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Brett 9/1/2011

Brett Warning Brett is his name although Russell is his middle name Energetic in soccer Tired he always gets Tall and strong he is Winning makes him happy although Always winning soccer games Reading is his second hobby Nagged to go to bed Intelligent the way he does his homework Noisy cause he likes to talk Going to be very strong

Construction Nothing but rusty metal, The dirty floor, Under the workers, Machines everywhere, Technology getting built all around, Bridges so we wont fall to our death, Pollution coming from everywhere, Glass on all sides surrounding us, Everywhere with nothing but little cones around us.

Brett Warning 5/09/2011 5E

Phones Phones, Phones, Phones. Black phones, White phones. Spinning,clicking,touching phones, Broken,fixed,destroyed phones. Those are just a few. Messaging,ringing calling phones, Tapping,clicking,overheating phones. Dry phones,too Wet phones, Rotary phones. Don’t forget I-phones. last of all--best of all-I like using phones.


What is Red??? Red is a ferrari speeding down the streets, Red is a fire on every building you see, Red is anger, Or might it be happy. Fire depends on red, What would fire be, if it had no red. Red is a roar, That makes you shake an shutter, Red is heat, going through your body Red is blood, That causes pain and hurt. Fire engines are red, Everything depends on red. What would the world be, If it had no red?

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