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The inspiration behind the acai berry diet is the Acai palm, which is not your average palm tree. The Acai palm is a tree membered to the genus Euterpe and contains eight different species of palm tree, all of which are native to South and Central America, from Peru to Brazil and up to Belize. These palm trees mainly grow in the floodplains and swamps of these countries. The namesake of this genus, Euterpe, is the mythological Greek muse of the same name. The palms of this genus are very slender and tall, growing upwards of between 15 and 30 meters in height, with fronds as long as 3 meters. A good many of the palms once part of the genus of Euterpe were reclassified to the genus Prestoea. The palm that is normally called the Acai palm is the species Euterpe oleracea, named so after the adaption by the Europeans of the Tupian name of "(fruit that) cries or expels water", which in their language was "iwasa'I". The Acai palm is fast growing, and has been cultivated for both its fruit, and its superior heart. The global demand for this fruit has rapidly expanded in recent times, and so Acai is now grown to fulfill that purpose expressly. The species Euterpe edulis is closely related, and is now mainly used for hearts of palm. To learn more about the Acai palm and the Acai berry diet, an online search for Acai berry diet review information as well as Acai berry diet information will turn up some truly information. The more you know about how the Acai berry diet works, the better able you will be to benefit from its incredible antioxidant and health boosting properties.

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