ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Yearbook 2017

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Carolin Pfeffer (Project Coordinator, LEV Components Special Exhibition) explained about components for pedelecs and e-bikes. Carolin Pfeffer (Project Coordinator LEV Components Special Exhibition) informierte zu Komponenten für Pedelecs und E-Bikes.

轻型电动车零部件特别展 Carolin Pfeffer (LEV Components Special Exhibition的项目联络员) 在介绍电动脚踏车和电动自行车的零部件

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Ines Meier (Events and Trade Show Manager, Utopia

Ines Meier (Utopia Velo Messe- und Standbetreuung) beriet

Velo) reported on the Utopia Kranich pedelec, which won

zum Utopia Kranich Pedelec, das im Frühjahrstest ein "SEHR

a "VERY GOOD" in the spring test for the "Tour" product

GUT" in der Produktgruppe Tour sowie im Team mit dem WE-

group, as well as a test win in the "Cargo - Family" prod-

BER KARGO "Utopia Edition"-Anhänger den Testsieg in der

uct group when teamed up with the WEBER KARGO "Uto-

Produktgruppe Lasten Familie holte.

pia Edition" trailer.

Ines Meier (Utopia Velo活动和展会

经理) 对在春季”旅行“产品类测试中获 得”非常优秀“奖的Utopia Kranich和

在”Cargo- Family"产品组中获得“非常 优秀”的WEBER KARGO "Utipia Edition"拖车做汇报。