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Kit Kat Free No Wi-Fi Zone Pulling the Plug to Find A Little Quiet


The Challenge/Insight: The world is becoming one big Wi-Fi zone. Wi-Fi is available in almost everywhere including bars, restaurants, trains, airports and supermarkets. As a result of this, people are constantly online and are starting to feel the need to go and just enjoy offline life again. Kit Kat exploited this unmet consumer need brilliantly in Amsterdam and decided to press the stop button to ensure that people can take pleasure from the real things for a little while.

The Idea: Kit Kat created a Free No Wi-Fi Zone that invited passers-by to a technology break at without WiFi zones throughout the downtown area in Amsterdam. In a 5 meter radius, Kit Kat blocked all signals so people could escape e-mails, updates, likes and other digital distractions. Instead, they could enjoy a good old newspaper. Some even had a genuine conversation - while munching on a Kit Kat of course. The Free No Wi-Fi Zone was placed in different busy locations in Amsterdam and was marked by a red sign and a public bench. Most importantly, the idea matched perfectly with Kit Kat‟s slogan “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”.

The Impact: Although Kit Kat gave people a short and sweet little break from their digital lives, they noticed that the idea started a conversation - both online and offline - about the possibility and desire for places where you can disconnect.

LESSON FOR MARS: - Offering an escape from the digital world is a clever way to connect with busy consumers. Meanwhile, consumers may be more likely to remember a campaign which invites them to stop and take a break from the usual. - Enabling consumers to experience the brand promise through different channels can have positive impact on the brand equity. Kit Kat using secondary media to CHOCOLATE reinforce its TVMETA message is a great MARKETING example for that.

Coca-Cola Project Crazy for Good If Doing Good is Crazy, Then Go Crazy


Etganen (“GoCrazy”)

The Challenge/Insight: Coca-Cola has always been the icon of happiness, but it needed a new campaign idea to get consumers excited about its social happiness platform again. Based around the insight that we are fast becoming a society with growing levels of selfishness and losing intrinsic values such as kindness and concern for others, Coca-Cola decided to urge people to become better citizens by doing good things for others. Egypt has lately been through a lot of things including the revolution, economic recession and other unfortunate events.

The Idea: “Crazy for good” is a global movement, launched in January 2013. The whole idea revolves around performing random acts of kindness to complete strangers, which is often considered crazy. The campaign was launched in Egypt with one of the largest Out-Of-Home campaigns ever to hit the country showing heroes performing random acts of kindness. On the same day, two main 1 minute copies and two 30 seconds cut downs went on air on both local and satellite channels. In addition, a radio ad and a longer 2 minute TVC were launched to give consumers a special treat. The fourth channel to be activated was social media which went live with the “#Etganen” (“#GoCrazy”) hashtag calling people to show their crazy side and announce what they are doing for good. The movement was pushed to the next level through ambient branding in big shopping malls and on buses by giving people ideas for simple acts that they can do on the spot to be kinder to each other.

The Impact: Thanks to its digital nature, the campaign reached thousands of people instantly. The campaign‟s YouTube video got more than 3.5 million views. In the first week of launch, the #Etganen hashtag was used 25,000 times, which led to 250% increase in Coca-Cola Egypt‟s Twitter followers.

LESSON FOR MARS: - It is important for brands to stand for a specific social role, as it drives brand loyalty in the long run. - Social channels present brands with a broad array of media opportunities to engage and establish a dialogue with consumers. - Giving people the option to express themselves in both languages (Arabic and English) is important in Arabic speaking countries. META


Ceres Fruit Juice Pokes Fun at Its Competitor Apple vs. Blackberry – May the Best Fruit Win

The Challenge/Insight:

Visuals: Liqui Fruit

Ceres Fruit Juice

Ceres Fruit Juice, one of South Africa‟s most beloved home-grown brands, was facing stiff competition from another South African brand called Liqui Fruit, which rolled out a limited edition Blackberry flavor. In its campaign for Blackberry flavor, Liqui Fruit played on the cell phone brand and invited people to enter a drawing to win 3 BlackBerry handsets. The challenge for Ceres Fruit Juice was to react to Liqui as soon as possible and gain back consumers‟ attention with a catchy campaign idea. To do that, Ceres Fruit Juice went after BlackBerry‟s biggest competitor in the smartphone category – Apple.

The Idea: In March 2013, Ceres Fruit Juice took a cheeky approach to the Liqui Fruit‟s “Blackberry” campaign and introduced limited edition 200 ml Apple packs with a “Think different. Drink different” campaign. The packs looked exactly like Apple‟s iPhone and were even put in Apple-style boxes. As part of the launch, Ceres released an exciting interactive online game that gave people the chance to win one of seven iPhone 5 handsets. The Angry Birds-style game of apples and blackberries called Apple Mania , consist of the Ceres Limited Edition Apple clearing the valley of all sneaky blackberries by shooting apples at the competitor.

