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California Screamin’ ! “Come on! One more time? Pleeeaaaaseeeeee?” I asked my cousin, Kaitlyn. “No, stop asking me!” said Kaitlyn looking annoyed. “I feel sick.” she mumbled under her breath. ! I really wanted to go on California Screamin, it was the best ride there was, it was fast and made my heart beat faster and faster every second. ! Suddenly, out of the blue, a HUGE parade came. It was a tornado of colour and , Toy Story characters, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ariel, and the song “Under the Sea” playing. Disney Land is messed up. ! “Come on! If we go after lunch, you’ll throw up! Let’s go while we can!” ! I grabbed her arm and tugged hard. “Come on! Please, one more time!” I said still tugging as hard as I can. “Stop tugging, you’ll stretch out my shirt.” Kaitlyn said calmly, as if my hard tugging was just a poke. ! Kaitlyn was being a big wuss, it wasn’t fair at all. She didn’t like California Screamin, I could tell. ! Finally, I convinced Kaitlyn to go in the line, I couldn’t believe it, we were almost at the front of the line! ! “RIIIINNNNGGG! RIIIINNNNGGG!” That was my cheap Nokia phone ringing, “Well, aren’t you gonna pick that up?” asked Kaitlyn looking hopeful, as if this call might get us out of the line, but I highly doubted it. “Phh! Yeah.” I mumbled. I unzipped my bag and took out the phone. I stared at it for a second, hoping that it wasn’t my mom calling for lunch. There was an awkward silence, except for my phone ringing on the loudest volume. I flicked up the cover. “Uh, hello?” I said through the phone. “Hi!” said Mom, ! “Hi Mom, is it lunch time yet? Kaitlyn and I are almost at the front of the line!” ! Kaitlyn stopped staring, whatever had to do with me she lost interest. “Uh, yeah. Meet your Brother and I at the Italian Resteraunt.” ! “What? But we are almost at the front of the line! Can we just meet you when we finish the ride?” I asked. ! “No, by the time you finish the ride, it will be too late. Come now.” ! I hung up the phone. “So.....” said Kaitlyn. “My mom said that they are eating at the Italian Restaurant. ! “What?” She asked, as if she was teasing me

because we couldn’t go on. “My. Mom. Told. Me. To. Meet. Her. At. The. Italian. Restaurant.” ! “What?” she asked again looking up from her phone. At this point I was wondering if she was really teasing me, or she was half-deaf. I decided to not repeat myself, instead I just shook my head and walked away to find a directory.

California Screamin'  

My cousin Kaitlyn, and I went to L.A, I was super excited to go on all the rides! But there was one ride that I was waiting all summer for,...

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