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Book Sorrento Villas the best way to visit the land of the mermaids BOOK SORRENTO VILLAS has many beautiful properties available for rent, and upon request, we can also arrange your entire stay by offering you a wide range of extra services. Our Event & Leisure Activities Planning Team will be available for you from the moment of your arrival until your departure offering you a large number of services, with a great variety of choices and possibilities. They will be available 24 hours a day, to help making your stay a memorable one.


TRANSFER Private car and minivan transfers to and from airports/train stations in Naples, Rome and other cities, to and from all our properties or to any other destination of your choice. All our business partners are legally and fiscally authorized with authorized professional staff. Transfers will be carried out by various vehicles depending on the number of passengers. Our staff will wait for you at the airport arrivals or at the train station and drive you to your destination.

RENT A CAR AND SCOOTER If you enjoy driving, if you wish to be independent during your holiday or if you love riding around on scooters, we have everything you need!

Da Mimì: established in 1977 in the historic town center of Sant'Agata sui due golfi, this

Bar Fiorentino: This pastry bar was established in 1950 and it was the first pastry and

Da Mimì 1977 Via Termine, 3 - 80061 Sant’Agata sui due Golfi (NA)

Via Nastro Azzurro, 7 - 80061 Sant’Agata sui 2 Golfi (NA) phone +39 0818780064

restaurant offers you any of the tasty specialties of Neapolitan rotisserie, excellent pizzas cooked in a wood oven and all the famous dishes of the local cusine.

phone +39 0815330585

confectioner shop bar in the Sorrento area. It offers a variety of products such as “delizia” lemon cake, caprese cake, the “Santa Rosa” a Napolitan Sfogliatella and tipical liqueurs, which are genuinely homemade.

EXCURSIONS BY LAND Every tour (by car, mini van or minibus) that we propose, avails itself of a qualified, authorized and basic English speaking driver. Our tours are planned to let you discover the most amazing sites in our area. The departure pick-up will comfortably be directly from your villa and, on the basis of your choice, the destinations can be: the historical Pompeii, Herculaneum, the majestic Mount Vesuvius, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, with its pearls Positano, Amalfi and Ravello and beautiful city of Naples. Please note: the entrance fee for the sites of interest are not included in the price. Excavations of Pompeii and Vesuvius (private tour - 8 hrs) Pompeii was one of the preferred cities by the ancient Romans for their holidays; the town was completely buried by the eruption of Vesuvius, that occurred both in AD 79. Today, after years of excavations, Pompeii is a very important and visited archaeological area. The visit of this archaeological site will give you the chance to enjoy and understand the splendour and wealth that characterized the whole Roman civilization. After visiting the excavations, you will be taken to the top of the majestic volcano Vesuvius, from where you can enjoy a wonderful and charming view of the Gulf of Naples.

Excavations of Pompeii and wine tour (private tour - 8 hrs) One of the main reasons for the importance of Pompeii and its wealth in Roman times was due to the fact that the Romans discovered the fertility of the volcanic soil, particularly good for the cultivation of vineyards from which they obtained wine of excellent quality. At the end of the visit of the excavations you will be conducted in a company producing the famous Lacryma Christi wine and olive oil which is located on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. The land is comprised of eight hectares of vineyards and olive groves of five inside the Vesuvius National Park. After the visit of the winery you will enjoy the wine and olive oil tasting and a buffet lunch.

Excavations of Herculaneum, M.A.V. and Vesuvius (private tour - 8 hrs) Herculaneum is another very important Roman site of the area. The roman town was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius together with the town of Pompeii. The Roman town of Herculanuem is smaller than Pompeii but is very well preserved and it’s very interesting to visit. Close to the archeological site, there is the MAV (the virtual archeological museum) where the scientists from all the world have recreated, with advanced technologies, the roman life style and architecture, at the end of the visit there is also a 3D movie with special effects... After visiting the excavations you will be driven to the top of the Vesuvius, from where you can enjoy a wonderful, charming and unique view of the Gulf of Naples. Instead of the visit of the volcano Vesuvius, you can choose to do the wine tour.

