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Today I'd like to review Maximize Your Muscle, by Vince DelMonte. Maximize Your Muscle is a monthly digital newsletter that's designed to help you blow beyond your genetic potential and build more muscle than you ever did. Each month, you'll get to download: The newsletter with the workout of the month The DVD of the workout You'll also get access to a 90-minute coaching call with Vince and the other members (like you). The newsletter contains five sections: 1. Muscle science and secrets (Vince's review of the latest scientific publications) 2. The workout of the month (for building muscle) 3. Mindset and motivation (tricks to stay focused) 4. "Muscle in minutes" meal plans (simple and quick) 5. Inner views (random tidbits from Vince's life) The Good About Maximize Your Muscle The #1 reason I think this program can help you build more muscle than you ever did is it puts you in a system. Each month, you'll get an email with your new workout and the workout DVD. It's easy as hell: you just watch the DVD and do that workout that month. Since they'll be designed to help you progress and build more muscle each month, you're much more likely to than you would if you just worked out by yourself. The Bad About Maximize Your Muscle I've got a degree in exercise sciences and I think Vince is off the mark when he explains why his workouts work. Some explanations I've never heard off, some I know are controversial within the exercise sciences community. But Vince says they're facts and that's the way it works. That might not be that much of a problem for you if you're interested in building muscle. I like to know 100% why things work, but that's because I've studied in this field. If you just want to build muscle, do you really need to know why the workouts work? If they work, they work. So that might not be that much of an issue for you. Final Score For Maximize Your Muscle

Overall, I would give Maximize Your Muscle 4 stars out of 5. Since the first month is just $1, I think you're still getting a great deal. If you're still on the fence, you can always pay $1, download everything, review it, and ask for a refund right away if you don't like what you see. That way you'll know for sure if Maximize Your Muscle is right for you or not.

About this Author Carl Juneau teaches men how to get six pack abs using a unique combination of the best abs exercises. Visit his website to discover how to get six pack abs. You can also watch his video review of Maximize Your Muscle on YouTube.

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