a “sleeveless dress buying intervention.” When you live in Chicago, you have a short sleeveless dress season, yet I keep finding ones I think are just so cute! So when I bring a new clothing item into my closet, I make sure to take at least one out to donate. Someone else will benefit and enjoy those things you no longer need or use. Remember to keep your receipt for tax purposes if you donate them to charity.

You are likely already a part of the 88 percent of people who donate to causes, institutions, and individuals needing help. Estimates on charitable giving say people give between 2.9 percent and 4.7 percent of their income to charities.

Support your friends in their acts of generosity. When your friends ask you to support a cause important to them, say yes! Say yes with your checkbook and wow them with your generosity. Instead of looking at this as an obligation, look at it as a way to support and honor the good work of people in your life.


all over the world. So whether you’re supporting your local food pantry, sending money to educate kids in another country, or taking a friend out to lunch, it’s likely to make you feel happier in the long run than buying this season’s “it bag.”

Give with purchase. You’ve probably experienced the fun of getting a “free gift” with a purchase at some point. Somehow getting a flowered cosmetic bag filled with strange shades of lipstick after you’ve purchased overpriced makeup seems like you’ve won a big prize. People will often buy more than they need just to

Give as you get. Seek out retailers and products that support charities. It might be a percentage of profits or physical items donated to charities. Newman’s Own food products, for example, donates all profits from the sales of its products to various worldwide charities. Toms Shoes donates a pair of shoes eydisauthenticliving.com 109

to a child in need for each pair purchased. Or perhaps you’re purchasing fair trade goods that support entrepreneurs around the world through companies such as Ten Thousand Villages or Global Girlfriend. This last one was started by Stacey Edgar to help women around the world gain economic security by providing great products and a way for people to both buy something beautiful and help a woman in need. Increase the velocity of your generosity—make giving part of your spending plan. Of course, simply giving cash to 110 | Eydis Magazine

causes you care about is one of the most direct ways to spend on others. Most people don’t proactively plan the amount of money they’ll donate or the individual charities they’ll support over the course of a year. Instead, they give when someone asks—sometimes out of inspiration and sometimes out of obligation. But there’s a real upside to being more deliberate. Just as saving systematically (through automatic deductions from your checking account) helps boost your savings ability, giving systematically can boost your Financial Happiness Quotient.

So consider setting up a “giving account.” It can be a simple savings account you use to accumulate money to be given away. Once you set up a giving account, you can turbocharge it by adding to it with a systematic transfer from your checking account. Each week, month, or quarter, authorize a percentage of your income to be moved into your giving account. Why a percentage? This will keep you giving a proportionate amount as your income (hopefully) increases or decreases. It’s easy to get thrown off by what initially sounds like a lot of money, so if you use a

percentage, you will be less likely to stop your giving when the numbers sound too big. Shortly after my husband and I started our giving account, one of our pet charities asked for a specific large donation. My first reaction was “Wow, that’s so much money!” I then realized they had three times that amount already sitting in their giving account! Another benefit of automatically funding your giving account is that it can support you in giving even when things feel tight. During the depths of the recession, people tightened up

significantly on their giving at the precise time charities saw their greatest need. When you stop giving because you are scared, you are putting a kink in the hose of prosperity flowing to you. I’m certainly not saying you should give more than you can afford, but I am suggesting that when you focus on others who are less fortunate, especially during tough times, you potentially create a positive and powerful loop. Here’s how it works: Your thoughts are focused on others’ problems and how you can help them (the “how you can help them” part is directly connected to your blessings). Because your thoughts are focused on your blessings, it’s impossible for your thoughts to be focused on your problems (your challenges).


This process brings more energy to your blessings—and helps you feel better along the way.

