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By Tamara Green you are feeling stuck because you are trying to ignore your own inner wisdom to leave. If you stay, then you are out of integrity to yourself and to him. In fact, you’d be holding both of you back from the future partners with whom you are meant to be. And do you really think that he and his family would want you to stay if you feel that you are sacrificing yourself? I doubt it.

Do I Stay or Do I Go? TAMARA’S QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Whatever is not in your highest good is also not in the highest good of others.” —Tamara Green, LCSW

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Dear Tamara, I’m at a place in my life where I need to make a very big decision. For the last five years, I’ve known that my partner is not right for me romantically. However, I believe that it would crush him if I leave the relationship. I love him dearly, but I’m not in love with him. It feels easiest for me to stay, but I feel like I’m sacrificing myself if I do. However, we have a very nice time together. I also love his family. I’m closer to them than my own parents and siblings. I would miss him and his family terribly if I leave. Please help me with my dilemma.

Be brave and honest by telling him how you feel. Let him know about your dilemma. Set yourself (and him) free by saying goodbye. It’s usually the scariest things we do in life that create the most personal growth and freedom. I know you’ll do great and be fine. Good luck and please let us know how that goes. Lovingly, Tamara

Dear Stuck,

Elle Magazine dubs Tamara Green, LCSW “The Soul-centered Love Expert.” She is an author, speaker and trainer, helping thousands of people to navigate the waters of love, dating and relationships – all while falling madly in love with themselves in the process. Trained as a Love Mentor®, Individual and Couples Psychotherapist, Meditation Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Tamara’s coaching is highly effective as she combines her many years of professional training with her gifts as an energy healer, intuitive and seer. As a result, Tamara creates an exciting catalyst for deep emotional healing, giving her clients greater success in life and love. She has devoted her life to helping women rise out of pain and fear so they can finally experience the long lasting and loving relationship of their dreams. As well as working 1-on1, Tamara offers free weekly meditation audios that take you on a journey of love with ease and joy.

It’s time to go. You are not doing yourself (or him) any favors by staying in this relationship. It’s clear that

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