Amalfi Coast (private tour - 8 hrs) The tour develops along one of the most charming and characteristic routes in the world: The Amalfi Coast, above you will admire the monumental mountain with its typical Mediterranean vegetation and below, the cristal blue waters of the mediterranean sea. You will love this road that seems to lead to heaven. You will visit Positano, famous for fashion and for its characteristic narrow streets that lead to the sea; Praiano with its unspoilt beaches and its lovely typical small restaurants. The tour will then continue towards Amalfi, a beautiful city and old maritime republic with the ninth century majestic St. Andrew Cathedral. Finally, Ravello where time seems to stand still, its breathtaking view of the bay enchants every visitor.

Naples City tour (private tour - 8 hrs) This tour will allow you to discover the beauty, the history and the art of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Established in the mideighth century B.C., Naples was among the largest and prominent cities of Magna Graecia, due to the special relationship with Athens. For historical , artistic, political and environmental reasons it has been from the ninth century until today, one of the main cultural centers in Europe. In 1995, the historic center of Naples, the largest in Europe, has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The tour includes the visit of: Archeological museum, the historical center, the chapel of S.Severo and the old Pizzeria Brandi.

Via Roncato, 60 - 80061 Massa Lubrense (NA) phone +39 0818789552

EXCURSIONS BY BOAT This is the best way to discover the beauty of our sea, with its coves, beaches, islets, the exclusive Capri island and the famous Amalfi Coast. These places, rich in charm and enchantment, all have superbly beautiful landscapes as well as historical treasures to discover. It is the perfect destination for tourists, artists and people who love the sea, the sun and peaceful atmospheres. You will sail the sea of the legendary mermaids, who, with their song, tempted the legendary Ulysses on his journey back home. For our boat trips, we provide comfortable typical boats that are conducted by experienced sailors. The sailors also speak basic English. On board we offer complimentary snacks, water, wine, soft drinks and snorkeling equipment. Please note: the entrance fee for caves or sites of interest are not included in the price of the excursion. Capri Island (private excursion - 8 hrs) Boarding from Marina del Cantone or Marina della Lobra at 9:30 am First stop at one of the many bays of our coast for a refreshing swim, then you sail towards Capri island. The island tour includes a stop at the famous Blue Grotto, at the charming White and Green caves and it also includes a swim in the crystal clear waters besides the majestic landmark Faraglioni. After you have some free hours to spend on the island where you will be fascinated by the gorgeous landscapes, by the rich boutiques, by the well known bars and restaurants in the little square and by the romantic alleys. Your wonderful day will be about to end when the tolling of the church bell in the world famous “piazzetta” square, marks 4:30 pm.

Galli Islands and Positano (private excursion - 8 hrs) Boarding from Marina del Cantone or Marina della Lobra at 9:30 am. First stop for a dream swim at Galli Islands, the legendary mermaids’ home. Then you sail towards Positano where you can enjoy some free hours, pleasurably getting lost in its picturesque alleys with many boutiques, bars and restaurants. At about 4:30 pm the Mistral wind strengthens and the sailor orders: Let’s sail back home!

Amalfi Coast (private excursion - 9 hrs) Boarding from Marina del Cantone or Marina della Lobra at 9:30 am. First stop at Galli Islands. Here you can swim in the waters sailed by Ulysses and inhabited by mermaids. You then sail towards Positano and have a little rest in order to enjoy a fresh drink. Then you will leave again towards the charming and unique Furore fiord where we can visit the Emerald Grotto*. The last stop will be Amallfi. Some free hours to let you be fascinated by the colours of the famous Amalfi with its sumptuous Duomo, the arsenals of the ex Maritime Republic and its many boutiques, bars and restaurants. The arrival back is scheduled at about 6:00 pm.

Rent Rubber Dinghy without skipper (max 8 pax) It is also possible (ONLY at the Bay of Marina del Cantone) to rent a Rubber Dinghy for the whole day. All our Rubber Dinghy are 5.70 mt and have a 40/60 H.P. engine.

Sunset appetaizer (private excursion - 4 hrs) Thanks to this unique experience you will enjoy the beauty of the Amalfi Coast with its beautiful colors at sunset as the sun dips slowly into the sea reflecting beautiful colors over Capri Island. After a swim in the crystal clear waters of a bay along the coast, you will taste delicious prosecco aperitifs and appetizers aboard a comfortable and stylish boat. Starting one hour before sunset. Boat ride with stops to swim and followed by aperitif served on board.