LET THE GOVERNMENT HELP YOU GIVE Your charitable giving may also give you a tax benefit. It’s like a gift with purchase from the government. You give to a qualified charity and the government lets you deduct part or all of your contribution on your taxes. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Your contribution must be made to a qualified charitable organization. So your nephew who needs some extra support is not a tax-deductible contribution. Neither are contributions to political organizations or candidates. Check IRS Publication 526 on the IRS.gov Web site for more information on qualified charitable organizations To deduct the contribution, you must file a tax return and itemize your deductions. If you get something in return for your contribution (like that spa package you won at the silent auction or the airline ticket you eydisauthenticliving.com 111

won in a raffle), you can deduct only the amount you contributed that exceeds the value of what you received. So if you spent $200 on a massage that was valued at $150, you can deduct $50 on your tax return. If you donate stock or other noncash items, your deduction is usually for the fair market value of your donation. So if you donate the car you bought for $15,000 ten years ago, you can deduct only the $3,000 it is now worth on your tax return. If you donate clothes or household items, they need to be in good usable condition to be eligible for deduction. IRS Publication 561 can help you determine the value. Remember to keep good records. If you contribute more than $250, you must have bank records, payroll deduction records, or an 112 | Eydis Magazine

acknowledgment from the qualified charity to be able to deduct the contribution. If you make noncash contributions (for stuff you gave away) in excess of $500, you have to complete a separate tax form. My husband and I were audited for our charitable contributions and were able to provide backup for each contribution made. Having good records made a potentially stressful situation much easier. If you give larger amounts of money ($1,000 or more) to certain charities, consider donating stocks or mutual funds that have grown in value. If you give stock to a charity, they have the ability to sell it without paying capital gains taxes. This will potentially save you money, because if you were to sell the stock, you would have to pay tax on your gain. Also, if you are giving large amounts of money, consider getting professional advice from an attorney, tax advisor, or financial advisor to help

you make sure you are getting all the tax benefits you deserve. There are many tax-saving strategies that can be used not only to help the charity but to help you and your family as well. One of the keys to being prosperous is to be intentional in your giving. Many people think that it takes some innate skill or years of study to be prosperous; this is a money myth. People who are great with money act in specific and intentional ways. The most essential practice that will help energize your ability to be great with money is the practice of giving and receiving. Ellen Rogin, CPA and CFP®, is an Abundance Activist® and author of the New York Times best seller, “Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.” Learn more about Ellen and her programs at. www.ellenrogin.com

Authors Page Feature Your Book info@eydisauthenticliving.com eydisauthenticliving.com 113

Healthy Living


G20 World Brain Mapping Initiative (Neuroscience/N-20) is Putting Brain Mapping on the top of Global Economic Issues The Society for Brain Mapping, Therapeutics, and Brain Mapping Foundation are propelling therapeutic advances in nanoneurosurgery, NanaoBioElectronics, Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Supercomputing and ‘cross-pollination’ among the

116 | Eydis Magazine

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USC Keck School of Medicine and the California Institute of Technology, which are now a global powerhouse in brain research, innovation, and technology.

bio-medical sciences and engineering world wide. “Think of Brain Mapping as a google map, the snapshot of earth being equivalent of the MRI. Now zoom down to

The Brain Mapping Foundation’s main focus is to advance crosspollination of ideas across the physical sciences, neuroscience and the biological sciences Dr. Babak Kateb, (Chairman of SBMT, President of BMF and scientific director of California Neurosurgical Institite) at the East through conventions, Room of the White House with president Barak Obama when he publications and global announced BRAIN initiative on April 2nd 2013. initiatives and consortia. SBMT and BMF also seek to further establish and the cities, which represents fund the National Center for a Functional MRI, then zoom NanoBioElectronics (NCNBE), to on the roads, which represent promote the rapid integration brain connectomics. If you of nanotechnology, devices, zoom down further you will imaging, Artificial Intelligence, see the cars, which represent Super-computing, Predictive brain cells and people in the car modeling, immunotherapy, represent brain genomics and cellular and stem cell nanoscale structures” explains therapy with the specific aim Dr. Babak Kateb, Founding of introducing advanced Chairman of the Board of SBMT, diagnostics and therapeutics. Scientific Director of California Neurosurgical Institute. Since 2004 both organizations The science of brain have played a vital role in mapping and the field of President Obama’s BRAIN nanoneurosurgery have made Initiative—the SBMT members notable advances in recent and its board members had years due in part to the efforts long advocated for and later of the Society for Brain Mapping advised the National Institutes & Therapeutics (SBMT) and of Health (NIH), The White the Brain Mapping Foundation Office Science Technology (BMF). The society and the and Policy (OSTP), DARPA and foundation were launched as NSF on the initiative—and the a collaboration among the G20 +/Neuroscience20+ Brain eydisauthenticliving.com 117

The SBMT Awards Committee presents the Pioneer in Healthcare Technology Innovations Award to X2 Biosystems CEO Dr. John Ralston. Left to right: Drs. Evgeny Tsimerinov; Vicky Yamamoto, Harry Kloor, John Ralston, Ken Green; Babak Kateb.

