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tiger pets what if tigers could be pets then the species would not die and they would be in peace and they would have a new home what if tigers were are friend then we would celebrate and they would have fun and i will have fun what if tigers were on our lead then no harm well be done and people would love them and i would love them what if tigers could be pets

alex fenton 1/09/11

Alexandra Africa is wear I始m from Luckily Im not dumb Energetic is not me Xmas I must be Animals are my rhyme Nature I find prime Dogs are my hobby Roof does not get sobby Alexandra is my name

Puppies done by Alex

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies , Tiny puppies, Normal puppies, Crazy cute cuddly puppies, Pink fluffy thinking puppies. Those are just a few. Playful puppies, Painful puppies, Playing chewing yelping puppies, Digging smiling peeing puppies. Smelly puppies, too Friendly puppies, Calm puppies, Don't forget aggressive puppies. Last of all--best of all-I like my puppies.

lights shining rainbows flying people staring wind blowing sky in the after noon. but is all this for nothing , cutting trees making building, polluting the air, no stars in the sky light pollution, animals for carpets , trees for paper , flowers for paint ,stone for pencils , colorful trees turned to smoggy fields.

the green life Green is nature green is life green is a great friend. Green apples green maples green tables green labels green green green. Green is are sister not from our genes green is mother nature who respects the teens green is what we need around the globe . Green we need for love and load .

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this are my poems i wrote in grade 5