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Services Offered By Supply Base Management Programs Suppliers play a crucial role in assisting manufacturers to attain accelerated performance. Effective supplier base management can help in taking costs out of the supply chain. In various industries the management of suppliers can result in as much as 60 to 80 percent of the manufacturing expenses. However, cost reduction is not the only advantage. There are other benefits as well, that includes end-to-end improvements in service and product quality by implementing instant and timely delivery systems, quality enhancement programs and electronic data exchange. Simultaneously, process and product designs can be improved by including chosen suppliers in the early stages of new product development. Furthermore, a streamlines supply base management enables partnerships to be established with the remaining suppliers. Keeping in mind all the above mentioned aspects, today companies need efficient supply base management solutions that will offer them a wide selection of material models, such as full consignment programs, full turnkey programs or a combination of the two. The main objective in obtaining this is to stay ahead of the market changes and fluctuations and respond fast with the new options. Today leading supply chain solutions providers have introduced innovative supply base management programs that offer the organizations and other end users complete access to inventory levels through their proprietary online interface round the clock. Selected supply base management services include the following:       

Material planning and procurement Domestic and offshore sourcing Turnkey and consigned materials Supplier qualification along with certification Vendor managed inventory Kan Ban and other models Complete materials life cycle management

Leading market players of supply base management solution with their partnerships and associations cover a worldwide spectrum of suppliers and industry verticals. These associations are well established and ensure best cost quality and delivery on time. Furthermore, they have the capacity to help in an organization’s engineering staff in component qualification. However, selecting an appropriate supply base management solution provider is a crucial task. Prior to partnering with one it is essential that companies analyze their requirements and budget capacity. Post this they can select a solution provider who can cater to their requirements, suit their budget limits and has a favorable market feedback from other clients and end users. Also read more about : retail packaging

Services Offered By Supply Base Management Programs