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Should I try acai berry? Will it help me lose weight? Get healthier? Be HAPPIER and more energetic? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at reasons to try an acai berry dietary supplement, WITHOUT the hype or marketing myth. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below! Why would I want to try acai berry? Honestly? There are tons of great reasons to try acai, and NOT the common ones you'll see in many over hyped nutritional or alternative wellness articles.

Acai fruit is an amazingly rich and abundant source of anti-oxidants, Omega fatty acids, amino acids and fiber Acai is stuffed with trace minerals that you won't get in your ordinary supermarket diet Acai is thought to have all sorts of magical and therapeutic benefits in local Amazonian cultures that run the gamut from increased energy and superhuman sexual stamina as well! (of course, these are anecdotal and not scientifically validated)

What is an acai berry cleanse? Do they work? The idea behind cleansing is very simple, yet still controversial. The idea is, our bodies accumulate all sorts of "stuff" that weighs us down. (both LITERALLY weighs us down...and metaphorically, or spiritually weighs us down as well) Toxins in the environment Toxins in our food Chemicals in our daily diet that DON'T get eliminated...but rather, get stored in our cells and prevent optimum health A cleanse is the process of cleaning out your body by ridding yourself of all of these toxins and stored waste. Most cleanses use a juice, or fasting method to facilitate faster elimination...and acai berry, has become a very popular way to make it happen in a hurry. (due to it's high fiber content, and assortment of anti-oxidants which are thought to rejuvenate your body while eliminating unnecessary toxins) Personally? I've had amazing experiences with short cleanses, and have used acai berry

supplements for this purpose just about every time, so I'm a big fan..:-) But there are others who DON'T believe that cleanses do anything at all....and that it's all new age, alternative myth. (my dad, a doctor...being one of them!) The bottom line? Science, and nutritional medicine.....RARELY agree on anything for long. Just a few decades ago, even the idea of including ANTI-OXIDANT rich foods in our diets was considered dubious, and not important. (obviously's the HALLMARK of what most would consider a healthy diet) In my view, people who try acai berry are those that want to stay energetic, thin, fit and any age. Will it work as well for you as it has for others? Only YOU can decide! (And that's why trying acai and coming to your OWN conclusion is often a smarter strategy than relying on articles, or others, to decide!)

Bonus Tip: Beware of the Acai Berry Scams! Unfortunately, many of the Acai products on the market are scams, being sold by unscrupulous companies with one hand in your pocket, rather than out to help you heal. My best advice? If you really want to experience the amazing benefits of acai, make sure you ONLY buy genuine Acai Berry extract. (This is the best acai product online in our opinion, and the one that we use, and recommend to our family, friends and readers alike.)

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Should I Try Acai Berry