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Acai pulp is a by-product of the acai berry which grows in the Amazon rain forest and is harvested for its natural healing and general health nutrients. These nutrients begin to breakdown after within the first 24 hours of harvest from the branches so the processing of the berries has to be done very quickly or it will lose all of its power. The berry is processed into a number of acai berry products one of which is the acai pulp. Some of the other supplements are: You can find more on this process and other related benefits of acai berry juice which it can be hard to find a great site for lots of ideas of how to find, use and buy acai in a number of forms. Acai powder which is freeze dried and used in smoothies in combination with juice or alone by itself. In many cases acai pulp and acai juice are used to describe the same product and more often than not, they are the same and its more of an issue of where you are from (or are at) which will define the definition. The reason for this is that the juice is extracted in the initial stages of processing where the skin and meat of the berry are still connected (batched) together before it is strained and then bottled or freeze dried. This also explains why the acai juice is so thick and dark, as well as the reason that it can have a bitter taste to it if you are eating / drinking it in its pure organic form. (No need to stick your tongue out at it though!) The acai pulp is also used in a number of dishes and deserts as well as snacks and actual meals. One such meal is a bowl of oats mixed with cold or room temperature acai which is very filling and a good part of a healthy diet plan. This is such a popular and tasty fruit that chocolate companies have also started to make "acai chocolates" which also serves as a great excuse to make sure you're getting all your nutrients by eating a box of chocolates!

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