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Services and Benefits of Order Fulfillment Solutions Simply put, order fulfillment means a comprehensive procedure from the sales enquiry stage to the product delivery stage. There are times when the order fulfillment process is referred to a “narrow act” of logistics function or distribution. However, in the broad sense of the term it means the manner in which firms respond to customer orders. Generally, the order fulfillment process includes the following possible steps : Product Inquiry  Sales Quote  Order Configuration  Order Booking  Order Acknowledgment / Confirmation  Invoicing / Billing  Order Sourcing / Planning  Order Changes  Order Processing  Shipment  Delivery  Settlement  Returns Management Today, there are eminent service providers of order fulfillment solutions that also offer efficient supply chain management solutions and help an enterprise to reduce the risks and improve their elasticity. Furthermore, they offer the following set of advantages as well: The service providers are committed to offer the best in the industry solutions  There is team that effectively focuses on client/customer support  The customer department offers improves long-tern product assistance, timely revertals and other quick solutions to resolve any customer issue  There are online open view tools that lead to immediate access to crucial information 24 x 7. This enhances the process of making crucial decisions fast and is based on exact data  The service providers are committed to offer healthy and secure work place for the employees and maintain a quality environment The innovative order fulfillment services are also capable of handling one configuration to one user and a low-volume-high mix through high-volume-low-mix orders. Other services that are offered are listed below

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Users are able to order for a configured product via safe link to a global tech page and remain updated on every stage of the process with real-time data. This helps in minimizing the program management time and helps in fast decisionmaking. There is a wide range of test experiences and skilled workforce that helps the service providers attain the advanced levels of test and debug on a wide scale of products There are value added distribution services that assure that assures the clients that they are only shipping the updated products in the required quantities. It also ensures that there are no products stocking with a restricted shelf life. The client products are configured from the electro-mechanical assembly to the custom labeling An efficient quality control management staff that assures that enterprises are delivering the best quality product to their customers administers all the processes

These apart, advanced order fulfillment solutions also leads to lower overhead and inventory, and a greater responsive supply chain design. Service providers of such solutions also deal in rack and stack services. Learn more about :- supply chain solutions & evaluation system

Services and Benefits of Order Fulfillment Solutions