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We have tested many companies who distribute acai products and have located many who are merely acai berry scams. They sometimes offer the acai berry in the form of teas, juice, wine, pills, and pulp and in some case the actual fruit. If you want to get the true acai extract in its all natural form then you need to go with a proven and trusted source.  After doing extensive research and actually purchasing items from many different companies, we can say with confidence that the free trial available through the banners at the top and bottom of this page is a verified source of high quality acai products. Clicking one of the banners will take you directly to the company that Oprah and Rachael Ray endorse and use to purchase their own acai berry from. If you decide that you would like to purchase products elsewhere, please do so at your own risk. There are always some sort of scam that appear when a product gains popularity, so be sure to do your research. Most of the acai berry scams are not actual scams, yet are using a little trickery when consumers purchase their products. A lot of companies automatically set you up for auto charging 7 days before your previously purchased supply ends, that way you never really run out. If you plan to continue using the product with that company, there really is no scam involved. If you decide you would rather not purchase any more acai supplements or to go with another company, just call the customer service line from the company you purchase your products through and they will be able to assist you. If you would like to learn more about the acai berry scams that have been floating around or other acai information, please visit the author link below.

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==== ==== Read Full Acai Berry Reviews Here: ==== ====

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