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I purchased a trial subscription for Acai Berry Detox and Life Cleanse products. The trial offer was to try the product and only pay for the shipping and handling cost. If the products helped with weight loss and energy levels you could continue the subscription, or cancel if not satisfied. I want to warn others thinking of purchasing the trial offer to read the agreement very carefully. The wording is tricky and easy to misinterpret. I read in the agreement that I had 15 days to decide if I liked the products. After 10 days I called and canceled the subscriptions, but a week latter I noticed two additional charges for $88 against my Visa on my bank statement. I called the number listed with the products and I was informed that the trial days began the date I placed the order, not the date I received it (which would have only been 5 days.) Five days is not enough time to decide if it works or not. I feel that the company should ship the products in a timely manner if they are going to begin the trial period on the date the order was placed. I found that the products made no difference in my hunger of energy levels. However, the cancellation of these products is very difficult. I would not recommend anyone try these products, but if you do cautious and read the agreement very carefully. Because these products were featured on Oprah by Dr. Oz, I thought they probably would be a good diet aid. I think there are some companies that do allow you to try their products on a trial basis that do not make the cancellation so difficult. Just be very careful about any agreement you click on.

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==== ==== Read Full Acai Berry Reviews Here: ==== ====

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