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Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, or one's inability to initiate or maintain sleep, that's usually stressrelated. The acai berry has stress-busting vitamin B that helps your brain produce dopamine and serotonin -- two neurotransmitters that affect sleep. Acai also contains Omega fatty acids, protein, and amino acids that help relax your muscles to keep you from tossing and turning. The current fast-paced urban lifestyle has led to the alarming increase rate of insomnia cases. Many are becoming dependent on antidepressants and sleeping pills, with many instances of overdose resulting in deaths. The human body needs rest -- at least seven to eight hours each night. Failure to meet this requirement may cause poor concentration, memory lapses and susceptibility to disease. Worries, overwork and bitterness can keep you awake for long hours. Constipation, overeating at night, tobacco and caffeine abuse, or even noise and bright lights can all contribute to sleeplessness. Sleeping pills are not worth the few hours of slumber they provide because of the numerous harmful side effects they cause. They are habit forming, they dull the brain, and they can be fatal when taken with alcohol. To improve sleep, start with the food you eat. A daily diet of Acai berries can supply your body with important nutrients such as vitamin B, C and D, as well as calcium, potassium and zinc. Stay off the fat, sweet and salty. Avoid white bread, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and alcohol. Follow a regular sleeping pattern. If you go to bed at 10, always go to bed at 10. If you get up at 7, get up at 7 every single day. A glass of warm milk is also a great addition to your pre-bedtime routine. Stop worrying about not being able to sleep. Listen to soft music or read a book. Clear your mind and focus your thoughts on happy things. Curl up instead of lying on your back. Use soft bed covers and block out light and noise from your bedroom. Exercise is good but you should never work out at night. After a day's work, relax with a hot bath to soothe those petulant nerves. Yoga, meditation, soft music and other methods to eliminate stress could significantly improve sleep quality and can be a cure for insomnia.

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