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Claudine’s Secret Moment Claudine’s secret moment was a discussion with an imaginary friend that sits in front of her and starts talking about something completely random. Others would be able to understand what she was saying but none of them would be able to understand what the topic is about or what’s happening in her weird situation. It started back when we were in Italy for the summer holidays and around the place we were staying in there were many places where you could take a good hike or a long walk.

My little little sister Claudine didn’t like long walks and hikes so it would be the perfect opportunity to see her do her secret moment while the rest of my family is on a hike. Knowing Claudine she would stay home and probably do her secret moment while I’m watching and video taping the whole thing without her knowing about anything that I had done. The morning was sunny, the weather was perfect and today would be a great day for a hike. After lunch my dad (his name is damon) asked wether we’d like to go for a hike with him and everyone else wanted to go except Claudine. I wanted to go but I knew this would be the best time possibly the only time that Claudine would do her secret moment so I decided to stay home too.

Once everyone had left Claudine started walking to her room and I rushed down stairs without hesitation to get my camera and video tape her doing her awkward conversation. I crept up stairs with the camera already turned on and in the mode of video, I was moving with extreme caution so that I was almost making complete silence in my movements so Claudine wouldn’t know that I was coming. Then when I got to the top of the stairs I heard her voice taking with somebody but I didn’t know who, everyone had left the house to go on a hike and then it hit me she must be doing her secret moment so I peeked around the corner of the entrance to her room and she was sitting there speaking nonsense words and sentences. I started the video of her doing what ever she could possibly doing. Some of the things that I can recall her saying is shush up girl it’s ok here now so shush up or I will hit you and kick you but that are not the rules here so I can’t the big rules are you do not hit someone, you do not kick some one and... and... you do not hit your head like this” and she bonks herself on the head with a read ball thingymagig.

She turned around to go get her ducky (her ducky is the name of the thing she sleeps with) and she saw me. I chuckled cruelly to myself and in doing so she came over to me whining and started hitting and slapping me though it didn’t hurt that much. That my friends is how I found out about Claudine’s secret embarrassing moment.

The End

Claudine's Secret Moment  

a book about my little sister and her completely odd situations.