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BANDERA AT K'2013 FAIR Innovative technology of blown film extrusion – 5-layer running line BOOTH N.C06 HALL 17

At the K fair in Dusseldorf this October, Bandera’s participation will include a large stand containing an innovative 5-layer blown film co-extrusion line. This line will demonstrate the current technology for producing symmetrical 5 layer structures in white and black film, using coPA or EVOH as the middle layer, and lamination for flexible packaging applications. For the fair Bandera has taken up the challenge of showing the most versatile line possible, combining good outputs with very severe thickness tolerances. The line will be running different production settings and with a wide range of plastic materials, meeting the requirement of frequent production changes. Thus, Bandera will show the chosen 5-layer configuration is the ideal solution for the user who needs to get both PE film and Barrier film on the same line (with symmetrical and asymmetrical structures). In detail, the line being shown is composed of: - Raw material dosing units with loss in weight continuous metering systems for each extruder, able to work with up to 20 components together; - Extrusion hardware with a middle single-screw extruder (mod.TR 50) and four side single screw extruders (mod.TR 65), all with low energy consumption AC motors, bimetallic barrels and thermoregulated feeding zones; - A co-extrusion spiral die head with side feeding and a 400 mm Ø die. The innovative design of the inside flow distributors allows optimal results in output at low pressure and above all it allows a very fast material change, either with blends or with master-batch. An advanced bubble cooling system (IBC), with devoted management software and equipped with 8 different sensors, analyses all the parameters, including atmospheric conditions, thus allowing management of the proportional IBC control valve through the software (integrated in the Bandera line supervisor). Overall this assures total bubble stability and precise film width control, producing perfect reels without the need for trimming and so avoiding scrap;

- A cooling ring with particular geometry in order to get ideal air flow incident to the bubble, adjustable in height, with remote control. As regards cooling capacity, it assures the typical benefits of the double cooling ring. Also it assures more versatility in application and more flexibility in size change with notably reduced setup times; - A thickness measuring system with capacitive sensor ; - A bubble guiding cage with dust extraction system to keep all the cage sections clean; - A primary oscillating take off, composed of a flattening device with carbon fibre rollers and motorised web centre guide, which is equipped with an additional “S� shaped cooling cylinder, to allow better cooling of both film surfaces. Thermoregulation of the rolls is provided by means of a three flow unit. All the rolls and sliding surfaces are coated with special anti-stick and anti-wear treatment in order to manage with particularly thin and sticky films; - A take-off winder positioned in front of the winding system in order to assure the ideal film tension; - A double station winding centre with back-to-back configuration and operational method according to the film size to be produced - surface winding, axial winding (with or without gap control), combined winding as well as counter-rotation winding. Film tension control is achieved through highly sensitive load cells, with integrated digital adjustment in the control PLC.

Each winding station is equipped with a "Safe Load" mandrel loading system that improves operator safety. Also the stations are equipped with electrostatic bars for static electric current removal, two pressure rolls (one for each station) and side trim edge extraction system; - An electronic architecture, developed with Siemens, with extruders and die head thermoregulation directly managed through a PLC, together with a Profinet network. The wiring is noticeably reduced, resulting in less electrical and electronic maintenance. The extrusion line is controlled by one computerized system that allows a centralised management of all the production and operating parameters. - The operator interface is realised through an industrial PC with high definition colour display and touch screen drives. The line supervision system can be easily interfaced with the user’s company network, for remote visualisation and production data export. - An Ewon modem, which is standard on all BANDERA lines, allows the user

COMPANY PROFILE Since 1947 BANDERA has been operating in extrusion lines production for plastic materials, with particular attention to blown film lines and sheet&foil lines by means a flat die head technology. In Busto Arsizio (VA) premises, a constant technological research also carried out through tests on pilot lines, allows to always improve quality, friendly use and reliability in the time of BANDERA extrusion lines.

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Innovative technology of blown film extrusion – 5-layer running line  
Innovative technology of blown film extrusion – 5-layer running line  

This line will demonstrate the current technology for producing symmetrical 5 layer structures in white and black film, using coPA or EVOH a...