Capri Island or Positano and Galli islands (group excursion - 8 hrs) You can also join a group trip (max 12 people) to live an amazing and unforgettable day. The excursion includes:· Pick up back and forth to the villa/ Capri Island tour or Amalfi Coast/Free time to spend in Capri or Amalfi/Soft and alcoholic drinks/Snacks and fruit/Snorkelling gear/English speaking Skipper.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE PACKAGES We created, for our guests, the perfect combinations of food and drinks. At your arrival to the Villa, you could find a whole series of products, from basic food for breakfast, to sophisticated selections of wine, cheese and all typical production of our area. You can also add to our packages other products that you want to find in a villa by sending an email with your list. Basic grocery package 6 bts. 1.5 litre water (3 still + 3 sparkling ) - 1 bt. litre semi-skimmed milk - 2 bts juice (1 litre cranberry, 1 litre orange) - 1 tea box (25 bags) - 1 pot ( 250 gr.) neapolitan coffee - 1 pkg. (1 kg.) sugar - 1 jar (350 gr.) jam - 1 jar (250 gr.) honey - 250 gr. butter - 1 kg. bread -1 pkg. (375 gr.) corn flakes - 4 pots of fruit yogurts - 250 gr. emmenthal cheese - 200 gr brie cheese 12 eggs - 150 gr. bacon - 8 units of fresh fruit - 1 family size pkg. of paper napkins.


Cheese, salumi and wine package

Fine selection of Italian wine’s. Seasoned cheese: 250 gr slice of Provolone del Monaco D.O.P. Minimum order, 6 bottles. Semi-mature cheese: gr. 700 1 caciocavallo Fresh cheese: gr. 500 mozzarella Fresh cheese: gr. 250 ricotta Salame tipo napoli: gr. 400 Salsiccia: gr. 400 Red wine: Agianico Irpinia/ Per è Palummo d’Ischia White wine: Greco di tufo/ Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio

Il Borgo: In this restaurant you can taste the typical cuisine of Sorrento overlooking a

beautiful view on a panoramic terrace. A unique view of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. (courtesy shuttle)

Via Nastro Verde, 44 - 80067 Sorrento (NA) phone +39 0818781827

“Surprise” Mixed Basket In this basket you will find a wide range of high quality and fresh typical products, of our land. From olive oil D.O.P., mozzarella and homemade bread, local wine, seasonal fruit, vegetables and spices cultivated by local farmers and many others products ...

Cheese and salumi package Seasoned cheese: 250 gr. Semi-mature cheese: gr. 700 Fresh cheese: gr. 500 mozzarella Fresh cheese: gr. 250 ricotta Salame tipo napoli: gr. 400 Salsiccia: gr. 400

Cheese package Seasoned cheese: 250 gr. Semi-mature cheese: gr. 700 Fresh cheese: gr. 500 mozzarella Fresh cheese: gr. 250 ricotta

Da Vincenzo: located on the main street in Positano, this place will surprise you:

the possibility of outdoor seating and stunning views but also a cozy inside atmosphere. First quality food and friendly service.

Viale Pasitea, 172/178 - 84017 Positano (SA) phone +39 089 875128

DINNER AT YOUR VILLA You may hire a Private Chef, perfect for those who want a first class Holiday or to simply enjoy a special evening. The chef will prepare for you a typical culinary traditional meal directly in your vacation villa. The basic service includes: The Chef (waiter when needed), dessert, wine, all ingredients and the complete cleaning of the kitchen. “Old tradition” The menu is inspired by the traditional local gastronomy: using old style recipes that grandmothers and the fishermen's used to pass on to grandchildren and that have become in time the most renowned and appreciated dishes of the Neapolitan art of cooking. The ingredients of these dishes are simple, genuine and extremely rich in taste. appetizers - Capri salad - eggplant casserole - salad with pears, mature cheese and walnuts - rolls of smoked ham and figs - courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese - cream of beans and shrimp - cream of peas and squid - squid with potatoes - salad with shrimp, orange and fennel

first course - Pasta and potatoes(tipical old-style dish) - Pasta with zucchini - Ravioli capresi - Cannelloni with meet and ricotta cheese - pasta with clams - Pasta beans and mussels - Pasta with cherry tomatoes and squid - Risotto with shrimp and zucchini

second course - Fillet of pork with herbs and apple sauce - Arista with baked potatoes and caramelized onions - Skewers of marinated chicken and potatoes - Baked fish with mixed salad - Skewered of sea food /fish on lemon leaf - Fish fillet in foil

