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What is acai berry and how can it help me?  Acai berry is a small grape like fruit that is grown and harvested from a palm tree in Brazil.  Acai was used for hundreds of years by the local Brazilians in a variety of ways to help them improve their health.  It was eaten as a fruit, mixed up as drinks, and consumed in several other ways that allowed them to get the most from the fruit.  Even though the acai berry is about the size of a grape, its inside is taken up mostly by a large seed.  In addition to the flesh of the fruit itself, it also has a rind like cover that is also ground into a supplement.  Acai berry has been showcased on many American television shows and was identified by several famous doctors as the world's top superfood.  Most of the top superfoods contain one or more of key ingredients that assist the human body like antioxidants, fiber, and essential fatty acids.  Acai berry is one of the few foods that has high concentrations of all three nutrients.  Antioxidants are used by our bodies to help fight off free radicals and to slow down the aging process.  People in today's society are always excited about anything that can help them to look younger.  Fiber is essential for the correct functioning of the body and is probably best known in assisting our digestive systems in not only processing food better but helping to flush out unwanted items inside our colons.  Essential fatty acids are used by us to produce substances that do things like regulating normal blood pressure, controlling inflammation, and improving our immune system. 

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