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Your World, Your Vision Ernst & Young Student Competition January 2011

What is the Your World, Your Vision competition? ► ► ► ► ►

It’s about how you, as a student, can make a difference in your community – your way It’s a great way to have fun, be creative and make a positive impact It empowers you to connect with Ernst & Young people and with something that’s important to you It’s different from other competitions you may have heard about You are competing directly against the best universities in North America

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Your World, Your Vision

How does Your World, Your Vision work? ►

You’ll form a team on your campus and create a proposal for a program that will have a significant impact on your community

Your proposal must be focused on at least one of these three topics: ► ► ►

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Environmental sustainability Education Entrepreneurship

Your World, Your Vision

Our community engagement approach ►

The “three E’s” ►

Environmental sustainability ►

Entrepreneurship ►

We team with various organizations to recognize and award entrepreneurs whose purpose is to address social challenges with their businesses

Education ►

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Our approach is simple—create programs that benefit both the environment and the community

We strive to make a difference with our education initiatives in the community

Your World, Your Vision

Forming your team ►

Eligible students ► ►

► ► ►

1st year through 4th years All members of the team have to or intend to be accounting majors (aspire to be CAs) and must be current students.

Each team must have at least five members Team members must attend the same university and be current, active students at the university Only one team per University can enter the final National challenge

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Your World, Your Vision

Past winners ►

University of Calgary ►

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities ►

A local after-school program designed to empower students to plan for a long-term, fulfilling and successful career, rather than simply getting a job that immediately meets their needs after high school

ITESM, Campus Estado México ►

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A non-profit started by students at the University of Minnesota, designed to introduce underprivileged kids to entrepreneurship, employment skills and college career planning

University of Southern California ►

An initiative to implement a community naturalization garden, used to educate at the elementary school, produce sustainable food and empower entrepreneurship in an underserved community in Northeast Calgary

An initiative to build biodigestors locally which convert animal waste to fuel, decreasing harmful gases, health risks and fertilizer costs while also producing lower cost energy Your World, Your Vision

Judging criteria ►

Entries will be evaluated with the following in mind ► ► ► ► ► ►

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Creativity and innovation Your proposal’s impact on the community Your proposal’s link to one of the three pillars of community engagement at Ernst & Young Clarity of communication exhibited in the proposal Thoroughness in the plan i.e. timeline, budget, etc. Feasibility

Your World, Your Vision

The prizes ►

The three winning teams in North America will receive $10,000 in cash in order to execute their proposals ►

Winners will be announced March 2011

All teams will receive guidance from their respective Ernst & Young Advisors regarding the execution of their ideas

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Your World, Your Vision

Your Ernst & Young Advisor ►

Your Ernst & Young Advisors will help your team during the competition by:

offering advice, insight and other tips leveraging other Ernst & Young resources in your community staying connected to Ernst & Young

Your advisors for York University are:

► ►

► ► ►

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Michael Shelsen Daria Levko Anna Vendrov

Your World, Your Vision

The In-School Competition

In-School Competition ► ► ► ►

This year student groups will compete internally first and a winner will go National to represent York Every group will create a written proposal of 3-4 pages or up to 10 slides From the proposals, three finalists will be selected to compete for National representation (representing York) The three finalists will take their proposals further (execution-ready) and each make a final presentation in a board room to the panel of judges at EY Tower downtown Toronto ►

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$250 local cash prize for the team that wins at York to go toward executing the plan or giving to a charity that supports the spirit of the plan Your World, Your Vision

Competition Guidelines ►

Proposals: ► ► ►

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Word – maximum 4 pages PowerPoint – maximum 10 slides All submissions will be made via email to the EY Advisors

Your World, Your Vision

Competition Guidelines ►

Final Entries: ► ► ►

Word – maximum 6 pages PowerPoint – maximum 15 slides All submissions must be in English and must include: ► ► ► ► ► ► ►

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University name & contact details of all members Major and year of each team member The pillar addressed – education, environment, entrepreneurship Timeline for execution Budget Succinct summary of plan Annual reporting process on status of project

Your World, Your Vision

Competition Timeline ►

January 5, 2011 – On campus information session led by EY Reps

January 25, 2011 – Deadline for initial proposals (3-4 pages or 10 slides)

January 28, 2011 – Three finalists announced

February 11, 2011 – Final presentations at EY Tower and winner announced

February 24, 2011 – York submission finalized and submitted nationally

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Your World, Your Vision

Questions? ► ► ►

Ask your Regional Contacts, Ernst & Young Advisors or Campus Recruiter Visit for details and frequently asked questions Visit

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Your World, Your Vision

2011 York U - Your World, Your Vision Presentation  

2011 York U - Your World, Your Vision Presentation

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