Three different tipes of menu Basic choice of two appetizers choice of one first course Silver choice of one appetizer choice of one first course choice of one second course Gold choice of two appetizers choice of two first courses choice of one second course

Menu of your choice We offer you the possibility of having dinner at your villa with menus of your choice, according to your requests/needs (e.g. Vegetarian menu) Please note: All products used are fresh, of top choice and high quality. We include in the price local wine: 1 bottle of white or red for every two participants (e.g. 8 people dinner, 4 bottles of wine included). Extra wine bottles on demand.

Please note: We add to every menu a “sweet surprise”.

Terrazza Marziale: the restaurant, set in a prestigious xv century building, offers recipes of the traditional Italian cuisine skilfully reinterpreted from our chef in a new and sophisticated manner.

Piazza F.S. Gargiulo, 2 - 80067 SORRENTO (NA) Phone +39-0818074406 Mobile +39-3392250277

Il Marzialino: this petit and sophisticated Steack House & Wine Bar just in front of the most beautiful landscape in Sorrento, offers a fine selection of meat and wines.

WINE TOURS Joining one of these tours means that you will be guided inside the processes of preparation of famous wines and olive oil. You will taste and enjoy fine wines together with traditional food in charming sceneries and typical locations we selected for you. Wine & olive oil Tour in Pompei -Lacryma Christi experience (3 hrs) The fertility of the volcanic soil, since the Roman age, is particularly good for the cultivation of vine from which the Romans produced wine of excellent quality. You will be conducted in a farm located on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius that produces the famous wine “Lacryma Christi� and olive oil. The land is comprised of eight hectares of vineyards and five of olive groves inside the Vesuvius National Park and this is an organic cultivation. After the visit of the land and the winery you will enjoy the wine tasting and olive oil tasting with a rich buffet full of specialities of the Neapolitan traditional cousine. The location, the wines and the food are amazing and the visit will be conducted in English by the owner!

Please note: we suggest you to combine this wine tour with the visit of excavations of Pompeii or Herculaneum.

The excellencies of Irpinia (8 hrs) Irpinia is one of the most suitable areas in Italy for the production of high quality wines . The climatic conditions in summer produce considerable temperature differences (up to 10 degrees difference between day and night), the integrity and health of the land combined with ancient knowledge dating back to the Greek -Roman , favors the cultivation of the vine that gives us the precious Greek di Tufo DOCG wines , Fiano Avellino DOCG and Taurasi DOCG which constitute a part of the excellence of the Italian wines. Irpinia is also famous for its typical products : black truffles, porcini mushrooms, chestnuts and typical cheeses. The tour includes a meeting with an experienced professional sommelier in the region, which will guide you in visiting two wineries where in addition to wine tasting you will try the cheeses , meats and other products of the local tradition. After visiting the wineries, lunch in a nice building surrounded by greenery of Irpinia countryside.

countryside experience Mozzarella and limoncello are the typical products of Sorrento peninsula. You will discover the secrets of the production process of the old tradition and you will taste them after they have been prepared in front of you! Typical cheeses, Olive Oil and Limoncello Tour (4 hrs) Time seems to stand still between the lush green of olive trees and lemon in a typical countryside farm of a small and scenic corner of our peninsula. Here you will still find the old farmer that show you how to love and to take care of the land and how to work the simple fruits that nature offer us in order to turn them into high quality products. You will taste the seasoned Cheese “provolone of Monaco” D.O.P., delicate “ricotta”, soft mozzarella and fresh “caciottine”, genuine pork salami and the uniqueness of our extra virgin olive oil spread on a slice of typical homemade bread. All washed down with a good Aglianico red wine. And last but not least, you will taste our Neapolitan coffee and Massalubrense Limoncello.

