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by Svasti

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Sweet chocolate, Bitter chocolate. White, milk, dark chocolate, Hershey, Nestle, Wonka chocolate. Those are just a few. Yummy chocolate, Grown-up chocolate, Melting, baking, swallowing chocolate, Fermenting, blending, setting chocolate. Cookies n cream chocolate, too. Twix chocolate, Reese’s pieces chocolate. Don’t forget M n M chocolate. Last of all-- best of all--

I like eating chocolate.

Rocket Writing A rainbow spreads across a lake, Storm clouds start to form. No one can feel the cold air anymore, Only the moist, damp breeze. Teal, green, blue and yellow, The colors of the lake. Orange, red, pink and amber, The colors of the sky. This scene is not unwelcoming, But mysterious it certainly is. There’s not a single rat, And definitely no danger. But soon the evening sun will be invisible, As night comes, and day disappears.

Svasti 01.09.2011

Svasti Swimming is one of her favorite sports, Victorious is her favorite show. Art pieces fill up her rooms walls, She loves to skate and paint-all day. Tidy, tall and loves music, Ice Skating is her favorite hobby.

What if...?


by Svasti

What if money grew on trees? Then no one would have to work, And poverty would disappear, And kids would have lots of allowance, Or what if all food grew infinitely on trees, Then no one would ever go hungry, And no one would have to cook food, And no one would cut down trees, Or what if toys grew on trees, Then it would be Christmas Day everyday, And no one would get in trouble for forgetting birthdays, And kids wouldn’t have to ask for toys. What if money grew on trees?

What is Gold? Gold is the color of autumn leaves, falling softly from the trees. Gold is the sunshine, and the breeze. Gold is the sunlight, that highlights the seas. Gold is a dog, called the golden retriever. Loved by children, And a pain reliever. Gold is the mother of yellow, So soft, so mellow, But gold can also be quite bright, It’s used to brighten up the night. Gold is the highlight of royal life, The color of the royal dragons. Royalty can’t live without gold, And gold can’t live without royalty.

Extreme 21's Poetry  

These are the awesomely cool fantastic poems I wrote in grade 5.

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