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Turquoise The color of Turquoise, Makes life pure and calm, This color is natural, Makes minds warm. Hatred floods slowly away. This color is also mysterious, Disguised in every single way, The middle brother of blue and green, Stuck their in the middle, Nowhere to run. Turquoise is sometimes the color of the sea. Also a color in the rainbow. Turquoise is the color of some cars, That speed down superb highways. Never underestimate, The power of Turquoise. By Jenkin

Computers Computers, Computers, Computers. Advance computers, Ancient computers. Shiny, cool, unique computers, Plain, dangerous, crazy computers. Those are just a few. Technical computers, Broken computers, Amazing, shining, informing computers, Frustrating, Breaking, Burning computers. Enormous computers, too Helpful computers, Confusing computers. Don始t forget heating computers. Last of all--best of all-I like Apple Computers.

By Jenkin

Jenkin Jenkin is a joyful student, Extremely energetic and very empathetic. Neatness always comes to his mind, Kind to all students new or old. Interesting, instrumental, intensive student. Never shows fear to any homework.

By Jenkin

Shanghai This place buzzes with excitement, People work furiously against time. I can find myself in a busy and relaxing environment. The night lights is the city始s feature, Even the night is full of darkness, But the darkness cannot stop the people始s joy. People moving around. This city operates non stop, This city is a beauty, This city is modern, Heaven for business people. This city is a legend, Not an ordinary legend, It is an outstanding legendary city in China, A city you will never get bored, This outstanding legendary beautiful unique city, This is the city of Shanghai.

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