Optional: pizza experience (2 hrs) At the tour Limoncello & Mozzarella you can also add the “Pizza experience”. At the end of the tour you will be taken to the nearby pizzeria in the village, where together with the expert pizzamaker, you will prepare the neapolitan pizza. You choose the ingredients to garnish your pizza that will be cooked in the classic wood oven and then you will enjoy your pizza!

Le Grottelle: farm holidays restaurant located in the green hills overlooking the Sorrento peninsula. Olive oil, cheese, vegetables, wine and meet all strictly produced in a genuine way, in a family farm. (courtesy shuttle)

Via Zatri, 3 - 80067 Sorrento (NA)

phone +39 0818085393

cooking class experience For those who love cooking and for those who want to discover the secrets of the world famous Neapolitan cuisine … After the class you will enjoy the food that you have prepared with a good local wine. Cooking class whit Laura (private - 5 hrs) Laura’s house is located on a hill about 400m above sea level, in a little town between Sorrento and Positano. Laura is an experienced chef who, after many and extensive experiences with renowned chefs, taught Italian cooking in Italy and the United States and ran a catering business for over 40 years. Laura will be happy to show traditional Italian and modern recipes to our guests. You will be very proud to learn and to work with Laura in a familiar and warm atmosphere and enjoy the dishes you prepared with your hands! After the preparation of a three courses and pastry, you will have a lunch with wine on the nice terrace. At the end of the lesson, Laura will give you the recipes flyer and surprise souvenirs.

Wine tasting experience You will spend a couple of hours in an amazing location where you can relax and enjoy the best wines produced in Italy. Wine tasting in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi (2 hrs) For those who like to discover the flavors and the magic of the Italian wines. On the wonderful hills of Sant’Agata sui due Golfi, in a nice and panoramic location, we offer the possibility to try a fine selection of our regional and national wines together with tantalizing appetizers. You can choose between three different offers: Basic 1 white and 2 red wines

Silver 1 sparkling 2 white and 2 red wines

Gold 1 sparkling 3 white and 3 red wines Sweet dessert wine

La Tonnarella: the restaurant is located in a charming little bay of the Gulf of Salerno

and offers the opportunity to relax in the shade of "pagliarelle" while enjoying fresh fish or seafood caught from our aquarium. (courtesy boat from Amalfi)

Via Marina di Conca, 1 - 84010 Conca dei Marini (SA) phone +39 089831939

Torre Saracena: the restaurant, nested in a beautiful setting with a spectacular view of

the Faraglioni, is the ideal place to relax and enjoy fish of the highest quality, all accompanied by good wine.

Via Marina Piccola - 80073 Capri (NA) phone +39 0818370646

Lido Amare: This beach club-bar-restaurant, located in the crystal clear waters of the

Salerno’s bay, it offers excellent cocktails, fruit smoothies, snacks and fresh dishes in a unique atmosphere! (Book in advance a lunch or dinner and you will be provided with sunbeds on the beach)

Via Amerigo Vespucci, 34 - 80061 Marina del Cantone (NA) Mobile +39 3668986678

Da Michele: the restaurant and pizzeria, located in an old and charming fisherman village, is the ideal place to enjoy the simple and traditional dishes in a relaxing atmosphere. (courtesy shuttle)

Via Fontanella 12 - 80061 Massa Lubrense (NA) phone +39 0818789871

More services Private Guide All with license, the guides are able to provide a highly qualified and professional service in Italian, German, English, French and other European languages.

Daily clearing in villa A cleaning lady will take care of your laundry washing and ironing and all the housework. Service by the hour.

Babysitting A serious and totally reliable babysitter will take care of your kids, while you enjoy some relaxing time out on a romantic candlelight dinner or out for a dancing night at the club near the sea. The babysitter speaks fluent English.

Live music You can spend a lovely evening on the terrace of your villa listening to live music. A singer/guitar player will play for you all the classics of Neapolitan music and many of the best International evergreens!

Massage In the comfort of your villa or apartment you can relax with a massage performer by a professional therapist. You can choose between various treatments: total body anti-stress massage, foot reflexology, shiatsu, back massage.

Manicure/Pedicure Comfortably in your residence a professional manicure will take care of your hands and your feet, giving you a treatment according to your needs .

Hairdresser A professional hairdresser will come to your villa or apartment and take care of your hair, giving his valuable advice on the trendy hairstyles for the italian summer season.

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