Mapping and Therapeutics Initiative. Currently, SBMT is focused on establishing the Global Alliance for Nano-BioElectronics through its G20+ Brain Mapping & Therapeutics Initiative/Neuroscience-20 and shaping policies in the fields of translational neuroscience and pushing the boundaries of science and technology by introducing emerging fields to scientists, engineers, and physicians. For example in 2013 SBMT and BMF published the inaugural textbook of Nanoneuroscience and Nanoneurosurgery followed by 2016 textbook of Neurophotonics and Brain Mapping. 118 | Eydis Magazine

In this regard, BMF and SBMT have established significant ties with international partners across the G20 Summit members. In 2016 (The third Annual) G20/ N20 World Brain Mapping and Therapeutics gathering took place in the beautiful city of Chongqing. Which led to the formation of SBMT-China. Drs. Yao Lu, Shu- Min Duan, HauDong Zhou and Yan-Jian Wang are now taking the lead to further expand the SBMT China including new workshops and scientific meetings as well as publications and fellowships.

technologies from NASA, National Labs, and industry into neurosurgery and neuroscience, to bring the most advanced medicine to patients with neurological disorders,” Dr. Vicky Yamamoto, Cancer Scientist at USC-Keck School of Medicine and Executive Director of SBMT said. “The foundation is supporting basic and clinical scientists who are interested in brain mapping, engineering and nanoneurosurgery, and related areas, to improve patients’ diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.”

“The BMF’s mission is to translate state-of-the-art

The SBMT focuses principally on brain mapping (pre,

per and postoperatively) and therapeutics including genomics, neurophotonics and nanoneurosurgery. SBMT pursues its mission through multidisciplinary collaborations with government agencies, patient advocacy groups, educational institutes and industry, as well as philanthropic organizations. “The BMF supports the society’s collaborative efforts and related activities both nationally and globally,” Dr. Ken Green, Vice President of Brain Mapping Foundation. The BMF also has humanitarian arm called: Global Physicians and Scientists (GPS), which aimed at mobilizing physicians, surgeons, and scientists to serve for a few weeks in poor, rural areas in the United States and abroad. “GPS now uses SBMT’s national and international

centers and global network of near 120,000 scientists, engineers and physicians as their bases and networks of operations,” Dr. Kateb explained.


The society has been on the forefront of a broad educational agenda since its founding. Besides hosting world congresses, symposia and meetings, and advising on brain policy through its “Brain Mapping Day” at the US Congress, SBMT also offers fellowships, facilitates a visiting scholars program, and operates an awards program. The awards program identifies the most important scientific, clinical, engineering and policy contributions to the brainmapping field. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was twice

recognized for her dedication to raising awareness of neurotrauma, and for her role in healthcare reform. Senators Ted Kennedy, Hary Reid and Barbara Boxer as well as Congressmen: Andy Harris, McMorris Rodgers, Blumenauer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are also amongst the recipient of this prestigious Pioneer in Healthcare policy award. The SBMT presented Dr. Bennet Omalu, who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in former football players, its Pioneer in Medicine award at its recent 2016 annual conference in Miami. The society has Beacon of Courage and Dedication award, which is aimed at scientists, patients and or patient family members who have shed light the neurological disorders with their leadership and heroism. Professor Steven Hawking and two times Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman are amongst the recipients of this prestigious award.

“SBMT has been formulating global policies which could rapidly help scientists, integrate, translate and commercialize advanced diagnostics and therapeutics; we do have facilitated such interactions by bringing neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, radiologist, engineers, cellular and molecular biologists, psychiatrists, physicist, nanotechnologists, stem cell scientists and oncologists together annually and globally”

SBMT strongly believe in educational outreach. One of the programs the Society is pushing forward includes student chapters and a K-12 neuroscience program to promote interest in brain mapping and therapeutics.

