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7 Ways To Make Yourself Visible On The Road While Riding A Bicycle (Except Using Bike Lights) When you are riding a bicycle in the evening or at night you should seriously think about making yourself conspicuous. In the dark, your visibility determines your safety, so you should be very interested in making yourself as noticeable as possible on the road.

1. Obey laws: use reflectors It should be mentioned that in most countries the law requires that cyclists make their vehicles visible in the dark. In the first place, rules require reflectors installed on different sides of a bicycle: white on the front, red on the rear and yellow on the sides. Of course, using just reflectors is not enough, but it is not good idea to completely neglect them. 2. Stick additional reflective elements on your bike If you frequently use your bicycle in the dark think about equipping it with some additional reflective elements. For example, you can stick some reflective bands on the bicycle frame. Believe it or not, but if you stick some reflective stripes on different places of your vehicle you dramatically increase your chances to be noticed by car drivers. Some people even make the whole bicycle frame reflective, others stick LED lights all over it. 3. Wear clothes with reflective elements

Wearing clothes with reflective elements is a good idea as it helps you to show cars that there is not just your bike moving, but also the cyclist riding it! Anyway, you can wear some clothes with reflective stripes on your back and front; another good idea is having such stripes along your sleeves. 4. Take reflective accessories Wearing reflective bands is also a good idea. For example, reflective wrist bands can be slapped on both wrists and even on your legs! 5. Use bike lights This is perhaps the best idea of making yourself visible on the road. There are thousands of different bike lights on the market. It is better to be a picky user and choose those which are best. Remember: your safety and whole life depends on the light you choose! The brighter your headlight is, the better you will be seen by other road users. 6. Turn on blinking No other vehicle uses flashing light, so with a blinking bike light you will be instantly recognized as a cyclist. It is especially useful in the city, as you can turn on blinking mode and direct the light to the drivers’ eye level. You can let it blink constantly while the road is lit by the street lighting. Otherwise, you can turn it on only in some situations when it is obviously necessary to draw attention of car drivers to yourself. For example, when a car drives up near you when standing on the intersection, you would like to make sure the driver sees you. That is the very situation when turning on blinking mode of your bicycle light is essential. 7. Add a headlamp A headlamp is another good tool to make you noticeable in the dark. Using it in addition to the bike light, you can turn on blinking mode on one of these tools. Perhaps it would be better to turn on blinking on your headlamp (if it supports such function) and let your bike light to work permanently at the same time. Important! Before each your ride, make sure you have enough spare batteries for your bicycle light and check whether it is working. It will make little pleasure to find out that your lights are not working when you are far from home at night.

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