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BASTARDS! THE BOSSHOSS FROM BERLIN When you thought of cowboys, you most probably imagined the typical wild west scenario of John Wayne riding off into the prairie. Times, however, are a-changing.


The new cowboys come from Berlin Mississippi and they take us on a different kind of ride. Getting together in 2004, The BossHoss created right from the outset their own unique and independent style, combining their hit writing ability with indisputably original and surprising LEADING THE PACK: Boss & Hoss about Rock & Fashion page 4/5

reworkings of great songs important in their own musical background. The result was INTERNASHVILLE URBAN HYMNS, an album which has attained platinum status in Germany so far. Followed by the even more successful pieces of work, RODEO RADIO, STALLION BATTALION and DO OR DIE, The BossHoss established themselves as a Top 5 band enjoying tremendous live success. Hundreds of thousands ock to their shows and festivals each year. You BERLIN WITH THE BOSSHOSS: The cowboys and their metropolis highlights page 8/9

might now think, this is a special German phenomenon ... but after more than 100 shows in the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain etc. we can guarantee: The BossHoss are a band in fashion for the global community. Some like the country style, some like it rock! But they all love the cowboys from Berlin: Boss, Hoss, Guss, Russ, Hank, Frank and Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana are no product of the designing music industry. They invented themselves WELCOME TO INTERNASHVILLE: From Bilbao to Vancouver: The BossHoss are always on the go. page 10

and created a style that does not ďŹ t in any preconceived frameworks or common moulds. They just do what they want and stay on their course. In this way similar to John and his comrades in the past. In 2010 The BossHoss will once again move ahead: LOW VOLTAGE is their new album which brings together all their greatest songs in totally new arrangements. For all who know them The BossHoss will even surpass all they have done before. For all others around the world it might be a real and awakening surprise. But one thing is for sure: They will once again prove and underline their reputation as the GLORIOUS BASTARDS !











BOSS AND HOSS ABOUT ROCK, FASHION AND THE BEST TUNE FOR TOUGH TIMES. 5 years, 5 albums, 5 awards: The BossHoss are an established Rockb(r)and in central Europe. We made it personal and met the bandleaders Boss and Hoss for a talk.

ders but also travel the world to spread the word, wherever a lost soul needs a helping hand in finding the right way back to the flock of rock! Hallelujah!

5 years of success. Did you expect things to come as they did ?

It all started in Berlin. What is so special here in BossHoss City ?

No, never. It’s unbelievable. On the one hand: it feels like we just started yesterday, on the other: we´ve been working hard, we still are and we always will, to succeed in our mission to keep rock’n’roll alive! We’ve always been playing in bands, long before TBH but we never imagined playing a role as a top 5 band in Germany, selling more than 500.000 records and playing for more than xyz000 people a year! If you would have told us so 5 years ago, we would have called you a liar!

Berlin is the place to be. It´s a creative mix of cultures and people from all over the world. And for us the most important thing about Berlin: It is the freest city in Germany, Europe and the world (or what we have seen of it so far…). Berlin is the town of the towns and our home. Berlin gives you all you need to be creative.

When we started the whole thing we didn’t think about forming a band, giving concerts or anything else. We just did it for fun, just for having a good time and now thousands of people join us at our shows. You can’t forsee things like that.

Now a new decade is dawning. Looking back and ahead, what are the greatest challenges for creative artists these days ?

Since times are changing very fast nowadays due to the www and the new media, it is important – more than ever – to stay authentic, true to yourself and to be original, because it´s the only thing that ANY WORK can’t be imitaAnd the biggest REQUIRES CREATIVITY! ted by others. surprise ? BOTH, MUSIC AND FASHION, There are a lot ARE PART OF (THE) SHOW of copycats and Since we live BUSINESS. freeloaders out in Germany, there these days this is our and you can only be outstanding main playground and market. when you love what you’re doing That´s how it started- that´s and when you have passion what we expected. But very for your work. Then you will fast it washed over to Austria create something vital and in and Switzerland. some way special, that, you can We hadn’t planned so but TBH then use to take advantage of the became an internationally technical evolution we all are sought after band. exposed to. With gigs and tours in the UK , Canada, Italy, Spain, the And do you think in this way Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, music and fashion have similar Latvia, Turkey… TBH not only scenarios/tasks ? cross and combine musical bor-