–Aaron Filler, MD, Ph.D., JD (Ret. Lt. Colonel US Army Reserve-Neurosurgeon) The society and the 13th President (2015-16) of Society BMF are also active on for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics the publishing front. eydisauthenticliving.com 119

HOW COULD SCIENTISTS, ENGINEERS, AND PHYSICIANS GET INVOLVED IN SBMT AND THE N20+ BRAIN MAPPING & THERAPEUTICS INITIATIVE The society invites neurosurgeons and their colleagues to explore involvement opportunities in the SBMT’s G20 World Brain Mapping Initiative. SBMT members, could participate in forming national and international symposia, be part of the science committee of the 2017 World Congress for Brain Mapping in Dubai, participate in 12 committees such as: CME, Science and technology, Credentialing, membership, Brain Policy and legislative affairs, help advocating advance funding support for translational medicine through our Brain Mapping Day at the US Congress, Parliaments of G20 Countries: Turkey, Canada and Australia.

120 | Eydis Magazine

The organizations supported a series of special issue publications in NeuroImage, a peer-reviewed journal covering pioneering and game-changing research on neuroimaging, nanoneurosurgery, robotics, neurophotonics, mathematical modeling/predictive modeling in cancer, supercomputing, functional neurosurgery. In 2010 The society established the first multidisciplinary journal in partnership with PLOS ONE called NeuroMapping & Therapeutics Collection.BMF and SBMT also played a major role in publishing the inaugural Textbook of Nanoneuroscience and Nanoneurosurgery and the inaugural Textbook of Neurophotonics and Brain Mapping (CRC Press, Taylor, and Francis Group). The BMF funds multidisciplinary translation research in several areas. In recent years, for example, the BMF has supported research on the potential for using NASA/ UV Imaging cameras used to explore for supernova in the operating room, using NASAJPL “Carbon-nanotubes” to advance personalized drug delivery to brain tumor, and using infrared thermography for intraoperative brain tumors mapping as well as advance neurophotonics for intraoperative tumor delineation. SBMT is one of the most collaborative organizations in

the world. The organization has developed numerous partnerships and Joint CME sponsorship conventions and courses over the last decade. In addition to the AANS, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine (ISMRM), the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI), among many others, SBMT has established relationships with more than 200 educational and research institutions worldwide. The organization also has established connections with an ever-growing list of biotech, pharmaceuticals, and device manufacturer (near 5000 of them worldwide). The 3rd annual G20 World Brain Mapping & Therapeutics Scientific Summit, held in Chongqing, China in 2016, included leading brain-mapping experts (above) from the U.S, Australia, Japan, Turkey and the Middle East, as well as other G20 members’ scientists, engineers, and physicians. Drs. Yao Lu, Shu- Min Duan, HauDong Zhou and Yan-Jian Wang were the leading organizers.

For information about the initiative, visit www.worldbrainmapping.org. Membership details are available at http://www. worldbrainmapping.org/uncategorised/ membership. Additional questions may be directed to Dr. Vicky Yamamoto, SBMT’s executive director, at Vicky.Yamamoto@ worldbrainmapping.org


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Get Your Happy On! Ways Ways to to create create a a longer longer happier happier existence existence

•• Meditate/Quiet Meditate/Quiet your your mind mind

•• Focus Focus on on Fitness Fitness

•• Eat Eat proportionally/Don’t proportionally/Don’t over over eat eat

•• Have Have date date night night

•• Turn Turn off off the the TV TV

•• Get Get Social/Girl Social/Girl talk talk

•• Drink Drink in in Moderation Moderation •• Have Have fun! fun!

124 | Eydis Magazine

y a d i l o HURVIVAL S

E D I U G ll

u by Liz B

eydisauthenticliving.com 125


o question, the holidays are here! If you believe WalMart, Christmas starts in September... but I digress. Eating healthy is a challenge for many of us... especially so during the holiday season. Stress can lead to overeating and overdrinking. If you dread the holidays, rethink them. They should not put you into debt, make you feel anxious or force you to do things out of obligation. It is totally OK (and your right!) to say NO to activities and “extras” that are stressful. The world WILL keep turning even if you don’t go to that party...or have a tree that Martha Stewart would envy... or make handmade gifts for

126 | Eydis Magazine

everyone in the neighborhood... or participate in 25 cookieexchanges....or recreate the traditional historically correct holiday tea from Christiana Campbell’s tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. No one will die. Trust me. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the holidays without the prospect of New Year’s remorse.

happens. You could try having only one kind of stuffing instead of three. If Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without Aunt Mollie’s Super Fluffy Coconut Dream Cake, by all means, enjoy the treat... especially if she only makes it for Thanksgiving. On the other hand, she might be tired of making it and thrilled to make something else...like sweet potato pie...or something with fruit.

