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Vikos canyon is located in the prefecture of Epirus, in Northern Greece. In a very small distance from Vikos canyon, a large group of remote villages can be found, known as “Zagorochoria”. Zagorochoria is a group of 46 small villages located in the mountains of Epirus. These 46 unique villages are divided in different groups, according to their position on the map. Therefore, three different groups of villages were created: Central Zagori Eastern Zagori Western Zagori “Vikos national park” was founded in 1973 and is only an hour away from the city of Ioannina. The park is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network and one of UNESCO geoparks. Vikos canyon, with a length of 20 km (12 miles), walls that range from 400 to 1,600 feet (120 to 490 meters) deep, and a width from 400 m (1,312 ft) is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Greece. Trekking Vikos canyon is an activity that takes approximately six to seven hours to complete. Exploring the breathtaking natural scenery and the mountainous trails of Epirus can be an exciting experience for trekkers. Except for hiking and trekking, the land of Epirus is a popular destination for rafting, mountain-biking, canyoning and climbing.

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