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The Greek Dream

On Sunday Night in London, owls were hooting,

neighbors were sleeping, church’s were empty, and everyone except Alyssa was asleep. Alyssa couldn’t sleep; she wiggled, waggled and winced. If only she thought, which a sleeping scent would get her to sleep. She thought of her school grades, she thought of the assignment, she thought of her topic. Greek Olympics!

Without hurrying, she tiptoed out of bed and went to her family’s Collectable Treasure Room where her parents kept their most precious memories during their holidays. They always kept her and her brother, Julian out of the room incase they broke the valuable treasures. She slowly switched the cold light switch on and she could smell the gold, amber, silver and glass rush though her nose. It was just like she entered a room which was under a magical spell. At that moment she saw the list. The list which said every single treasure that her parents have collected though out these years since her brother was born. Slowly, she went

though the list and searched for a Greek expensive treasure which was famous within the years of 18 hundreds. She saw an ancient gold trophy which was filled with tiny balls surrounding the trophy and with the words Olympica Trophyea around the bottom part of the trophy. She gently held the cup at the palm of her hands, then suddenly she felt the ground starting to shake just like a enormous earthquake. She remembered the task and her bad grades, then all stopped.

Alyssa steadily opened her eyes she saw the cup in her hands but there was a different setting. There were no

longer any treasure, any lists or even lights. Instead there were tall gates, short buildings, people running towards the Greek Stadium and a tiny short man standing in front of her.

“Hi little girl! My name is Alexander and I will be your

tour guide for this trip in Olympia, Greece�. Exclaimed Alexander in a rough tone.

Alyssa just starred at him and said“ Hey Alexander can you tell me what is happening now?” she asked.

“Now is the opening of the first olympics ever in the

whole entire Universe!”Exclaimed Alexander. Alyssa’s face still was blank. She just continued starring at Alexander and wondering how she got herself in this horrid mess! She stood up and stuffed the trophy in her pocket and followed Alexander to the Olympic Arena.

“BLOOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT” Bellowed a horn as a

chariot cart raced out with Greek God Zeus. There as cheering, clapping, stamping as it faded away.

“It is my duty to cheer my fellow people but it is an

honor for them to make such a surprise for me. So now I present to you the first ever Olympics!!!” A crowd started to cheer as a big muscled man came out and took a very large flag and shouted freee, tvoo, von Action!Ten big men came out while two small men each came out holding a flying saucer, and a javelin. Then came a man dressed like a pope came out and shouted:

“This event is called the Pentathlon. It is a killer sport

which contains five events, the Discus, Javelin, long jump, running and wrestling.”Shouted the pope man. While the

pope was speaking, the two highly trained men did the actions as the pope man shouted.

Suddenly a old woman came running through the door

and shouted: “Oh no! The Romans are coming! Save your life! Get out of this arena as fast as you can!� Alyssa started running out as fast as she could but suddenly she remembered. Where was Alexander? Was he taken by the Romans? What if I can never go back home again? Alyssa suddenly saw her gold trophy light up. The trophy brought her back home. She quickly threw the trophy back in place and ran back up to her room. She finally slept. She finally realized that the whole dream was a lesson and a idea. The lesson and idea is to do the best you can do. All was well.

The Greek Dream  

A girl going to an adventure in Greece

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