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So far I have talked only about the nutritional properties, miraculous healing abilities and health benefits of Acai berry. But in this article I will highlight the Acai berry scams, Acai berry diet pill scams and side effects which usually remain under wraps. Acai berry side effects Well there is only one noticeable side effect which most people won't even consider as a side effect but rather treat as a boon. It acts as an appetite suppressant and you feel filled after consuming the berry, so it triggers weight loss without your taking recourse to any fad diet. Acai berry diet pill scam Now I will come to the real scam related to Acai berry marketing and sales. Apart from an elixir that can make you look younger, Acai berry is marketed as a weight loss supplement and is sold as Acai berry weight loss pills. But it is never specified on the cover or the carton as to what is the real percentage of the Acai content in that pill and whether this Acai pill has been created out of spray dried powder or freeze dried powder. Acai berry is promoted as a super food in the market but it itself does not stimulate weight loss in some magical way. Naturally unsuspecting obese people who purchase Acai diet pills and consume them, hardly see any change in their body shape and feel cheated. You will also find it difficult to haul up these companies selling fake Acai diet pills (which often contain hardly any Acai and mostly poisonous or potentially lethal substances like lead) and seek a redressal of your grievances because these companies are deliberately taking consumers for a ride and making money by duping them. These companies hardly ever provide any physical address or their real contact numbers except a vague toll free number containing an automatic/pre-recorded answering service. Often these companies are unregistered. Naturally miracle Acai diet pills bought from such companies don't do miracles or wonders for your health. There even have been companies claiming to sell Acai products which were basically public hogwash and concealed phishing tactics underneath! Companies claiming to offer a free trial of the Acai berry diet have an equally criminal intent and practice a sophisticated scheme of "bait and switch", another way of tricking you into giving up money. When you cancel the product after a free trial run offer, because you find that the product is bogus, your credit bill will have increased by $160! In short most of the Acai berry scams are related to

unscrupulous companies and not directly to Acai berry. When you purchase an Acai berry product, always purchase from reputed sites and online stores which are registered and purchase products with government hallmarks or purity seal. Fly by night companies will always cheat you, no matter what they sell, be it Acai berry or potato. There are hundreds of famous and reputable companies which sell pure Acai products and you can safely purchase them with a light heart. There are always a few rotten apples in the basket of which you need to be beware, but don't let those make you prejudiced against the whole lot. Be safe, sort out the good from the riff-raff and exercise caution.

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==== ==== Read Full Acai Berry Reviews Here: ==== ====

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