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Find out what the future holds for Harpenden


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Harpenden news updates Check out the Harpendia web site daily FOR THESE LIVE STORIES £800,000 increase in funding for Harpenden’s new Sports/Arts/Theatre complexes from SADC, following ideas from local residents. Extensive work has started on Harpenden’s new secondary School ahead of Planning Application. Will

archeological remains be found? Emergency lifesaving facility is now available to the people of Harpenden 24 hours a day thanks to the Defibrillator from the Rotary Foundation now at Harpenden Trust Hall in Southdown. Coming soon...the Herts 10k run. Rennie Grove Hospice Care’s flagship fundraising event returns to the county this autumn for its twelfth year. Sunday 8 Oct.

Rothamsted scientists report: Scientific opinion divided on the feasibility of the “4 per 1000” goal to sequester carbon in soil and slow climate change. Judge rejects SADC’s LEGAL CHALLENGE on development of the Strategic Local Plan, leaving the future of the district in disarray. READ THE COUNCIL STATEMENT ON THE HARPENDIA WEB SITE

From the Editor. AUGUST 2017. Harpenden is enduring a very cool and wet July/August. Typical summer weather being absent for ‘Classics on the Common’ resulting in reduced attendance. Our thanks to Rotary in Harpenden and all their volunteers for such a great event. This edition of the Magazine focuses on what the future holds for Harpenden with the exception of the Strategic Local Plan. Having been rejected all the key issues on housing and infrastructure remain unknown. We all await some positive thinking and realistic new well thought through ideas from St Albans District Council. I hope you enjoy reading this edition with contributions from Harpenden people and business.

Ron Taylor.

ASKING THE SCHOOL HEAD Tony Smith (centre)


What the new secondary school in Harpenden should look like. The Katherine Warington School.

Detailed planning application for a new secondary school (6 forms of entry) (1150 pupils aged 11-18) to be constructed on land north of Lower Luton Road/east of Common Lane in Harpenden. Due for submission Autumn 2017. Followed by public consultation with expected approval by early 2018.





Sports Hall to be built first, starting March 2018 and be completed in Sept 2018 ready for first intake of pupils to be educated there. Ongoing building of school continues through 2019.

High Tech Features • Low energy lighting GREEN = retained farm land. RED = utilising LED technology School land for buildings and playing with intelligent daylight fields and occupancy regulated control • Generous daylight (without glare and overheating), natural ventilation and a high effi ciency thermal fabric. • Roof mounted Photovoltaic panels to generate clean onsite renewable power • Limit overheating with solar control glass • Minimise water usage with appropriate sanitary ware and water conservation measures SITE PLAN

Southdown Pharmacy to Remain Open? By Amanda Thomas.

“Use us or lose us!” says Graham Phillips, owner of the Manor Pharmacies in Harpenden, Wheathampstead and Southdown. For some time Phillips has been thinking about closing the Southdown branch but the angry response from local residents has caused him to reconsider. Despite the government’s stance that no community should lose its local pharmacy, and Southdown’s catchment of some 12,000 customers, the shop has not been given protected status and is the victim of government funding cuts. In October 2016 the Department of Health introduced the Pharmacy Access Scheme, the aim of which was to protect local NHS pharmacy services. According to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), eligibility to the scheme is determined by three factors: “1. The pharmacy is more than a mile away from its nearest pharmacy (measured by road distance); 2. The pharmacy is on the pharmaceutical list as at 1 September 2016; 3. The pharmacy is not in the top 25% largest pharmacies by dispensing volume.”

The Manor Pharmacy in Southdown is less than a mile away from the other chemists in Harpenden High Street but also, because there is no GP surgery nearby, there is simply no passing trade to make up prescriptions, the bulk of most chemists’ business. Phillips explained that when he first started out as a second generation pharmacist in St Albans in 1986, only 40% of their business came from the NHS. Now it is 90% and so it is easy to see why the government’s stance is so frustrating.

Graham Phillips owner of Manor Pharmacies, photograph by Amanda Thomas. Article continues on next page...

