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This section includes book notes of 150-300 words as well as some book reviews of 600-900 words on books of particular interest to the members of our group. If you have either suggestions for books you would like to review or see reviewed (including recent books of your own), please contact Cas Mudde.

Book Notes Daniel Byman, Peter Chalk, Bruce Hoffman, William Rosenau, David Brannan. Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements, Santa Monica, CA: Rand, 2001, 138 pp., GBP 12.50/USD 20.00, ISBN 0-8330-3052-3 (pbk). Reviewed by Jennifer S. Holmes (University of Texas at Dallas) This tightly focused report examines post-Cold War (1991-2000) trends in external support for insurgent movements. The authors surveyed seventy-four active insurgencies, limited to groups that inflicted more than 1,000 causalities or groups that gained a significant degree of autonomy. Since the end of the Cold War, state support has decreased, although it still has a profound impact on many insurgencies, particularly in a passive form. This report also analyzes other sources of external support, including diasporas, guerrilla groups, refugees, wealthy individuals, and, oddly, aid agencies and human rights groups. Regarding the latter, they state, human rights groups almost always, in the end, aid an insurgency by publicizing government human rights violations (p.81). The authors assess types of support, timing of support, the motivations of external supporters, and the relative costs and benefits of external support to the insurgents. The critical sources of internal support are not addressed due to the focus of the study. The purpose of this study is to help intelligence analysts better identify the factors that affect the conduct of insurgencies and better predict their success or failure. Focusing specifically on outside support offers a means through which policymakers can influence an insurgencys progress without direct intervention in the country in question (p.4). Although, the authors do note the importance of context in their conclusion, this will, undoubtedly, provoke controversy in the discipline from those who favor studying insurgencies within their political, social and historical context.

Alessandro Campi (ed), Che cos'e' il fascismo?, Rome: Ideazione, 2003, 487 pp., EUR 25.00, ISBN: 88-86812-97-3 (pbk).

2003 04 03 book reviews  
2003 04 03 book reviews