The Impact: Ceres Fruit Juice‟s Apple-style disruptive campaign instantly attracted many and received massive media coverage.

LESSON FOR MARS: - An innovative use of comparative advertising can generate a big spike of media coverage and talkability of the brand. - Gamification plays an important role for online brand interaction. - Twist on conventional packaging creates shopper cut through. META CHOCOLATE MARKETING

Sarelle Goes After Mom-to-be Your Child Eats What You Eat

The Challenge/Insight:


The Turkish chocolate cream brand Sarelle, owned by Sanset Gida, is historically known for its 100% natural ingredients and rich mixture of hazelnuts. In 2013, Sarelle decided to do something different than its conventional, product-focused communication. The insight was that expectant moms tend to eat healthier foods throughout their pregnancy, as they believe their unborn child can get all the nutrition through what they eat. Based around this insight, Sarelle connected with pregnant moms on an emotional level and got them to consume Sarelle for the love of their little ones.

The Idea: The creative idea revolved around the relationship between expectant moms and their unborn children in their mother‟s tummy and reminded moms that their little one‟s health is in their hands, as their food choices directly affect their little ones. Three TV copies were created, in which the expectant mom and the 3D caricaturized image of her baby were at a picnic, at a supermarket and at a doctor check-up, respectively. In the first two copies, the child impatiently asked for more Sarelle, which almost no mom would say no to. In the third copy, the doctor told the mom her son was very healthy and active, which was implicitly linked to Sarelle. Overall, the ads aimed to communicate that Sarelle is a healthy food option for both expectant moms and their babies.

The Impact: Consumer responses online seem to be mixed. While some found the ads smart and funny, some found them a little unrealistic and even annoying. However, no business results in the market yet.

LESSON FOR MARS: - Sarelle manages to come up with a strong consumer insight on expectant moms, which helps the brand connect with its consumers emotionally. - Clear emphasis on the brand role is equally important as having a strong consumer insight. Unfortunately, in an attempt to dramatize the consumer insight, Sarelle missed the opportunity to communicate clearly what‟s in it for consumers. META


GLAD undertook an initiative to provide free meals to needy children in Africa for every GLAD pack purchased. THE Challenge & INSIGHT Ramadan is a time for compassion and charity where people are in the mindset for gifting food to the needy. GLAD undertook an initiative to provide free meals to needy children in Africa for every GLAD pack purchased. The challenge was to create point of sale communication that would encourage participation from the people without making an extra effort.

THE IDEA GLAD thought it is the best opportunity to extend their brand values from keeping good food, good to doing good for the society. They created a special installation in prominent supermarkets and hypermarkets that surprised people. Every time someone pulled out a GLAD pack, the empty tunnel space revealed the lit face of a smiling child, in a way saying a personal „thank you‟.


Accomplishments by the end of Ramadan: 20,000 free meals were distributed to underprivileged children while the people who participated were left with a sense of contribution. The brand witnessed 31% increase in sales value during Ramadan vs 2011, 42% of category users associated GLAD with its true brand values.


Mars can create a distinctive path-to-purchase that can catch consumers off guard and surprise them just like GLAD‟s special installation Understanding shopper attitudes and behaviors is crucial in creating a roadmap that generates traffic in their direction META


DOVE Men - A very public display of affection – The men who shared their love with the millions THE Challenge & INSIGHT Men in this region are always portrayed as hard, manly men. Believing that “Real Men Care and they show it” Dove, historically a female brand, was launching Dove Men+Care, a new range that targets men. Their objective was to enable men to show that there was more to them than this Macho stereotype and raise awareness of the new Dove Men+Care range.

THE IDEA They found over 300 men in Dubai and gave them the chance to show their loved ones how much they mean to them. They then selected 3 to share their message with the world. They set up the activation in cinemas across Dubai. Each man brought his wife, who didn‟t know what was about to happen. Before the film started, their husbands came on the screen, in front of the entire cinema they opened their hearts and thanked their loved ones for all they do for them and the joy they bring.

