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Alex Poderoso was born in Colombia with a family that is well grounded and united. So at a tender young age he started to listen to different type of music so he decided to be come a dj at the age of 14. As you know at that age is hard to get book at a young age so he hangout with other dj’s and started learning how the dj works. Alex decided to learn not only that but to enjoy the music and play any kind of background . So Alex started to do Teens events in New Jersey and filling alot of people in the clubs he was amazed so many came to see him do his thing. Alex was pump to get the crowd he had them dancing and moving there bodies. By the years past Alex got better and started to get book in different clubs in New Jersey. Now he works for at Tuesday Nites from 6pm to 8pm where he talks about different topics and enjoy music if u wanna book Dj Alex Poderoso to any events contact him on the below website.

Alexis Cardoza well known as AL Money The Morning After Show every day from monday to friday from 8am to 12pm. Alexis a puerto rican that went to the service to serve our country at a early age once he graduated from High School. He Traveled around the world and to be a man and independent. Once he left the service he started working as a mailman in New Jersey Alexis worked hard to put food on the table. So as years pass as a mail man he hurted himself and the doctors said he couldnt work anymore. Alexis said to him self what should i do now that am not working i need to do something for myself. Alexis decided to read this book in how to build your business as radio personality. He said to himself me owning a internet radio how can i do this first you need a location and friends to help me out . So he got together with friends and family and rented a location and started to get build it up from the bottom up. In July 2010 was born with the help of friends and family it made his internet radio a reality is like a dream come true. Alexis started inviting guest and people calling to the station but he wanted to make his internet different from everyone else. He wanted to have unsigned artist on his shows artist that other stations wouldnt give them a chance to be heard . Monday thur Sunday he will have different host and different artiist and telling the listeners whats going on in the area. Clubzone.Fm wasnt a year old ALexis Cardoza internet radio was voted in 2011 for the best internet radio the startion didnt win but was noticed that i have accomplished something with the hard work and late nights it pays off and i know nexrt year it will get better. So any unsigned artist or dj’s wanna be noticed hit Alexis MrClubzone Cardoza on facebook. Alexis got there own moscot Bentley the cutest dog ever his been part of since day one since he was a puppy. I called it the dog that has taken more fotos with every artist that walked threw the door on clubzone. If you wanna achieve your dreams Alexis is the great example is going ahead what he wants and not anyone telling him different you may get haters along the way but you know what they make him more famous and popular in the long run.


Alexis Cardoza

Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. His first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002, after which he released his debut album in 2004 titled M.I.A.M.I. (short for Money Is a Major Issue) under TVT Records. Since then, he has released two other albums under the label, El Mariel in 2006 and The Boatlift in 2007. He then released Rebelution in 2009, which included singles “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” and “Krazy”. The latter peaked at No.30 on the Hot 100 and No.11 on the Hot Rap Tracks charts while “I Know You Want Me” peaked at No.2 on the Hot 100 and peaked within the top ten spots of charts in the UK, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. The song reached No.1 in France and the European Hot 100 on the week ending August 29, 2009 according to Billboard magazine. He later signed with Polo Grounds Music through Sony Music and created his own label Mr. 305 Inc. Other singles from Rebelution included “Blanco” featuring Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes and “Hotel Room Service”, the latter of which peaked at No.8 on the Hot 100. Rebelution went on to sell over 7.5 million worldwide digital singles and albums combined. r Pitbull was born to Cuban immigrant parents who made him recite the works of poet José Martí. He encountered problems early in his career as a rapper because he was blue-eyed and Cuban American. He was also influenced by the Miami bass genre of hip hop music and has cited Celia Cruz and Willy Chirino as sources of inspiration for his music. Perez’s parents separated when he was young, and he was raised by his mother. He later spent time with a foster family in Roswell, Georgia. At age 16, his mother kicked him out of their house after he became a drug dealer. He then graduated from Miami Coral Park High School and focused his career in rapping. Pitbull explained the reason behind choosing his stage name, saying about the dog “they bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose. And they’re outlawed in Dade County. They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight. After meeting Lil Jon in Miami,Pitbull was featured on Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz’ album Kings of Crunk in 2002. Pitbull’s song “Oye” was featured on the soundtrack to the film 2 Fast 2 Furious the following year.

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