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The Blister That Flew With Me To The U.S “I don’t want to go to the hospital!” I protested. “You have to go, you have a huge blister caused by an infected insect bite on your leg and you have to get it off before we go to America tomorrow!” mom shouted back. “But the doctor is going to cut through my skin!” I whined back. “THE SKIN ON YOUR BLISTER HAS NO NERVES!” my mother explained. Then I just realized that mom was right and that the skin covering my blister had no nerves at all. So I just said “Fine, I will go to the doctors with you. After a while, mom and I went to the hospital but when I as in the car going to the doctor, I was still somehow scared of what the doctor would do to me, so when mom and I entered the doctor’s room, the doctor came and checked my blister. I didn’t move and let the doctor examine my blister but after that, the doctor came with a needle and I was so scared that I went crazy and moved quickly into a close corner and refused to let the doctor pop my growing blister. Since the doctor had no time and needed to attend to other patience, we were asked to leave. My mom and I went to pay for the medicine for me but then my mom got one of the needles and when I saw that needle, I was so shocked and asked her “WHY ARE YOU BUYING THAT NEEDLE!” I was still shocked and confused but then she answered, “I am so angry with you Ethan and since you

don’t trust the doctor, I’m going to do it myself.” Then I just remembered that my awesome aunt from Toronto was here to visit. She accompanied me and calmed me down, but I was still scared about mom popping my growing blister. When we got home, mom told me to go to my bed and she would pop my blister. When I heard her say that, I was so scared. Somehow I didn’t do anything but just waited for her, then she came with the needle and popped my blister. Surprisingly when she popped it I didn’t feel anything. After my mom popped the blister, the only thing left was the skin covering the blister. On the next day, we started the trip to America and we boarded the plane. It was a long distance flight but somehow I couldn’t sleep so I just watched movies and played games but I know I had to sleep, because if I get there without sleep, I would be half asleep. It was time to get off the plane and we went to the hotel to check in and unpack our luggages. After we did that, it was already evening so we went to have dinner. After we had dinner, we went back to the hotel and rest until the next day. It was the next day and there were a lot of things planned for the day, so we got ready. When I was getting ready, I realized that the blister came back and so I called my mom and told her that the blister came back and that she had to pop the blister again and we continued with our plans for the day. We went to

Disneyland and we had a normal day and when we went back to the hotel to rest, my mom went back and checked my blister but it grew back again. Everyday the blister would grow back and my mom had to keep popping it until it is gone. Days past and it was time to leave America to fly back to Hong Kong. We boarded the plane and flew back to Hong Kong and finally the blister never grew back.

The End

The Blister That Flew With Me To The U.S  

this is a story that I wrote about a blister that flew with me to the U.S

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