THE IMPACT The YouTube film has reached 2,089,384 views with 415 likes and only 49 dislikes. YouTube video statistics show the Top Demographic being Male 35-44yrs. To date the film has reached 4.7million social media impressions. More importantly they reassured men that it's ok to show their caring side in Public. ard=4


MARS can use the emotional appeal in order to engage with audience and create occasions, for example consumers can gift their loved ones chocolate bar and share their feelings with the world (Say it with Galaxy) With the limited reach generated from Cinemas, Digital made it viral and expanded the reach. The campaign generated 2M views in 3 months, equivalent to 3.5M impressions per month. META


AXE WINGMAN has pushed the boundaries on the kind of content that can be created on social media. THE Challenge & INSIGHT With Valentines approaching, Axe saw this is an opportunity to help its male fans in the Gulf get dates. In a region where it's taboo to talk about hooking up, AXE decided to sing about it. Many men tend to undervalue one of the most crucial things about Valentines; popping the question: "Will you be my Valentine?" If a man asks a woman out in an unforgettable way, he'll make a big impression… even before the actual date.

THE IDEA In Axe‟s words: “Tell us on Facebook about the girl you want to be your Valentine and we'll write, record, and shoot a personalized song for you in 4 hours. Share it with her before Valentine's arrives, and you'll make a big impression on her before the actual date. Unforgettable and personal, it'll be the best "Will you be my Valentine” she ever received.”

THE IMPACT In only 2 weeks, the Axe Middle East fan page grew by 20,000 fans. Over 70,000 unique users engaged with us on Facebook resulting in a viral reach of over 1.3 million Impressions. Music videos got over 200,000 views on YouTube, a huge success considering the campaign only ran in the Gulf. The campaign has generated unprecedented positive sentiment not only from fans, but from many blogs and magazines around the world. Best of all, they managed to hook up 8 of their fans with the women they love, and their reactions to their efforts were unbelievable.


Axe have used social media to build deeper customer relationships and despite using taboo subjects it generated 1.3 million impressions on Facebook and 200k views on YouTube in 1 month equivalent to 1M impressions in Gulf Consumers are more CHOCOLATE comfortable MARKETING when it comes to discussing/engaging in taboo topics through digital platforms META

MAXIBON’S BIG BITE - The Bite of Liberation became everything teens needed to beat whoever & whatever stand in their way THE Challenge & INSIGHT Maxibon, has launched in Egypt during the holy month of Ramadan that has been coming earlier in the year and hitting their key summer season, causing Ice Cream sales to drop. So Maxibon decided to target their over-sized product towards teens who are hungry for life . Hence, they positioned the Maxibon eaters as those who can bite the maximum out of fun. THE IDEA Maxibon turns to teens and instead of reaching out to them, they made them come to them. They Positioned Maxibon big bite as their “Liberation of the Constant Oppression” they are facing from their parents. Maxibon hit on the trend they‟re loving the most these days “Electro Shaaby music” which is a new style of cult music that has become very popular amongst them, yet not accepted by their parents.

THE IMPACT In less than a month, the ads received 1 million views on YouTube. Consumers created fan pages & videos. Twitter users started tweeting their Maxibon addiction. Newspapers referred to Maxibon as one of the best campaigns in Ramadan. Maxibon Big Bite became pop culture where the songs & lyrics became a necessity in every electro shaaby event. More than 10 Djs remixed their song. The ad reached out to soccer fans that generated a video, spoofing the match‟s story & receiving almost 2 million YouTube Views.


Maxibon‟s example show that great paid content such as the TVC can drive earned reach through Youtube Focusing on video (TV & OLV), the most consumed media in the season, and perfecting the communication to get noticed The campaign generated 1M views less than a month, equivalent to 5M impressions META


Jazeera Airlines Facebook App Get your picture featured in the 2013 Jazeera Airlines Online Calendar.


The Challenge/Insight: Jazeera Airlines has a diverse geographical presence. While the brand has a close connect with it‟s customers offline, it wanted to put in place a more personalized approach to connect with its current and potential new customers in the online arena.

The Idea: Travellers go to different parts of the world and they bring back special memories in the form of photos. To capitalize on this insight, we created a Facebook application for Jazeera Airlines that would enable its customer to be in the limelight, all year long. Thus, keeping AlJazeera brand top of mind. The Facebook activity required customers to upload their best travel picture on the Jazeera Airline‟s Facebook app. & garner as many votes for the picture. This is enabled by asking friends & family to hit the “Like” button. The pictures that received the maximum votes were featured in the 2013 Jazeera Airlines Online Calendar. The Application was promoted via Post promotions and Social Ad‟s.

The Impact: The activity was implemented based on the location and interests of the targeted users. A meteoric rise in Facebook fan growth was observed as the number rose to 40,528 fans within a month (Oct – Nov 2012) of launching the activity with 467 submissions. The activity has helped the brand deepen its relationship with its customers and encourage them to fly more with Jazeera Airlines.

LESSON FOR MARS: -Leveraging a consumer insight is extremely powerful when translated online. META CHOCOLATErates MARKETING -Brand saliency & engagement on social are high when building on a relevant idea such as sharing travel pictures.

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