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A peaceful lake Fish jumping everywhere, Jumping and swimming till night, When the sun disappears, When the night animals come out. In the morning the moon disappears, and the sun comes out and shines across the pond. Birds singing and crows calling, Mallards swimming and chicks following, Currents flowing, Eels hiding, Egrets gliding, Flying for a moment then landing. A male skylark handing a worm to his mate, What a peaceful lake.

Birds Birds, Birds, Birds. Slow birds, Speedy birds. Hunted,invasive,herbivorous birds, Ugly,unhealthy,noisy birds. Those are just a few. Colorful birds. Enormous birds. Flying,running,dying birds, Jumping,calling,falling birds. Silly birds too. Puny birds, Seashore birds. Don始t forget desert birds. Last of all,best of all, I like baby birds.

What Is White? What is white? White is a little egret, Small and bright. Catching a roach, With a big bite. Catching a clown loach, Then taking off in flight. White is winter Where some hibernate, White is a barn owl, hearing every howl.

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I wrote this in grade5e

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