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This section includes book notes of 150-300 words as well as some book reviews of 600-900 words on books of particular interest to the members of our group. If you have either suggestions for books you would like to review or see reviewed (including recent books of your own), please contact our new book reviews editors, Andreas Umland or Matthew J. Goodwin

The below section includes brief notes of less than 500 words as well as longer reviews of more than 600 words on books of particular interest to the members of our group. The following volumes are currently on storage for review in eExtreme: Africa and the War on Terrorism. Ed. by John Davis, 2007. Authoritarianism in an Age of Democratization. By Jason Brownlee, 2007. Women, Ethnicity and Nationalisms in Latin America. Ed. by Natividad Gutiérrez Chong, 2007. Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives on Nationalism: New Directions in Cross-Cultural and Post-Communist Studies. ByTaras Kuzio, 2007. Die Rußländische Föderation und die russischsprachige Minderheit Lettlands: Eine Fallstudie zur Anwaltspolitik Moskaus gegenüber den russophonen Diasporas im „Nahen Ausland“ von 1991 bis 2002. By David Rupp, 2007. Autoritarismus statt Selbstverwaltung: Die Transformation der kommunalen Politik in der Stadt Kaliningrad 1990-2005. By Tim Bohse, 2007. Borotbism: A Chapter in the History of the Ukrainian Revolution. By Ivan Maistrenko, 2007 (2nd edn). Das sakrale eurasische Imperium des Aleksandr Dugin: Eine Diskursanalyse zum postsowjetischen russischen Rechtsextremismus. By Alexander Höllwerth, 2007. ‘Rossiia-Matushka’: Natsionalizm, gender i voina v Rossii XX veka. By Oleg Riabov, 2007.

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