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The Atomic Bomb !

On August 5th 1945 Yoshio, a 11 year old boy was in his farm

collecting some carrots, cabbage and brussels sprouts. He went to feed the pigs, horses and cows. He went back home and gave the vegetables to his mom to cook. His dad was outside planting mango seeds. !

Yoshio knew about the war, but he didnʼt worry about it too much.

In facct he almost ignored it. !

They go to the city if they have something to sell or to buy. They

live right next to it so it is a 2-3 minute walk they have a farm with some livestock and vegetables. Yoshio is too poor to go to school so he helps with the farm instead. In the farm, Yoshio is the chicken breeder he has bred chickens for 5 years. He also likes to milk cows. !

“What is a bomb?” asked Yoshio. “You wouldn't want to know.” said

his dad. So they went back home for dinner. They were used to eating Brussels sprouts and vegetables for their meals. On a good day they might eat some egg and potatoes. !


Yoshio has a pet Crow named Yuudai and he likes to eat

meat and carrot.


On the same day Yoshio and the rest of the farm saw a beautiful

plane that had a nice long trail but at the same time he saw something drop, and at that moment his parents were rushing him to the bomb shelter. When his parents had got in, Little Boy the bomb had exploded and Yoshio saw a blinding flash, it was so bright he could see the shadow of his finger bones and the blast immediately pushed him into a deep pit. !

When Yoshio woke up he found a crow pecking him. He

immediately knew it was Yuudai. Now Yoshio had to find the bomb shelter his parents were in. The bomb had turned hiroshima into a wasteland and Yoshio walked and until he met another kid who looked like a martian but Yoshio had no idea that he himself looked like one too. The radiation had burnt 60% of his skin. !

Yoshio introduced himself first, then they started a conversation.

“What made this country turn into a wasteland?” asked Yoshio. !

“It is a bomb silly, a very big one too.”replied the kid named Takashi

and they set off to find the bomb shelter. Suddenly they were lost in the big lifeless wasteland. It was silent except for their voices.


For the rest of the day the were wandering around were Yoshioʼs

farm used to be. They found nothing that was alive, not even 1 brussels sprout. It was an eerie silence. They had nothing to eat, nothing to drink and nowhere to go. !

Nobody in the bomb shelter expected the “raid” was over, no one

knew that it was a large bomb that exploded at 500 feet in the air. After they found a dead cow, the decided to eat it, raw. They were so hungry that they had to eat it. The 2 birds joined in.The two children had one question in their minds:Are my parents still alive? !

The next day they started to look for any survivors but there were

none. The ground was covered in skeletons and bodies. Yoshio and Takashiʼs body hurt a lot. They needed water, so they walked into the remains of the forest. the saw a fountain and all of them ran there to drink from it. They were so thirsty they stood in it. !

They found themselves lost again. They were hungry so Yoshio

climbed a banana tree and plucked some bananas and leaves to keep warm at night and build a shelter. Then Yuudai flew over to a bush and started to eat berries. Yoshio then went to pluck the berries and rap them in banana leaves. Tthe two of them agreed to live in the forest until people came searching for them.


Fortunately Takashi had some matches in his backpack and they

got some twigs and started a fire. Then later they used the leaves to make a shelter. Yoshio wanted some food a lot. Then he remembered that he always carried a pocket knife. Yoshio grabbed a stick and made one end sharp, now he had a spear. !

Yoshio found a pond and started to spear fish, but he barely caught

anything. He headed back to the shelter. The next day he woke up and saw his mom and dad at the farm. Both of them ran to the farm. They had so much to say. They talked and talked and finally they let Takashi live with them for a while and they lived happily ever after.


The Atomic Bomb  
The Atomic Bomb  

Historical Fiction