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This section includes book reviews of 600-900 words, as well as some book notes of 100-200 words, on books of particular interest to the members of our group. If members either have a review that they consider of interest to the SG, or a recent book of their own, which they would like to see reviewed in the newsletter, please contact Cas Mudde at: Review Article Recent Reflections on Populism, the FPÖ, and Austria Reinhold Gärtner (University of Innsbruck) Fleischhacker, Michael, Wien, 4. Februar 2000 oder: Die Hysterie zur Wende, Wien: Czernin Verlag, 2001, 128 pp., EURO 14,02, ISBN 3-70760112-9. Kopeinig, Margaretha and Christoph Kotanko, Eine europäische Affäre. Der Weisen-Bericht und die Sanktionen gegen Österreich, Wien: Czernin Verlag, 2000, 112p, EURO 12,95, ISBN 3-7076-0105-6. Oetsch, Walter, Haider light. Handbuch für Demagogie, Wien: Czernin Verlag, 2000, 272p, EURO 20,25, ISBN 3-7076-0047-5. Ottomeyer, Klaus, Die Haider-Show. Zur Psychopolitik der FPÖ, Klagenfurt-Celovec: Drava Verlag, 2000, 128p, EURO 14,32 , ISBN 385435-337-5. Reinfeldt, Sebastian, Nicht-wir und Die-da. Studien zum rechten Populismus, Studien zur politischen Wirklichkeit Bd. 8, Wien: Braumüller Verlag, 2000, 228p, EURO 27,62, ISBN 3-7003-1312-8. Scharsach, Hans-Henning and Kurt Kuch, Haider - Schatten über Europa, Köln: Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag, 2000, 332p, EURO 15,84, ISBN 3-462-02963-0. Many books have been published since the FPÖ entered the Austrian government in February 2000. Unsurprisingly they differ in quality, scientific value and meaningfulness. The books reviewed here are written by journalists (Fleischhacker, Kopeinig, Kotanko, Scharsach, Kuch) and social scientists (Oetsch, Ottomeyer, Reinfeldt), and in line with their professions the authors have chosen different ways of analysing this part of Austria's recent past. Fleischhacker and Kopeinig/Kotanko focus on the concrete political situation in Austria in the year 2000 - i.e. the bilateral sanctions of the so-called "EU14", the report of the "three wise men" (Ahtisaari, Frowein, Oreja), and the reactions to these in Austria. Kopeinig/Kotanko give a very short overview of the political events which led to the ÖVP-FPÖ government, followed by the

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