Article concludes According to the PSNC the current consolidation of government funding for pharmacies equates to a £113 million reduction for 2016/17, a reduction of 4% compared to 2015/16; by the same comparison a further drop in funding levels in 2017/18 will see a reduction of some 7.5%. In addition to this, the lease on the Southdown shop is up for renewal and whist Phillips is now minded to renew it, the cost has increased. An additional squeeze is being felt from online services and supermarkets who are able to sell items such as toiletries more cost effectively. Prescriptions services are also now available online making the high street chemist’s job even harder. “They don’t provide the range of services we provide,” commented Phillips, “and I’ve got real concerns about their safety.” The internet is a double-edged sword because whilst electronic improvements such as the EPS have helped facilitate the dispensing of repeat prescriptions, online services such as Pharmacy2U, a free NHS prescription reminder and delivery service, have the potential to cut out the high street chemist altogether. Pharmacy2U and its sister brand, ChemistDirect are also NHS contracted and offer a wide range of facilities

at the touch of a button, including an online doctor. Such online facilities also have a habit of going wrong and they can never replace the face-to-face contact the high street chemist has always provided. Despite this, Phillips fears independent pharmacies will eventually disappear. This is a sentiment shared by Stephen Fishwick of the National Pharmacy Association, who commented to Harpendia: “If the pharmacy in Southdown is staying open, that is wonderful news for the local community, which came out in such force to demonstrate against its possible closure. But the owner’s predicament goes to show that these vital services can’t be taken for granted, and it’s important that people get behind their neighbourhood pharmacies and make good use of the services on offer. The threat from funding cuts has certainly not gone away. The government should stop seeing pharmacies as a cost burden and instead liberate their potential for relieving pressure on the heavily-laden NHS.”

The future of Manor Pharmacy Southdown still hangs in the balance but Phillips was keen to reiterate, “We are hoping to stay open – please support us!”

Left. A screen shot of the Pharmacy2U web site.

Southdown residents will determine where the future lies for their local pharmacy

Diamonds – A Short History

and Canada, to name but a few. In some localities, terrain, temperatures, or even political unrest can make extraction of diamond extremely difficult.

By Cathryn Hillcoat FGA DGA. Owner at The Gem Agent

This can be seen noticeably in places such as Canada, where some diamond pipes are found under frozen lakes, or in Russia where the harsh permafrost forces mining companies to devise new ways to access the diamond pipes, for instance, using jet engines to blast holes in the permafrost!

Ancient finds of diamonds occurred mainly in India, as early as 800-600BC. India was the main locality in the World until around 1725, when diamonds were found in Brazil. These early finds were all alluvial, in other words, found alongside rivers or dried-up river beds. Alluvial deposits of diamonds are considered as “secondary deposits”, as they have been transported away from the primary deposit, the place where diamond first rests as it surfaces from inside the earth. Alluvial diamonds were found for the first time in South Africa in 1866/7, but It wasn’t until a few years later that diamonds were discovered in a “primary deposit”, at a place named “New Rush” and later renamed Kimberley. The mine is wellknown as “The Big Hole”. Diamonds have also been found in many other different countries: Russia, Australia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana

It’s no wonder that diamonds have captivated people for centuries. Diamonds possess some unique properties in comparison to other gemstones. Besides rarity, beauty, durability and acceptability that all materials must possess to be considered a “gemstone”, diamonds possess unparalleled brilliance (the degree of brightness) and fire (flashes of spectral colour). To maximise brilliance and fire in a diamond, one of the Four C’s is particularly important – Cut. The other C’s are Colour, Clarity and Carat.

If you would like to find out more about the Four C’s, please contact Mitchel at Loveweds.

Loveweds. The diamond ring experts in Harpenden. Choosing a ring is a lot more than just looking and trying them on; it’s all about ensuring that the gold for the band is of the highest quality; the mount will hold the diamonds securely in place and the diamonds possess the qualities described in the editorial above. Mitchel Barres said “Our connections in Hatton Garden ensure that all the diamonds we use for our engagement and eternity rings are sourced from the most trusted and reliable merchants. We check the provenance and quality before they are crafted into rings to guarantee you have the best diamonds for the price.”

