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EXTREME BOBCATS & STONE CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box. 456 WANNEROO W.A. 6946 Email : Mobile: 0408 937 425 Fax: 9405 7055

Extreme Bobcats and Stone Construction Is located in and operates out of Perth’s Northern Suburbs, however, we work in ALL Metropolitan Areas North and South of the river. We offer flexible days and times for work to be done on your property In most instances your project can be completed the same week as we quote it, depending on size of course and at times smaller jobs may be completed on the spot. EXTREME BOBCATS & Stone Construction prides itself in offering a professional, accurate and reliable service at all times and stand by the work we complete. We are fully insured . In our line of work it is best to be prepared for the unexpected, we have a full size bobcat, mini bobcat also a mini excavator as well as tipper truck and an assortment of tools to help get the job done. We can also remove your unwanted sand and rubbish or organise a delivery of mulch, sands and soils. We cater for all types of jobs • Residential • Commercial • Industrial If you would like to obtain a FREE QUOTE or if you would like more information about any of our services please contact us at a time convenient.

THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE •Rubbish Removal •Grass Removal •Site Preparation / House Pads •Concrete Removal •Site Clean-ups •Drainage •Footings / Foundation preparation •Land Clearing •Leveling •Pre-Excavation Preparation •Retaining Walls •Feature Walls •Swimming Pool Hole Digs •Trenching •Soak well Installation •Block Clearing •Small Demolition •Driveways Removed •Septic Tank Removal •


Site Cleans Building Rubble Removal Limestone Wall Construction Trench Digging Mulch, Sand and Soil Supplies

Fully Insured Prompt and Reliable Service

Extreme Bobcats & Stone Construction We Service All Metro Areas

0408 937 425 Fax: 9405 7055 Email:

LIMESTONE WALLS There are many styles of wall to choose from, many types of blocks to choose from and they can be built in all shapes, sizes and styles. Perhaps you need to retain a section of your block prior to constructing your home, maybe you would like to screen the front of your home from public view, retain elevated gardens or simply place a border edge around your grassed areas to minimise unwanted lawn creeping into your garden beds, whatever the reason EXTREME BOBCATS & Stone Construction can take care of your project with the minimum of fuss. Before any wall is constructed on your property you must consider the following. Depending on your local council regulations you must check wether or not you require council approval, depending on the size of the wall the location and layout of the block you may require a structural engineers drawing to submit to council for approval. If you are unsure about what style of wall you require we are happy to assist by visiting your property to inspect the site and in the meantime if you are able to find pictures that may assist us in understanding the design or style you would like please make them available when we quote your job.

TURF INSTALLATION NOW – you can’t have a lovely new wall and forget to jazz it up and make it look picture perfect We can organise to install your soak wells, put in your sprinklers, rake up, prepare and level off land and deliver and spread lawn mix prior to installing your lovely new turf.

We not only remove old walls that may have cracked, broken or shifted, we have been called on many occasions to fix work other tradespeople have completed or simply make a repair an existing wall. Ensure the tradespeople you choose have experience in what they do and have experience in backing and preparing the wall correctly to avoid cracking, distortion, sinking, land shifting or god forbid falling it on someone and/or property damage to an adjoining property.


OUR TOOLS OF TRADE FULL SIZED BOBCAT for excavation work, lifting blocks & building site cleans. MINI BOBCAT 1200 width for building sites and homes offering limited access. MINI EXCAVATOR Used for digging trenches for reticulation, power runs, re-digging old swimming pools, installation of soak wells and de-commissioning of septic systems. RAKE BUCKETS for both bobcats, used to remove unwanted lawn areas, cleanup of rubble and the breakup of concrete driveways and slabs. BLOCK JIB & GRAB used on all machines dependant on site access, this tool allows us to lift the limestone blocks during the construction of Retaining Walls and Feature Walls. COMPACTORS used for the preparation and installation of turf, backfilling retaining walls, brick paving and concrete slab preparation. QUIK CUT used to cut limestone blocks for retaining walls, cut brick pavers and cut concrete slabs and brick walls ready for removal. LASER LEVEL is used to accurately cut the levels in your yard and used during the construction of Retaining and Feature Walls CHAINSAWS for the removal and pruning of unwanted small trees and shrubs. CEMENT MIXERS used during the construction of limestone retaining and feature walls

EXTREME BOBCATS & STONE CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box. 456 WANNEROO W.A. 6946 Email : Mobile: 0408 937 425 Fax: 9405 7055

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Extreme Bobcats and Stone Construction  

Sales Package, Extreme Bobcats, Bobcat Services, Perth W.A

Extreme Bobcats and Stone Construction  

Sales Package, Extreme Bobcats, Bobcat Services, Perth W.A