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Mount Olympus


Vikos Canyon

Exploring Mount Olympus is an exciting activity, for those wanting to climb the highest and most spectacular mountain in Greece. Mount Olympus is an incredible region in Northern Greece, located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia, about 100 klm (62 miles) away from Thessaloniki, famous for it’s fabulous peaks. The highest peak of Olympus is “Mytikas” (2,918 m). The history of the mountain goes back thousands of years ago, as Olympus was considered to be the mountain where the twelve gods of Greek mythology used to live. The mythical mount Olympus has long been known to travelers, climbers, and hikers alike. Experiencing the spectacular views and discovering the varieties of flora and fauna is a must for everyone who loves nature. The stunning scenery is a unique experience for travelers, who enjoy hiking and trekking, as the European Path E4 passes through several regions of Olympus. Climbing mount Olympus is a unique opportunity to experience the majesty of this massive peak and enjoy magnificent views from an altitude of 2,918 meters.



Mount Olympus is a spectacular destination for those who love hiking and trekking along a unique natural environment. There are several hiking routes in the region, which are suitable for almost everyone. However, there are a few routes which are apropriate for experencied mountaineers. There are quite a few shelters on Mt. Olympus, where visitors can spend the night and keep on hiking / climbing the next morning.

Stunning scenery... Kalogeros, Agios Antonios

“Prionia� (1,100 m.) is the location where the action strarts!

Mount Olympus


Climbing on the rocks of Meteora is the ultimate climbing challenge for an experienced climber. The region of Meteora is located in Trikala, in Central Greece. Meteora is a collection of medieval monasteries built on steep sandstone rocks. The monks of these monasteries were the first who performed extreme sports in the area, since the only way of reaching a monastery, built on the top of the rock, was climbing. Having found a way of reaching the monasteries, the monks of Meteora came up with a much easier way of “transformation”. Instead of climbing they were using a small net, which was attached to a rope. One of the monks was at the top of the rock and was pulling the rope transferring people and food that was wrapped in the net. The rocks of Meteora rise over 400 meters above the Peneas valley and the small town of Kalambaka. Climbing in Meteora is an outstanding and unique adventure, as it requires determination and an excellent level of fitness. This “once in a lifetime” experience can be a priceless opportunity to explore an interesting combination of rivers, forests & mountains through very different landscapes,in the region of Trikala. Except for climbing, the region of Meteora is an outstanding destination for performing activities such as paragliding and mountain biking. The high altitude of the Meteora rocks along with the valley, where the rocks are located, make a perfect combination for those seeking to jump of the edge of a rock and enjoy a short “fly”.

The massive rocks of Meteora are quite popular all over the world for several reasons. For climbers, Meteora is a climbing paradise, as they can find hundreds of climbing routes within a quarter of mile. Hikers love this place, as they have a variety of wondeful routes to explore. However, the region is well known to everyone for the medieval Monasteries, built on the top of the rocks!



Vikos canyon is located in the prefecture of Epirus, in Northern Greece. In a very small distance from Vikos canyon, a large group of remote villages can be found, known as “Zagorochoria”. Zagorochoria is a group of 46 small villages located in the mountains of Epirus. These 46 unique villages are divided in different groups, according to their position on the map. Therefore, three different groups of villages were created: Central Zagori Eastern Zagori Western Zagori “Vikos national park” was founded in 1973 and is only an hour away from the city of Ioannina. The park is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network and one of UNESCO geoparks. Vikos canyon, with a length of 20 km (12 miles), walls that range from 400 to 1,600 feet (120 to 490 meters) deep, and a width from 400 m (1,312 ft) is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Greece. Trekking Vikos canyon is an activity that takes approximately six to seven hours to complete. Exploring the breathtaking natural scenery and the mountainous trails of Epirus can be an exciting experience for trekkers. Except for hiking and trekking, the land of Epirus is a popular destination for rafting, mountain-biking, canyoning and climbing.



The region of Zagori is thought to be one of best hiking destinations, due to the wild beauty of Vikos canyon. However, there plenty of marvelous spots in the region that worth a visit, such as river Aoos, river Voidomatis and Aoos canyon. Except for hiking, climbing and rafting are quite popular in the region.

Vikos Canyon



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