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A muscle building workout is only as good as its components, which means that skipping on the right quantity and quality of one component makes for a less effective and efficient muscle building workout. With these ways to maximize workouts aimed at muscle build-up, however, you can progress to a higher level of bodybuilding. First, your diet must complement the bodybuilding phase you are in. Indeed, your dietary requirements during the bulking up phase considerably differ from your nutritional needs during the cutting phase! During the bulking phase, you increase your calorie intake mainly through high protein food sources and supplements. Keep in mind that protein is the building block of muscle building so the higher the amounts you consume, the better for your body at this stage. Also, your muscle building workout often demands more energy such that more fuel in the form of carbohydrates is necessary. The cutting phase, on the other hand, requires cutting down on carbohydrates and fats while increasing protein levels. In fact, the more protein, the better. Also, there is an exception to cutting down on carbohydrates during the cutting phase. If you want to jumpstart your muscle building workout, increasing your carbohydrate consumption by 50 percent max for 3 days at most often does the trick. Other tips for maximizing your workouts and nutrition are by keeping your glycogen levels at maximum capacity to prevent tissue breakdowns, always feed your body with healthy foods, and take antioxidants to fight the harmful free radicals that damage muscular tissues. Second, you must adhere to strict rest and recovery periods. These will allow your body in general and your muscles in particular to heal from the stress and fatigue incurred from a moderate to intense muscle building workout. This way, your body has ample opportunities to build new (and bigger) muscles. Besides, when you over-train, you expose your mind and body to immune system problems that can hamper your bodybuilding efforts. You have to ensure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, even when you did not engage in a workout. You also have to rest for a day between weight training workouts. And it pays not to train the same muscle groups two days in a row! Not only will this give your muscles time to recover but you will also avoid becoming bored with the same routines day in and day out. Third, but definitely not the least way to maximize your muscle building workout, you have to execute the movements with proper form and technique. Basically, this means two things. One, you have to place the maximum load on the dynamic muscles throughout the full range of motion

required by the exercise. Two, you must ensure proper timing throughout the movement, of which silent counting often helps. Tips on maximizing your muscle building workout in relation to form include allowing for natural movement, using the full range of motion, and feeling the intended muscles throughout the reps. In essence, you have to make each repetition and each set count! In conclusion, you can maximize your muscle building workout by adapting your diet to the unique needs of the bodybuilding phase you are in, adhering to a strict recovery period no matter what phase you are engaged in, and executing the movements with proper form and technique.

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