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Manage Return Goods With Returns Management Solutions Till some time back, several organizations only concentrated on a forward supply chain. That means, enterprises and managers were more concerned about making their forward supply chain smooth and completely flawless. However, with the prevailing market changes, most companies are gradually realizing the importance of product returns and its impacts. Entrepreneurs have realized that return goods are an absolute truth of business, and rather than taking it to be a nuisance it is better to proactively come up with steps to cost-efficiently manage it. What is returns management? The best way to define returns management (RM) is that it’s the “management of all logistics operations related to returns of products from their original user to their supplier with the intention of a cost-effective recovery, while meeting all legal obligations”. On most occasions product returns are assessed from the point of view of transportation expenses, inventory and warehousing expenses. However, the crux of the matter remains that efficient returns management can assist in increasing future profits. Today majority of distribution networks are not set up well to manage the products that return from consumers. Boxes and consignment that return generally get stacked up in warehouses occupying space with no valuable returns to the supply chain solutions. The aggressive and competitive market scenario has made returns good management an essential process keeping in the legal disposition requirements. The process that a standard returns good management system must include are:        

Detrash and destruction of materials that are returned Date code based warranty assessment Test diagnostics and repair Software and/or firmware upgrades Refurbishment Repackaging Warehousing and Distribution Legally compliant disposal

The best way to manage your returns goods is by partnering with a leading industry solution provider that will help you to overcome all the bottlenecks that come in the process of rework and return of products. It also helps in generating valuable resources i.e. recycling waste products and creating something productive out of them. Furthermore, advanced returns management programs guarantees customer satisfaction that minimizes expenses and helps in increasing the overall productivity. RM services offered by leading companies include the following:         

RMA(Returns Materials Authorization) Support Warranty Returns Lease Returns Refurbishment Test and Debug Repackaging Fulfillment Solutions Disposal (Remarketing and recycling) Web Based Inquiry and Reporting

Advanced returns management solutions are well equipped to identify out of date revisions and components instantly after receipt. Leading solution providers are working towards setting up appropriate disposition methodologies for end users that in turn saves warehousing stock that was getting wasted.

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Manage Return Goods With Returns Management Solutions