69c High St, Harpenden, AL5 2SL. 01582 761866 Open Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm

Tempted to learn more about the history of diamonds then Loveweds suggest reading ‘KOH - I - NOOR ‘The History of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond’ Available now at Harpenden Books SPECIAL OFFER TO HARPENDIA READERS from Harpenden Books. Save £2 off the normal price KOH-I-NOOR £16.99 when you mention ‘Harpendia’ to the staff. Harpenden Books. 48 High St, Harpenden   Above. Dancing celestial divinity, Chandela, Utter Pradesh, 12th century. In many ancient Indian courts, jewellery rather than clothing was the principal form of adornment and a visible sign of court hierarchy, with strict rules being laid down to establish which rank of courtier could wear which gem in which setting. ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gift of Florence and Herbert Irving, 2015 Below from Loveweds. Custom made to order in 18ct White gold comprising a pair of matching round brilliant cut White diamonds with pave set shoulders.

Left. Front cover of KOH-I - NOOR. Some reviews:”As taught and richly embroidered as a great novel...A masterpiece of nuanced writing and research” Daily Telegraph. Dazzling...Dalrymple is a master storyteller. Max Hastings. Sunday Times

Go to The Tower of London and see the KOH-I-NOOR in The Crown Jewels room

Below from Loveweds. Custom made to order in 18ct White gold comprising 3 round brilliant cut high grade White diamonds.

Now in its 6th year of operation, Harpenden’s only new car dealership continues to welcome both new and existing customers to its busy Kia and Mazda showrooms on Luton Road.

2017 has seen a plethora of new models from these dynamic manufacturers, each of which brings flair, economy and driving enjoyment to customers. Designed to suit a range of needs, from first car, to small family, extended family and company car driving, there’s a fantastic choice to consider and Brayleys’ team is on hand to

offer advice and guidance on matching the right car to every buyer. It’s been another award-winning year for both Kia and Mazda. The UK’s leading weekly motoring magazine, Auto Express, named Kia’s Cee’d (below) as Best Compact Family Car in its Driver Power Survey, as voted for by consumers.

Reliability also scored very highly, as did the driving experience. As one customer wrote: “I’ve

had no issues at all with my cee’d and the seven-year warranty provides enormous peace of mind.” On the other side of the showroom, Mazda’s plaudits include a number of accolades for the all-new Mazda MX-5 RF sports car that combines the best of both worlds: the refinement and security of a fixed-roof coupé plus the opportunity to enjoy open-air motoring at the touch of a button, taking only 13 seconds to retract. Limited to a run of just 500 cars, the £29,295 RF Launch Edition is powered by the 160PS 2.0-litre SKYACTIV-G engine. Unique BBS wheels, a twintone roof and rear spoiler give the model a distinctive look, while it’s available in a choice of Soul Red or Machine Grey metallic paint. It also comes with Safety Pack as standard, as well as Recaro seats. Mazda’s KODO design philosophy won the MX-5 RF the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best Award for 2017, a tremendous achievement.

This nationwide opinion poll takes the views of new car owners over the past 12 months and then ranks cars according to votes in nine different categories, looking at everything from the engine to the infotainment. Placing in the top 10 overall and top of its class, the Cee’d was praised on its styling, quality of finish inside and out, superb comfort, amount of space for rear passengers and its generous boot capacity.

Ensuring that they remain at the forefront of cleaner and more fuel-efficient engine technology is a major priority for both Kia and Mazda, especially as changes to the UK car tax legislation mean that consumers are looking at running costs much more closely. Article continues on next page...

Article concludes Already renowned for the efficiency and performance of its SKYACTIV technology, Mazda is developing Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI), a system with no spark plugs that could bring about a 30% increase in economy, as well as further emission reductions. We hope to see this advanced technology launched next year in the all new Mazda3. (below)

Stuart Kazwini, (right) Sales Manager for Brayleys in Harpenden said: “Over the years, we’ve got to know our customers in Harpenden and they appreciate Kia and Mazda’s drive towards building models with high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. These two brands are at the top of their game, offering fantastic choice with excellent warranty and

finance deals. Not forgetting Brayleys’ expert knowledge and attentive, friendly service both in the showroom and in our workshop.”

For more information about Brayleys’ range of new and used cars, as well as servicing and finance offers, plus MOTs and tyre-fitting and details of the new car tax banding, please visit or pop down to the dealership, where you’ll be assured of a warm welcome. Brayley (Harpenden) 17 Luton Rd. Harpenden. AL5 2UA 01582 464100



M{zd{ CX-5 Book a test drive today, call us on 01582 448527


Find it at Brayley Kia

Brayley (Harpenden)

17 Luton Road Harpenden • AL5 2UA • 01582 448528

The future of in Harpenden. Electric Car Experience Day hosted by Octopus Energy.