Plan your meals to include the special holiday items.... but, first, analyze them. Do you really enjoy them? Or is it just tradition? Could you adapt the recipe? Personally, I prefer mashed sweet potatoes without the marshmallows. You could leave them off and see what

Avoid drinking your calories. Remember that the buzz can also lead to poor eating choices. A glass of wine - 80150 calories; beer - 140-200 calories; shots - 150-200 calories; mixed drinks... oohla-la.. 300 - 800 calories.... and eggnog 440-540 calories.

Bring a healthy dish to parties. That way, you KNOW that there will be something you can eat without derailing. And, you will be amazed at how popular healthier options are. If bringing something is not appropriate, consider eating before the party. Then you can spend the party socializing instead of balancing your drink and plate. Learn the art of the gentle decline. It’s inevitable. You will be encouraged to eat things that are not on your eating plan, to eat more than you want, to eat things you just don’t like under any circumstances. Here are some handy phrases: “ Oh, thank you. Those look so good...and I’m saving room for some (fill in the blank).” or “Thanks so much. I am just stuffed! May I take some togo?” or “Thanks. I just can’t eat another bit right now.... perhaps later.” or “Thanks for offering. I don’t want to hurt your feelings. Truthfully, I’ve never cared for (fill in the blank) and they don’t seem to like me much either.”

Remember, it is NOT your job or obligation to make anyone happy at the expense of your health. Leftovers! What to do? For many of us, just being around food makes us run the risk of overeating. Have a plan for leftovers. Have a plan for those huge cookie platters and gift boxes of candy that guests will bring. It is best to deal with leftovers right away. Wrap them up and freeze them for use in future meals ( like ham cubes for quiche or soup). Makeup to-go boxes for your guests. Dollar stores have those boxes; keep them on hand. If Aunt Mollie’s Super Fluffy Coconut Dream Cake is your undoing, be sure to use this strategy. Ditto for any other food that “calls” to you. Re-gifting gift baskets, cookies, and candies help spread the holiday cheer. Check with your local senior center, homeless shelter, food bank. Holiday treats may not be within their budget.

Consider that holidays are about reconnecting with people you love. Make some new traditions! Meet family/ friends for something active... like sledding, skating, snowball battles... or walking the neighborhood enjoying holiday lights. Watch holiday movies. Play board games. Offer healthy snacks, for sure, but take the focus off the food. And finally, I believe that special treats are for special days. Plum Pudding is for Christmas, right? Latkes are for Hannukah, right? So keep them special. And, remember that a holiday is a holy-DAY, not a holy-MONTH. Liz Bull helps women (and brave men!) who are fed up with weight loss programs that don’t work to finally get a body and a life they love. She is dedicated to busting up the myths, misconceptions and misinformation about obesity. With her innovative signature program she works with her clients to release their limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears, and helps them tap into their natural abilities and their bodies’ wisdom, making weight loss easy and safe. A Medical Intuitive, Master Theta Healer and Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner , Liz has long been fascinated by the important role mind, body, and beliefs play in our lives. Her other studies and certifications include EFT, Psych-K, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, QiGong, NLP and Transcendental Meditation. She has transferred her successful healing/mindset work with businesswomen to the arena of weight loss because she has experienced first-hand the havoc and misery that obesity creates not only for the sufferer but for their families. www.lizbull.com eydisauthenticliving.com 127

128 | Eydis Magazine



here’s a fine line between waiting too long between meals and snacking all day to curb your hunger. Waiting too long can cause you to overeat during your mealtimes because you’re ravenous – and grazing all day can lead to mindless or habitual eating that could cause over-eating, especially when you’re still eating full meals at meal times. The fine line – the sweet spot – is figuring out your unique way of snacking smart and being prepared. Here are three tips to get you there… Hunger vs. Habit. Check in with yourself and notice if you are reaching for a snack out of actual hunger or habit. Do you reach for a snack during that 3 pm slump at the office, purely out of boredom? If it’s boredom you’re trying to cure rather than hunger – take a 10-minute break to enjoy a short walk around the office or neighborhood to curb your boredom. Fill the gaps with snacks. Since a large part of the population finds it difficult to fit in all of their fruits and veggies each day, use snack times to fill those gaps.