Any work requires creativity! Both, music and fashion, are part of (the) show business. If you wanna ‘show’ people something special or new, you gotta inspire and delight them. That’s what we have in common. No show- no go! You always have to define yourself in a new way. Is fashion something that you gives you a kick ? Fashion is everywhere. Style is something that is essential for every artist ... Not that couture stuff of course. With so much talk about crisis these days: How does this influence your music ? It doesn’t influence our music in general. We just keep on doing what we’ ve always been doing. Music triggers emotions. No matter if you feel good or bad, there´s always a song that picks you up or appeals to you. People need good and real music, especially when they feel down and

blue. Also an authentic and real performer they can hold on to – not a fake industrially designed mayfly. Your next album is scheduled for March ? What makes it different ? Realness. All killers – no fillers! The best songs of our last 5 years in beautiful new attire. Played acoustically and „unplugged“ featuring the German Film Orchestra of Babelsberg and a groovy diamond brass section from Berlin, Mississippi. Very powerful! Sounds like the upcoming soundtrack of the next James Bond Movie. So far central Europe is your main turf ? Will that change ? Slowly but surely! The longer we exist, the more we come to the attention of new people and countries. We can´t keep our music from the rest of the world any longer! WE’RE BORN READY! TCB!


TAKE 5! FASHION PROFESSIONALS WITH THEIR PERSONAL VIEW ON THE BOSSHOSS. Kati Eismann Erler / Marketing Director eastpack Germany: When and where did you meet the cowboys ? I met them for the first time in 2004, back in the days, when I was a A&R Manager at Universal Music in Berlin. They invited me to a concert to convince me to set up a record deal.… I went there without knowing what to expect….and… What was your first impression ? “rrrrrrrr…..” I fell in love (-; and was overwhelmed by the dynamic, power and entertainment of the cowboys. I have never seen something like that before. I wanted to work for and with them. And I did. Could you imagine that they would achieve such success ? YES. I was absolutely convinced of a bright future – but to be honest, nobody could expect such a long lasting success, as they were not just building a short term trend, even more they created a complete own niche, where they are the bosses. I am very proud of the men!

Do you have a favourite BossHoss Song ? I cannot choose. They are too many faves. Right now: “Last Day”. And what separates these men from the boys ? They are just real men. They are no fake-popstars. They do what they want. They observe, think, fight and win.

Karl-Heinz Müller / Managing Direc-

tor BBB:

Cowboys at the BBB ? How did this all come about ? Aren’t we all cowboys at heart and are looking for the wild and free in life? Seriously, when we started planning The Original Sin Saloon, which will be the meeting point for our international guests, I had a creative mixture of the huge beer festival tents in Munich and a Cowboy saloon in mind. The result is an amazing location - down to earth but rough at the same time, presenting great catering and music program throughout the three days of

HATS, SHIRTS & ROCK’N’ROLL THE BOSSHOSS ARE MORE THAN JUST MUSIC Rock’n’Roll has always been a trigger for new and individual fashion. Consequently The BossHoss offer their fan community a range of style products in their Trashville Store. And from the beginning on, the feedback was overwhelming. Tens of thousands of BossHoss shirts are ordered year by year. But that’s by far not all: The store is nowadays also one of the biggest retailers of cowboy hats in Germany.



BREAD & BUTTER. The Original Sin Saloon will host the traditional B&B Opening Party on January 19th, and The BossHoss guys will be the perfect performers to heat up the international fashion crowd!

What´s favourite BossHoss Song ? I really like the cover version of the classic „Word Up“ originally by Cameo – the band interprets and performs this song very individually and pays respectfully credit to the original version.

Is rock-culture a perfect fit for today’s fashion ? Well, music and fashion have always been linked together; they are both personal ways to express individuality and creativity. They always reflect the contemporary lifestyle of a time. The fashion segment we cover at BREAD & BUTTER is Streetand Urbanwear, which is everything you can see out there in an urban environment, where every style, every combination is possible. That can go from girls wearing a cool dress with flowers but also them combining rough working boots and jeans. Rock culture in Urbanwear definitely has a place!

And what separates these men from the boys ? Men should have the guts to stand up for what they believe in life, be down to earth, party hard and work better and keep their promises. And never stand still. Rock on!

And is Berlin a great prairie for creative success ? Berlin is great, Berlin is a playground, where many things are possible. Berlin is looked at from all over the world; it is the place to be right now. For the creative scene Berlin is one of the most attractive locations worldwide. The city offers an inexhaustible creativity; it is always moving, international and versatile, factors that advance the development of innovation and creativity. Berlin is authentic, it’s honest and realistic. For me, Berlin is the only city with the potential of becoming the leading fashion metropolis for the young, progressive segment in Europe.

Thomas Sabo / Designer & Managing Director:

The BossHoss gain plenty mileage by adeptly toying with more than one cliché. What makes them then so unique ? A mix that no other ban has – country, rock, dance floor all in one. Very international but still true to their German roots. You recently saw them live? Please give us your impressions in just 5 words ! I could not stand still! Are these guys rebels at heart ? Yes – rock & roll poets! Do you have a favourite BossHoss Song ? Stallion Battalion. And what seperates these men from the boys ? The cowboy hats.

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