Saturday, 15th July saw the renewable challenger energy firm Octopus Energy launch its first Electric Car Discovery Day on Harpenden Common, with their specialist team My Electric Car Shop. (below)

Children got the chance to enjoy arts & crafts, games and activities in the Kid's Tent and take the Tesla Radio Flyer, Tesla's mini electric car, for a spin. (above) Director of Smart Projects for Octopus Energy, Fiona Saunders, is a local Harpenden resident herself and is keen to keep the local air clean for her family. Fiona has worked in the industry for over fifteen years and said: "Electric cars are coming fast now – quicker than most people can imagine. Just as you no longer own a Motorola flip phone, it's time to move on from petrol and diesel cars to the smartphones of the car world."

The event provided information and access to the best electric cars on the market today, including Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe and BMW i3 (photos on next page) with the team on hand to answer any questions about the cars available. Octopus Energy are inundated with questions about electric cars and know how difficult it can be to get accurate information if you are a driver considering making the switch. Also targeting businesses looking to make savings on their fleet, the event is an opportunity to see the cars first-hand and talk to specialists about charging and financial incentives.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy, added “Our customers love the idea of carbon-free transport, but there's so much complexity in making the switch. So we've pulled together a team of specialists to answer all those questions and put together the simplest possible package to help people discover that electric cars are not just cleaner - but for many drivers, simply better. With everything from salary sacrifice schemes to make the most of government incentives, to getting chargers installed - we're making it easy to find, buy and use electric cars.” Electric cars are growing in popularity, and no wonder: they are quiet, cheap to run and smooth to drive. Electric Car show article continues...

Electric Car show article concludes. THE BENEFITS • Our pre-selected range all go at least 150 miles on a single charge • For those caught short when out and about, there are now more public charging points than petrol stations. Including many rapid chargers where you can get 80% charge in as little as 20 minutes There are many incentives for electric cars – • You can get £4,500 off a new electric car up front • Charge points grants available for business and domestic drivers • Up to 80% savings on fuel costs saving > £2,000 every year for a driver that does 15,000 miles in an efficient petrol car that achieves 45 mpg today – by switching to electric car like the BMW i3 + REX (Range Extender) • Lower maintenance costs as they require less than combustion-engine cars - there’s just not that much under the bonnet to fix. • Most electric vehicles are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (similar to a road tax) • Electric cars are exempt from London Congestion Charge • Many councils and car parks offer free parking • Plus they are future proofed for any Clean Air Zones • And, of course, they offer 100% green driving if combined with a green energy tariff, with no toxic gases released, and so no uncomfortable guilt….

For more information please contact Alice Jaffe | 020 7440 818

UNDER THE BONNET, the electric motor. The battery is missing--it’s massive and occupies the floor area of the car giving it stability and electric storage capacity. NO MAIN PETROL TANK, the connectors for a 3 pin plug for home charging and the public charging

Looking forward to Herts Open Studios in September. The county’s largest free-to-visit art event with nearly 130 artists and makers taking part over 3 weeks from 9th September to 1st October 2017 inclusive. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, glass, photography, ceramics, textiles, jewellery and much more. Colour brochures are widely distributed across Hertfordshire, including selected museums, tourist information locations, and other public places. It includes full details of every participating artist, images of their work and opening hours.

The Future of Motoring SHORT TERM (2017 -2020) EV’s = Electric Cars EV’s are on the road now - see the editorial on pages 11 & 12. The biggest challenges for EV car makers are smaller battery technology, and the provision of charging points away from owners home. Current batteries are huge and require large amounts of copper (38kg) cobalt (11kg) and nickel (11kg). Commodities like these will continue to be in huge demand until much smaller batteries are developed. BP and Shell have already started to introduce battery charging facilities at their petrol stations. AND the government unveiled plans to legislate for more points to be installed on M way service stations and main roads in the recent Queen’s Speech.


WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS? Call Stuart Kazwini, (Sales Manager) Brayleys in Harpenden on 01582 464100

MEDIUM TERM (2020 - 2025) AV’s = Driverless Cars Global companies like GM, Google, Intel and Uber are already investing $multimillions into the technology driving this business forward. Google’s Waymo project has had driverless cars on the road in 4 US locations, being driven 3 million miles. So are they safer than human driven? In the US almost 100 people a day are killed on the roads* and 94% of US crashes are due to human error. Ford have said it could have AV in mass production by 2021 (CNNtech Aug17) Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Toyota have also said AV cars will be in production by the end of the decade and BMW by 2021. ( Of course AV’s will require new regulatory and legal guidelines, and new forms of logistics which could delay their introduction. Take up of sales will be a long and bumpy road ahead. *2017, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute,(USA)


Aug. More news on Electric Cars

TESSLA The electric car maker announced last week it plans to raise $1.8 billion through the sale of high-yield bonds. The move is the second injection of cash Tesla has sought this year. In March, it announced it was raising $1.15 billion in a convertible debt offering.

The reason Tesla's seeking all that cash? It's preparing to ramp up production of its new Model 3, its first mass production car. If all goes according to plan, the company will be producing 500,000 vehicles a year by the end of 2018. But that's not all. The company is also finalizing locations for at least three more Gigafactories, which will produce batteries for its cars, and plans to open additional Supercharger stations and retail locations. 


Friday, 18th August, 8am - 6pm Saturday, 19th August, 10am - 5pm Rothamsted Conference Centre, AL5 2JN

Get behind the wheel of 2 or 3 cars The latest models from BMW, Tesla, Nissan, or Renault Advice on cars, charging, and incentives Reserve your place online:

Aug 18 and 19 for a DRIVE DAY EXPERIENCE. By the time you read this the Drive Day will be over. Don’t worry though Harpendia will be there to record what went on and post a report on the Harpendia web site in early September.

Ripples Bring The Outdoors In Bring the outdoors in; it’s as simple as that. With Pantone naming their colour of the year ‘Greenery’, bathroom retailer Ripples just can’t get enough of green, whether that is products, patterns and even plants. Here designer Dena Kirby takes a closer look at the trend… A touch of luxe Team greens with a darker colour palette, to bring out the sophisticated and timeless side of this colour, look to add a touch of metallic and champagne hues. Contemporary vs. Traditional When it comes to green, the end result will depend on the tone of colour you have used. If your bathroom has a nod towards the traditional then you need to be looking at olive greens. If a contemporary space is more your style then the bolder the better. Trial the trend If you want to trial the trend then look at accessories, many suppliers are now introducing green acrylic tables and mirrors which add an instant update. A statement radiator in a pop of colour is also a great design option; coloured radiators not only lift a space but can increase heat output up to 20% too. Plant life The introduction of plant life into the bathroom makes this space connect with the outside and turns it from a cold clinical space into a living space, one you want to spend time in. Create a statement If you want to create quite the statement in your bathroom then painting the external surface of a bath can really lift the space, opt for a subtle shade of green, mixed with encaustic tiles to create a hotel-inspired bathroom.

Ripples 59 High Street Harpenden AL5 2SL T: 01582 256008  W: 

Make your neighbours green with envy.

Ripples Harpenden, 59 High Street, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 2SL Tel: 01582 256008

Britannia’s Gold

In this summer edition of Harpendia I’m writing as the MD of I-Corporate Services Ltd, a sister company of Lyndhurst. ICorporate provides a ranges of services to SME’s, one being as business adviser. In this capacity I come across many interesting new businesses, none more so than the one I thought might be of interest to readers of Harpendia, Britannia’s Gold Ltd (BGL).

them to the UK for the benefit of the Government, Investors and Merchant Marine Charities. The great majority of shipments were carried out by merchant ships under the direction of HMG; approximately 5000 of these were sunk in WW1 and a further 2500 in WW2, many of which were designated “Official Gold Carriers.” The approximate attrition rate of merchant ships during both wars is estimated at 60%. Although HMG introduced War Risk Insurance during both World Wars, this only covered non Treasury and some BoE gold – HMG gold was not insured. 

Here is the story as told by BGL:

“During World Wars 1&2 the British Government shipped gold bullion to pay for munitions and goods. The estimated present day value of these shipments is circa 300 billion pounds. During both wars, some 7500 merchant ships were sunk and our research has identified more than 700 to have been specific gold & silver carriers. Britannia’s Gold Ltd. has been established to finance the recovery of targeted cargoes and return

Article continues on next page...

