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Body building at the very optimal growth rate is in essence a matter of balancing between the extreme and the optimal. It's treading on the thin margin standing in between optimal growth and muscle injury. Training intensely and consistently is the only guarantee that a body build has that he or she is stimulating maximal muscle growth. The negative side of intense training is that the more intense training becomes, the near it is to the danger zone of muscle injury. Hardcore body builders continually and frequently flirt with muscle injury. But soon or later a body builder learns the limit to which he or she can push the body. There is that ultimate point to which the muscles are safe but maximally stimulated to grow. At that point, the muscles often do ache, they sting after training, they cause a very uncomfortable sensation and more so, they pain. But this kind of pain, the one indicating maximal exertion towards growth, is totally different from the pain that accrues from muscle damage. The first is ideal and positive, while the second is a damage signal that should be dread. In other words, training at the very max is consistently rubbing the muscles against a danger zone marked by pain. But there is a demarcation between the pain of maximal exertion and injury. Right there, when the demarcation is clear, is exactly where the potential of optimal muscle gains lie. Body building workouts should therefore aim at reaching this point. Muscles must be pushed beyond the point at which they are comfortable, if the body is to be ignited to grow further. Essentially, the human body usually responds to overload stimuli by commissioning further muscle growth. Without pushing the body farther than it is willing, able and ready to go will make a body building venture stagnate. That pain that accrues from maximal muscle exertion and fatigue, must be sought, courted and domesticated by a body builder dreaming of success. The pain must be adored, loved and craved for. It is indicative of maximal growth, it signals that the body builder is operating at the very optimal of his or her potential; it marks a beginning of growth. A body builder intent on making progress can never afford to loath pain. It is pain that makes the body build up. If it is hated, loathed and avoided, then the body builder is ultimately choosing stagnation over growth. Body building at its best is a courtship of pain during workouts. The volume of growth in muscle mass and strength is actually directly corresponding to the training overload. For as long as the muscles are allowed adequate time to heal, recover and rejuvenate, then the body builder can operate at the max without risk of injuring the muscles. For as long as the body operates at a level it is comfortable with, that which causes no muscular pain, then it will not commission further growth. For as long as the body can handle the workload adequately, without making the body builder feel uncomfortable, the much that can accrue from workouts is maintenance of the already built muscles but not an inch of growth. Every inch of muscles that grows in the body builder's physique accrues from a corresponding overload during workouts, such that the body is subjected to slightly more than it is comfortable with. Such an

overload causes some muscle pain but repays the body builder with growth, as the body tries to adapt to the workout demands.

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