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Quadrillions of reactive oxygen species bombard our bodies each day to produce harmful effects in the body including aging and cell death. Extensive research found that the reactive species can be controlled by antioxidants found in numerous plants and fruits. One of the fruits rich in antioxidants is the acai berry, a berry found in the bushes of Brazil. This berry was found to have antioxidant contents twice to that of blueberries. Because a cup of blueberries contains as much as 13,000 antioxidants, then doing some calculations would show the antioxidant content of one cup of acai berries to be more than 26,000. So what are acai antioxidants? The acai berry contains millions of various antioxidants and vitamins that provide humans with a single food source rich in nutrients. These antioxidants are mostly flavonoids, which have been proven to work hard in searching for the reactive oxygen species that destroy cells and tissues and cause aging. Studies have also demonstrated that these flavonoids from the acai berry stop the free radicals that target the cells of the blood vessels to cause flow constriction and high pressure of the blood. These flavonoids also reduce the process of LDL oxidation to help maintain a healthy heart. Omega 6 and omega 9 found in acai berries also help in maintaining a good cholesterol ratio. Acai antioxidants also include anthocyanins, which are the berry's coloring material and act as a potent antioxidant at the same time. These anthocyanins, along with other antioxidants, search the cells for potentially harmful reactive oxygen species that cause skin and eye problems, dental health disorders, and urinary tract infections. A lot of studies confirmed these acai antioxidants to be working in teams that help re-energize one another to work more effectively. Cell imbalance and death are the mains causes of aging. The antioxidants in acai work hard to promote good platelets that would help in wound repair and act to reduce inflammation. Because cell death is minimized, the process of aging is also effectively slowed down. Another good antioxidant is reservatrol, which also helps prevent cell aging. Vitamin C, a naturally good antioxidant, acts on collagen cells to allow healthy hairs and cartilage to develop. Some of the acai antioxidants also help in boosting the body's sustained energy and help stop fatigue. This is because the biochemical niacin helps produce adenosine triphosphate, which is the natural fuel that the cells need to go about with regeneration. The body's other vitamin cycles can largely benefit from niacin, which also helps in producing coenzymes needed for energy production in the cells. Certain vitamin B antioxidants also hasten the conversion of carbohydrates to simple sugars that are necessary for the body's energy storage. More important benefits of these acai antioxidants have extended to the body's neurological system. The reactive oxygen species that create problems in the nerve cells are mapped out to allow normal functioning of the neuronal transmission processes. Even bones have benefited from

these antioxidants as these get markedly improved bone mineral density. Truly, the acai berry works wonders in helping the body stay healthy.

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