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AçaÃ- Berry (A-sigh-ee) is one of the best foods for weight loss and detox. It is also one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man! It has been used for hundreds of years in the Brazilian rain forests and is known to boost energy, and bring about rapid but healthy weight loss. AçaÃ- also rejuvenates and detoxes the body, bringing about a great feeling of wellbeing. Taking AçaÃ- as a daily supplement can greatly enhance your health, and give you incredible weight loss results, but what exactly does this potent little fruit contain and where is the best place to buy it? Packed with Antioxidants Along with the maqui berry, the acai berry is the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, which are in the AçaÃ-, help to rid the body of toxins, harmful chemicals and free radicals, which can create severe damage in the body, and cause harmful and fatal diseases. By taking a high dose of antioxidant, you can reduce your chances of getting cancer and other illnesses. Omega Fatty Acids AçaÃ- Berry contains Omega 6 and Omega 9, which allow you to lower your bad cholesterol that is also known as LDL cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein). As a result, you are able to increase your good cholesterol and fight off heart disease. AçaÃ- also lowers blood pressure through an increased flow of oxygen through the arteries. This superfood is also known to reduce stress, which is a major source for high blood pressure. Resveratrol & Anthocyanins Acai Berry has approximately 30 times more resveratrol and anthocyanins than red wine! These agents also detox the body and fight free radicals, and generally help the body to run more efficiently, and making it harder for the body to store fat. Vitamins & Minerals In addition to Vitamin C and E, AçaÃ- Berry also has over 1000 IU of Vitamin A per 100 grams of the fruit. It has an equivalent amount of Vitamin C as blue berries, as well as 19 amino acids for increased protein (8 grams per 100 gram serving). Studies have shown that AçaÃ- Berry has 50

times more than the cancer-fighting agents found in mangos. Where can I buy the best AçaÃ-? Native to the Amazon rainforest, you are unlikely to find the AçaÃ- berry, especially fresh, in your local supermarket. Despite numerous celebrity and medical endorsements, the only real source for a high quality AçaÃ- berry supplement (pure, freeze-dried, organic and a high dose of at least 1000mg) is online. The AçaÃ- Berry is a fruit that degenerates rapidly after it is picked. Within 24 hours of being harvested, AçaÃ- loses the potency of its numerous nutrients and becomes less effective. So unless you live in or near Brazil, eating fresh Acai is next to impossible. However, with advancements in flash freezing, AçaÃ- can now be more easily preserved and converted into supplements, purees, juices and powders. Due to the processing, by the time the AçaÃ- product reaches the supermarket shelves it has dramatically risen in price. The only real affordable way to access this fruit (and the quality that you need to see results) is to buy it online. Look online, and you'll find a huge number of reputable sources for this nutritious fruit who will happily ship their juices/supplements anywhere in the world. However, please be aware of the quality of the product you are buying, as they can vary greatly. Firstly, always check first to see how the AçaÃ- has been processed. If it has undergone anything other than flash freezing, then don't buy it! If you do you will be investing in product that may have lost a significant amount of its nutrients along the way, and may not give you the weight loss results you really want. Never buy an AçaÃ- product from extract, always choose a freeze-dried, pure and organic supplement that provides at least 1000mg dose of acai per day. 500mg of AçaÃ- is the minimum amount per dose for any weight loss and detox to occur. Ideally opt for 1500mg of AçaÃ- per daily dose of pure, freeze-dried, organic product and you will experience rapid but healthy weight loss, with the added benefit of a great detox!

Estelle Coughlan is Author of the blog weight loss foods dedicated to teaching you all about the worlds most powerful weight loss foods. For further information on AçaÃ- and a full review of the best AçaÃ- supplements available, click for acaiberries.

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==== ==== Read Full Acai Berry Reviews Here: ==== ====

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