Article concludes Specialist research covering the maritime losses in both World Wars has been gathered over the past 25 years resulting in a database of some 27 Terabytes of digitized information. Of the 7500 ships lost, this research has identified more than 700 to have been specific gold carriers. BGL has unique access to this research which provides for a clear strategy to identify and locate the lost gold carriers. Working exclusively with IDM Exploration Ltd and utilising tried and tested modern day survey and salvage techniques, BGL is confident these known cargoes are recoverable. I recently caught up with the Chairman of BGL, Philip Reid, and asked him a question that had been bothering me; “Are these shipwrecks war graves?” His answer was categorically “NO, that term applies to warships but nevertheless our target wrecks will be treated with the utmost respect at all times." Any researched wrecks that are either legally questionable or equally importantly, emotionally sensitive, will not form part of the recovery programme”  “So when do you hope to start your first salvage operation?”, Philip replied “we intend going out on survey on July 28th for circa 13 days and would hope to start salvage operations by early September"    We wish the BGL team all the best of luck in their quest to recover Britannia’s Gold.  Geoff Newman  MD 01582 715777   

How we make our patients’ experience more comfortable... Low Level Laser Light Therapy Lasers are now used to treat eyes, skin, medically, surgically and therapeutically. So, what about in dentistry? We have been using dental lasers for over 15 years and they can be used in all aspects of dentistry, sometimes replacing the drill and the scalpel (in fact, in our implant surgery the scalpel is rarely used). We want to tell you a bit about the therapeutic use of lasers and this is called Low Level Laser Light Therapy (or scientifically, Photobiomodulation). This therapy is performed with a diode laser.

LLLT can be used following tooth extractions, complex surgery and implant placement, during root filling treatment and for the relief of the symptoms of TMJ (acute facial pain resonating from the jaw). The effects are quite remarkable with patients often reporting little or no pain after undergoing complex treatments. It also obviates the need for drugs, is noninvasive and has no side effects. The technology is out there to make our patients’ experience more comfortable, and at Wayside, we use it.

LLLT is, in essence, light mediated healing. It improves tissue repair (skin, wounds, muscle, tendon, bones and nerves), reduces inflammation and pain wherever the beam is applied. We use the diode laser with a wavelength of 940nm and this produces light that penetrates the skin and is absorbed by components in the cells. The energy introduced into the cells recharges their battery packs (or mitochondria) and allows them to heal. It also encourages healing cells to migrate to the area and increases lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. Damaged tissues undergo a quicker, stronger and better recovery all with less inflammation and pain. It has no eect at all on healthy cells. Interestingly, knowledge about the therapeutic properties of light is not a new thing. Ancient Indian medical literature describes the treatment of skin lesions using herbs and natural sunlight, and in the 19th century coloured light sources were used for wound healing and pain reduction.

2 Douglas Rd. Harpenden 01582 712470




What’s stopping you getting a dream job? What’s stopping you getting dream staff? In these days of almost full employment, Brexit fears and many people without the required skills there could be fundamental problems ahead in the recruitment market. So how can job seekers and employers solve the problems.?

Make a start by contacting Asset Resourcing in Harpenden.

I met the owners recently in their trendy office on the Harpenden High Street to learn what makes them different to the plethora of recruitment businesses in London and the South East.

meetings but with phone conversations and skill set analytics. Another surprise to me was the continuing use of traditional CV’s, these still being preferred to video CV’s.

Experience counts

Established in 2005 Asset Resourcing have built up a business serving local, national and international clients. Their Harpenden clients include: The Access Group; Heartbeat; Jarvis;; eArcu.

Like lots of commercial operations the recruitment business has been ‘disrupted’ by the internet so nearly all contact between employees and employers is conducted on line and on the phone.

With a staff of 4 Consultants and 4 Resourcers, they pride themselves on providing a personal service to all their clients.They cover a wide spectrum of job sectors: Information Technology; Accountancy; HR and Administration; Sales and Marketing.

Job specifications from employers have to be very detailed with skill set requirements clearly defined. Equally the CV from the job seeker has to set out their experience and how their skill set matches the needs of the employer. I was surprised to learn that many final selection processes ARE NOT determined by ‘face to face’

Editorial by Ron Taylor, Editor.

