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Order Fulfillment : Steps towards Smooth Supply Chain management Every business gets strongly rooted through its supply chain system. This system actually integrates all the systems that make the business a profitable one. In case of the present day business scenario, the supply chain is not limited to small market sectors but should be able to cater to a large customer base located across geographical boundaries. The advent of technological innovation has only facilitated this process. A key component of the supply chain system is the order fulfillment process. Order fulfillment in simple terms involves the process of receiving an order and shipping it to the buyer, which completes a transaction. However, with every business being different the process of order fulfillment varies from simple process to more complex system of going procuring the item through a manufacturer’s supply chain System and shipping it to locations worldwide. Being a crucial part of the businesses, Order fulfillment is the last link in the supply chain, and the direct contact point for the customers. Hence, every small error can have a lasting effect on the reliability and reputation of the organization. This has led to large corporate houses and business conglomerates to outsource the order fulfillment process to experts in the field of supply chain management and Logistics. This facilitates better performance on the part of the client organization as they now concentrate on core business issues and strategies. Order Fulfillment Companies that offer full service to the clients offer their services as turnkey solution through system integration. These service providers ensure storage and warehousing for the products, inventory management with real-time access to the inventory, order processing, pick and pack to fulfil the orders, retail packaging, contract packaging and speciality labelling services, returns management, invoice and billing and helpdesk services. With the growth of the fulfillment industry, distinct market segments have also developed to provide specialized customer specific services. The integration of technology with the growth of B2C and B2B market segments have led to the demand for outsourcing of e-commerce fulfillment solutions. This allows for a large scale and economical web-based order fulfillment without sacrificing on accuracy or customer service. These cloud computing technology oriented order fulfilment services enables the service providers to automate and control the end-to-end flow of the orders. Besides, it facilitates the integration of all the partners in the network, thus providing for transparency throughout the process.

The outsourced order fulfillment solutions companies facilitate the availability of real-time information through a secure link to a global tech page for any product. This reduces program management time and enables quick management decision-making. Further, value added distribution services makes it feasible for the clients to requests for shipments of recent products, thus ensuring limited to nil stocks for warehousing in client locations. Learn more about: global supply chain

Order Fulfillment Steps towards Smooth Supply Chain management