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Cheyenne’s Diary When Disaster Struck (First Draft)

It all started with just a simple day of school for Cheyenne Robinson,

10 years old, a middle school girl in Canada, Edmonton.

Every morning, I always start my morning routine, waking up from my

blue canopy bed, stretch, yawn, and walking downstairs to have breakfastFrench toast or bacon and eggs with blueberry smoothie. I then go upstairs to my room and brush my teeth with extra minty toothpaste, wash my face, and put on my uniform, and walk to the bright bus stop with my dark blue schoolbag.

My Diary


Today, when I got to school, I walked down the gloomy and quiet hallways and went to my locker. As I did, I saw my best friend, Annette and we started chatting, well, until the bell rang. We rushed to the classroom, then sat down on our seats. The teacher turned on the television to have a

look at the news, as usual. “This is breaking news. We have just received a terrible message that the North Tower in New York City has just been crashed by a plane. Now we are going to our other reporter in New York

City who will tell us what happened.” The reporter Annabel van Tuyll said.

Then another reporter, Alvin Chan said “Alright, Annabel, I’m on. A horrible thing just happened to the twin towers. A suspected-hijacked plane has just crashed into the north tower. Oh my gosh, A second plane has just crashed into the South Tower!”

I was horrified. At first, I wasn’t that worried when they were talking about the North Tower crash, because my uncle works in the South Tower. When I thought of it, tears blurred my eyesight. I only have one uncle, I don’t want to lose him! I immediately ran down the hall and called my mother after I had permission from my teacher. My mother was also very worried. I quickly watched the news again and saw my uncle, yes, my uncle running in the streets, being interviewed by another Reporter!

After school, I walked back home. When I got to the doorstep, I opened the door and saw mom on the couch, watching television. Tears on her face were starting to dry up, and she still seemed worried, I don’t know why. So I sat there petting my two tiny white long haired puppies, Snowflake and Snowball, asking Mom if she felt relieved , hearing that Uncle is safe. Mom asked in an astonished voice, looking much brighter.

“Oh, he’s safe?! I thought he was still stuck in the tower!!” “Oh, she didn’t see uncle running in the streets, well, it is hard to see him, he’s kind of covered in dust.” A little voice in my thoughts said. I spent the rest of the day praying, hoping that other people like my Uncle can also run away quickly and survive.

Before going to bed, I brushed my teeth with extra minty toothpaste, washed my face with Caramel Truffle soap, sat on my bed, stood and went to my balcony and prayed to God one more time ”Dear God, thank you for letting my uncle be safe.

My Diary


Today, it’s a Saturday. I started my morning routine again, just without the rushing, and without the uniform part. And also in the morning, mom told me that Uncle will be back tomorrow! I can’t wait to see him! I ate my breakfast quickly while watching cartoons, then brushed my teeth and went out to shopping with mom. We went out and bought some decent clothes for Uncle, then went to another shopping mall and bought ourselves something. I bought a sparkly necklace, a jade bracelet, some skirts and shorts, plus a few T-shirts.

This is the greatest day in my life! (Almost)

Cheyenne Robinson published the 911 part of her diary, and it became in a book that had 911 stories in it. This is the part of Cheyenne’s Diary, it is here, and you have just finished reading it.

When Disaster Struck  
When Disaster Struck  

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