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Magazine Subscription Here is an ad for Newsweek magazine subscription. Can you see where the deals on subscriptions are being offered?

I始ve got a sneaky suspicion the marketing department at Newsweek aren始t being too honest with the deals they始re advertising. Am I really going to save 86% if I sign up for 2 years, and 84% if I sign up for 1 year. And come on - 80% for 6 months?! What do you think? Can you prove them right or wrong?

Extension Let始s get rid of this part of the ad. The part that explains how much you save. Can you readjust the prices so the buyer only saves 85% on each deal. Redesign this section of the ad to entice the buyer to think the 2 year subscription is the best deal (meanwhile they all offer 85% savings).

Newsweek Subsription  
Newsweek Subsription  

This is a hard math question called"Newsweek Subsription". Try to do it!