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This section includes book notes of 150-300 words as well as some book reviews of 600-900 words on books of particular interest to the members of our group. If you have either suggestions for books you would like to review or see reviewed (including recent books of your own), please contact our new book reviews editors, Andreas Umland or Matthew J. Books newly available for review: Women, Ethnicity and Nationalisms in Latin America by Natividad Gutierrez Chong (2007), Ashgate. Torture and Democracy by Darius Rejali (2007), Princeton University Press. Ultranationalism and Hate Crimes in Contemporary Russia by Galina Kozhevnikova (2008), ibidem-Verlag.

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Nick Lowles (ed), From Cable Street to Oldham: 70 Years of Community Resistance. Essex: Searchlight, 2007. 170 pp., GBP 5.99, ISBN 0-9522038-7-1 (pbk). Reviewed by Nigel Copsey (University of Teesside, UK). This book, produced by the team of writers at Searchlight Magazine offers a ‘‘snapshot’‘ of various episodes in the history of anti-fascism and anti-racism in Britain from the Battle of Cable Street in London’s East End in 1936 through to activity against the British National Party today. Its purpose is to serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of anti-fascist activists. Although it is not an academic text as such (unfortunately there are no footnotes), it contains some original material that researchers will find of value. The book opens with the Battle of Cable Street, and whilst anti-fascists have been guilty of overegging the importance of this particular episode, the treatment here is balanced. The second chapter, a well-informed study of Jewishled opposition to Mosley immediately after the Second World War, is followed by veteran anti-fascist campaigner Gerry Gable’s examination of the emergence of Britain’s first anti-racist groups in the 1950s. More interesting, however, is Gable’s chapter on Jewish opposition to fascism in the 1960s, which benefits from his own

2008 09 01 book reviews  
2008 09 01 book reviews