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Supply Chain Solutions: Satisfying The Global Customer The globalized business world has its own share of benefits and challenges too. One of the main challenges of being widely spread across geographical boundaries is reaching out to customers and employees with the products and services. In other words maintaining a good supply chain. To launch a new product into the market needs, not just technical skills and a marketing team but also a strong logistics and distribution team perfect in providing an efficient supply chain service. Understanding the strength and weakness of the organization’s supply chain is one of the strategies before a product or service is introduced into the market. Understanding this aspect would help the organization in exploring possible solutions or bringing about enhancements in the supply chain capability. Evaluating this is possible either by selfevaluation of the team or by taking services of supply chain consultants. This consultant, besides collaborating with the staff in optimizing the operational environment, also provides solutions to potential problems. Every business being unique an optimal supply chain solution is one that can be customized to the business requirements of a pre-packaged one. Solution offered by experts in the field include a number of services such as – supply base qualification and Procurement, Fulfillment solutions, Systems integration, configuration and tests, logistics and distribution, Returns management and reverse logistics. Enterprises that are experts in the field of supply chain generally have a global coverage of suppliers and industries. Armed with the catalog of components and a thorough knowledge of the market trends, these service providers facilitate shipment of high quality components for the new product introduction or on time delivery of finished products. The logistic and distribution of any product involves following necessary packaging metrics as per the shipping requirement of the customer as well as track the progress from inventory to loading docks, and also ensure the right package reaches the right customer. However, the challenge lies in meeting the operational imperatives of the business. Service providers with expertise in supply chain solutions backed with a strong logistics and distribution network, ensures reduced shipping, and delivery costs while providing efficient warehousing, order management and inventory control. Learn more about: Rack and stack & Systems Integration

Supply Chain Solutions: Satisfying The Global Customer