Remember it’s important to always include protein, good carbohydrates mostly from fruit & veggies (unlimited raw or lightly cooked), good fats (EFA’s.) and all combined in the right balance. Example, avocado or nut butter alone is high in fat and calories. Have the avocado on top of a thick slice of tomato is better. Enjoy the nut butter with a small green apple or with celery sticks. A balanced snack to provide even energy so your body can release the fat versus adding more. Here are a few of my favorites homemade snacks: •

Apple with 2 TBLS almond butter (use only 1 TBLS if you are trying to lose weight)

Celery with 3-4 TBLS of hummus – find a brand that has 2 or more grams protein, add or make your own high protein hummus.

1 cup chopped vegetables with 2-3 TBLS black bean dip

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup berries or a small apple eydisauthenticliving.com 129

Avocado-Tomato Stack: 1/2 large avocado sliced, large tomato sliced, basil leaves. Layer avocado inbetween thick slices tomato with a basil leaf & season with sea salt & cracked pepper. Just yummy!

130 | Eydis Magazine

½ banana & ½ cup 2% cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon

1 hard-boiled egg with celery or zucchini sticks-eat the whole egg.

Lettuce wraps or spring rolls in rice paper with 2 ounces or ½ cup crumbled tofu, shredded carrots (or red/ yellow peppers & zucchini) & sprouts.

Carrots with 1 cup roasted chickpeas. To roast chickpeas, use 2 15 oz cans organic garbanzo beans, drained, rinsed and dried well. Toss in 1-2 tablespoons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1/2 teaspoon sea or Celtic salt. Spread single layer on pan and roast at 400′ until crispy on the outside or about 20-30 minutes. Eat fresh from the oven or sprinkle or toss with 2-4 tablespoons of your favorite

seasonings or spices like finely chopped fresh herbs, chili powder, curry powder, cumin, smoked paprika rosemary, thyme, or other spices and herbs. Preparation. Once you experiment and find your favorite healthy snacks, keep them within reach. Have a snack stored in your desk, car, purse, and gym bag so that you are never without a healthy snack when you need it. I also like to have some prepackaged snacks for those emergency snacking times (and sometimes to just make it easier for me. Here are my favorite packaged but healthy snacks: • MySmart Bars protein bars. MySmart Bars are my go-to because, they high in protein, low-zero sugar and taste like a sweet treat, not a protein bar. They are easy to have at home, in my purse/car, my desk drawer or while on the go. Want more information on these, just reach out. • Harvest SnapPea Crisps. These are just yummy, have a decent amount of protein, low sugar/sodium/carb and have that salty crunch when I have a savory snack attack.

Beanitos Chips. Corn-free, gluten-free, no MSG, lowglycemic, high fiber and yummy. The restaurant style is the best and made with white bean and sea salt. These are great with a small side of healthy salsa, guacamole or hummus.

If at all possible, making your snacks feel more like a treat may help you enjoy them even more. Make time to snack, even if it’s only a few minutes. Enjoy your snack on a plate or in a bowl to slow down and eat more mindfully.


Having a tall glass of water when you feel the urge to snack will help keep you hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can cause you to crave unhealthy foods and to feel hungry when you’re just thirsty. So keep your hydration levels up and you’ll be feeling great in no time! Now go enjoy a good snack and share with me your favorite, healthy snacks. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Advocate for Living Lives We Love Everyday—Happy, Healthy & Energized! Email: cindy@cindynunnery.com Website: cindynunnery.com Like/Follow My Facebook Page: Facebook.com/poweredbynutrition Follow Me: @cindynunnery Get Linked with Me: linkedin.com/in/cindynunnery eydisauthenticliving.com 131

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