Recruitment disruption

Asset Resourcing, a Harpenden business providing professional services throughout the UK Founding partners, Ben Sweeting and Michelle Scott

Job Seekers after a dream job

Employers after dream staff

A key service is their unique Candidate Clinic which aims to give candidates the best possible background on their quest for employment. Career Crossroads Career Advancement Writing a CV Cover letter writing Interview Tips & Tricks Working Time Regulations Maternity & Paternity Rights Tax Matters Resigning with Dignity Resignation: The Counter Offer

AR will liaise with clients and develop a detailed skill set specification from the initial Vacancy registration.

A full list of vacancies is listed on the web site:

This is followed by an exhaustive search for potential candidates who are screened via CV analysis and telephone interview to provide a shortlist for client consideration. Full support is provided to both clients and candidates throughout the subsequent hiring process to ensure the employer gets their dream staff and the candidate gets their dream job.

Check out some client testimonials. more on the web site: Asset Resourcing quickly found a number of excellent, high quality candidates. The only problem was choosing between them! Very friendly & efficient. Partner / BPH Wealth Management I’m glad (after months of looking) to have found someone with the right skills and who is still keen to learn. Thanks for your help. Head of Information Systems, Eckoh PLC

Harpenden Office, 1st Floor, 72a High Street, Harpenden, AL5 2SP T: 01582 46 99 22 F: 01582 46 74 64

Childwickbury Art Fair. Summer 2017. So much to look back on...

3 days of creative enjoyment from masters of their craft

Holiday on the Italian Adriatic ... there’s no where better!

Carducci 76

A gem of a oasis of peace and style... set on the beach boardwalk of Cattolica.

Stylish decor throughout...26 luxurious rooms... breakfast by the infinity pool...a la carte lunch in the shade...a la carte dinner on the terrace watching the sun go down.

Foodie flour to make the bread...several types inc. speciality saron or squid ink bread...local honeycomb...the freshest of fruits...sea fresh fish...risotto to relish...perfect pasta ...deserts to die for AND some local wines from 24 Euros that would be the envy of the classic regions. Cooked under the supervision of a great head chef.

Superlative staff. Carducci 76 are blessed to have a team who are all friendly and professional, looking after all your needs...serving in the restaurant and pool side...keeping your rooms spotlessly clean and answering all your queries at reception.

Close to culture. A short train or taxi ride

away lies the coastal town of Pesaro, known as "City of Music" thanks to the link with Rossini the famous composer born in Pesaro. There’s a museum and a cathedral both worthy of a visit. Slightly further away is Urbino a stunning walled city which is a World Heritage site. So much to see...The Ducal Palace, The Duomo, Palazzo Albani, The Albornoz Fortress, Raphael's house and monument.

Beach Life v Pool Life. If peace and quiet is your scene then stay at the pool, set in a peaceful garden with plenty of luxury sun beds and staff on hand to bring cooling drinks. Swim in the pool...sunbathe...relax in the shade. If you fancy a a bit more life then leave the Pool via the locked gate and you’re

at the beach. Golden sands kept clean every day, a breakwater to ensure safe bathing, lifeguards every 200m along the beach, cafes, bars and children’s play areas with each beach concession for sun beds and umbrellas. Exercise classes on the beach to keep you fit and hundreds of happy families enjoying themselves.

Cattolica. A town full of excitement with

cafes, bars, ice cream parlors, shops of every type, restaurants, entertainments for all ages, occasional outdoor concerts.

Travel. Take a Ryanair flight to Ancona, a small air port less than hour’s drive away.

Contact: Being a small hotel their availability is limited. I can highly recommend this hotel as one of the best in the region. No contest. Bookings are being taken for the 2018 season, opening in Easter. Ron Taylor. Editor.

Editor: Ron Taylor Contact: Daily news updates: Video Channel: Type ‘harpendia’ in the Youtube search box Editorial Consultants: Amanda Thomas and Claire Millins

Coming soon Harpendia Autumn Edition 2017

Harpendia summer edition 2017  

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR HARPENDEN NEW secondary school in Harpenden for your children Pharmacies on the Harpenden High Street Buying diamo...