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There is no question that the best way to reduce fat is exercise; the rate of effectiveness most commonly depending on how much energy you use up in a physical activity. Building added muscle to boost metabolism, and performing powerful, dynamic and rigorous exercise that adds to post-exercise metabolism increase is great for effective weight loss. One of the most effective type of exercise is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This type of workout uses a lot of energy since it's a mix of powerful bursts of intense exercise with moderate recovery time in between workouts. It can be brutal, especially to exercise novices. In a way, HIIT allows one to lose more fat in a shorter period of time, since HIIT is designed to be performed in bursts of 10-20 minutes per workout. Another great attribute of HIIT is its ability to allow an individual to lose weight after the workout; its secret is actually the fact that this type of routine burns more after then the workout itself, as the intense energy that was used forces the body to lose weight after the workout. Most commonly, rest intervals last for 60 seconds or shorter. It demands a lot of energy and adequate preparation, as well as commitment, is needed before you embark on this type of training. This may seem like a formidable concept, so to explain how it works and why its effective, read on. What HIIT does is it sustains your heart rate up while going through a series of exercises to diminish muscle exhaustion. If you just do one type of exercise for a specific muscle group for an extended period of time, your muscles may rapidly tire; but by performing a variety, using a different muscle group each time, you are resting one part and exercising another. Most HIIT are on a circuit so that a routine is repeated. As an example of an HIIT in a circuit: Slow jog for about 4 minutes then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds; take a short breather by jogging slowly, shake those hands and relax your body, do this for about a minute or less; do 20 quick military presses; take another breather; do 10-15 jumping squats; take a breather; perform 20 push-ups; take a breather; do another 30 second sprint; take another breather; do 20 abs-crunches; take a breather; do your final 30 second sprint and finally warm down by doing another 4 minute jog. If you are interested on details on how to perform a HIIT and to learn more about circuit training, you may want to check out ex-Military man Vic Magary's e-book "31 Day Fat Loss Cure". This program combines intensive exercise with a very simple back to basics "cavemen diet". The exercises in the program may seem difficult at first but then the program has 2 levels of workouts, for beginners and for experienced individuals. You can start at the beginner's level and work your way into performing the more intensive type of routines. The e-book actually offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with it. Just a reminder though, any type of weight loss program requires commitment and determination; so as with other things in life, you have to work hard to reach your goal.

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==== ==== Don't Miss the Best Fat loss Guide Ever Created: ==== ====

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